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Is there a new bra intervention thread somewhere?

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lookout Sat 09-Mar-13 13:30:14

All of the other ones are closed now and I still need some help!

AmazingDisgrace Mon 25-Mar-13 12:17:50

I've an old 36DD La Senza that measures 25" unstretched, a 32FF Curvy Kate at 26" and a 34F Figleaves at 27"

It must be in the stretch

AmazingDisgrace Mon 25-Mar-13 12:23:42

The 30G Lucia I have here is 26.5 unstretched and 32.5" stretched

Hanginggardenofboobylon Mon 25-Mar-13 13:31:37

Oooooh my Ewa Michalek order is on its way!!!!
< sadly excited by new bras emoticon>

PointlessCow Mon 25-Mar-13 14:09:33

Right, I have the dreaded quadroboob going on. I am about 7 weeks pregnant and my boobs have inflated overnight (much to DH`s delight. If only they weren't so damn sore!).

Currently wearing the old faithful 34A but measuring 32, 36. Would that be a 34D?

CelticPromise Mon 25-Mar-13 14:18:14

A 32D Pointless.

SpringyReframed Mon 25-Mar-13 14:21:40

Help! After being highly delighted by my new bras fitted by Bravissimo that I posted about up thread, like Hellsbells and Lookout I have bruising to the ribs - ACTUAL bruising on one side where the bottom of the side support goes. I've been taking my bra off when getting in from work they have been so sore but have persisted and when it got too much by lunchtime today (luckily day off) I decided to look in the mirror and am quite shocked. sad

What do I do, keep persisting and maybe swopping for old comfy none fitting bra until I get toughened up? I've ordered another couple of styles as recommended by the Interventionists - the Fantasie Rebecca and Bravissimo Alana in sizes as instructed.

SpringyReframed Mon 25-Mar-13 14:23:53

Sorry mean MrsHelsBels. The pain is getting to me. hmm

BadRoly Mon 25-Mar-13 14:26:48

I was looking for this the other night and couldn't find it angry

Anyway, dd1 is almost 12 and has asked for her first bra (been wearing cropped tops). I measured her and she is 27" under and 29" around fullest part (oh to be young and perky again sad).

I have ordered 28A and 28AA for her. The AA is the smaller size yes? She has tried some on but because the cups are padded and she is still small, I'm not sure how I know which is the right size cup? There is no double bubble on either size and she doesn't need support as such (wants to hide her obvious nipples) so does it matter which size she wears?

Also, she complained it felt tight across her back, is this just where she is not used to wearing bras?

Thank you smile

PointlessCow Mon 25-Mar-13 14:39:53

Of course it is, Celtic. Doh! Thanks.

MrsHelsBels74 Mon 25-Mar-13 15:03:49

Yes I'm on day 3 of wearing my 34 F & I'm still sore. I can't work out if I'm just sore from the first wearing or if I'm still bring affected. At the end of the day I can't wait to get the damn thing off. Surely it shouldn't be this uncomfortable? Sad thing is, I love the shape I get but can't stand the discomfort. confused

SpringyReframed Mon 25-Mar-13 15:17:25

Same with me MrsHelsBels. It makes me look a stone lighter but its agony. I have two different ones so going to try the other one tomorrow but meantime cant bear anything on that sore spot. sad

will answer fully later but actual bruising is definitely not right shock shock it's normal to get a degree of discomfort when getting used to a new bra especially if you have changed sizes quite a bit so have new pressure points. I normally would not wear a brand new bra two days running just to get used to it but these don't sound right

Beksybob Mon 25-Mar-13 16:16:31

BadRoly If she doesn't need a bra but is just concerned with nipples sticking out you can get re-usable silicone nipple covers that you stick on.

SpringyReframed Mon 25-Mar-13 18:59:50

Statistically if this helps, I do bruise fairly easily ( nothing medically wrong with me) but I have been wearing the Elodie I got bra nearly every day. (have washed it by hand!) for over a week. I got another Bravissimo brand one and have worn that once or twice. I was fine for the first few days so think I just might have over done it. The red marks after taking the bra off have got less. The bruise is only on one side, and that is the side where my breast is slightly bigger.

SpringyReframed Mon 25-Mar-13 19:01:10

Sorry Elodie bra I got! blush

SorrelForbes Mon 25-Mar-13 19:02:15

BadRoly. Her measurements would suggest a 26B but as that size isn't readily avaialble then the closest would be a 28A. Ignore the AA as these are for people whose under and across measurements are the same.

If the 28A is feeling too tight in the band after scooping (although I recognise there might not be much to scoop at the moment) then try a 28B.

SorrelForbes Mon 25-Mar-13 19:04:22

Actually, she technically might fit a 26C on those measurements. Try a 28B and try taking the band in to make it a 26.

blackteaplease Mon 25-Mar-13 19:24:59

Hello. I recently posted my measurements but didn't get round to shopping. But I have started exercising and my measurements have changed since I last posted.

I am 30 under and 40 over, desperately need to buy new nursing bras as I am in a 34E and it doesn't provide any support whatsoever.

SorrelForbes Mon 25-Mar-13 19:35:54

Try a 30GG and sizes around that.

try 30gg blackteaplease

BadRoly Mon 25-Mar-13 19:38:12

Thanks Sorrel, indeed there is not much to scoop but still more than enough for my baby shock. I'll get some 28Bs ordered...

Thank you smile

Beksy I think she would like a bra - to be a big girl wink. I think she's done well to last out until all but the last term of year 7!! But I'll bear the idea in mind for summer on the beach...

blackteaplease Mon 25-Mar-13 20:08:53

Righto, 30GG it is first.

Saltire Tue 26-Mar-13 09:36:45

I finally have a tape measure grin. So can someone remind me please how to measure myself? there's a diagram over here. Basically measure under your bust firmly whilst standing up. Then, norks free, bend over at the waist as close to 90 degrees as you can and measure round the widest part of your boobs

Saltire Tue 26-Mar-13 09:59:13

I found the link, been measruing with the dog looking confused at me!.
37 1/2 and 47!

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