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My hair is shit really fine and really greasy and limp and yuk

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SpaghettiBologneighs Sat 09-Mar-13 08:53:44

Yes, I used to need to wash and blow dry mine every morning. I still like to when I can but if I don't get the chance it looks absolutely fine.

coffeeismywine Sat 09-Mar-13 07:25:45

I wash it every day because it's so greasy if I do. And I blow dry it with ordinary dryer babyliss big hair and straighten it. Every day.


SpaghettiBologneighs Sat 09-Mar-13 06:10:48

You can get it in Boots by the way.

SpaghettiBologneighs Sat 09-Mar-13 06:10:26

Try switching to Naked shampoo and conditioner - it's silicone free and I've noticed a huge difference in how well my hair holds its volume through the day. Mine always used to be totally limp and lifeless by the time I left work.

singaporeswing Sat 09-Mar-13 04:26:45

How often do you wash it? Until 2 years ago, I had really fine, limp and horrible hair.

I stopped washing it every day and started every other day etc, until now I wash it maybe once every 5 days. I also stopped blow drying & using heat on it.

Now it is really long and thick, with lots of natural volume - my hairdresser said it's down to no heat and not stripping the hair.

coffeeismywine Sat 09-Mar-13 04:20:51

Practicality - that's what I just spent years frowning out grin a long pixie because I thought I was getting too old for it

practicality Sat 09-Mar-13 00:11:59

Pixie it. The layering will help add some texture. Go for a style that is a bit mussed up and spiky on the crown.

bulletproofgerbil Sat 09-Mar-13 00:02:05

Just had a look and if you have a branch of Xtras anywhere near you, they have a good range of human hair clip ins for around £33.

bulletproofgerbil Fri 08-Mar-13 23:56:14

I got mine in one of those hair 'supermarket' type places. I would try searching on-line but if you can get to one in person, it's obviously better for colour matching. As I have never used them before the guy in the shop helped me match mine and he did an excellent job. It's hard to work out which is mine and which is extension, colour-wise.

I asked my hairdresser about buying them and she said not to pay much any more than around £40. Some 'posher' places will sell v expensive ones but she said that's not necessary at all. I also found quite a lot of good videos on youtube about how to attach clip in extensions, which were useful, not having tried it before.

I read that ferratine supplements are good for hair. I bought some (getting desperate at the mo!) but came out in a rash!!!! Not sure what THAT was about.)

coffeeismywine Fri 08-Mar-13 23:19:49

That's what my hair is like so so fine.

Kelp sounds like a good idea too - I am under a lot of pressure and sleep and a good diet are kind of not happening at the minute which isn't really helping.

Where would I get the clip ins? Online?

ScottyDoc Fri 08-Mar-13 22:59:46

Take a high dose of Kelp and make sure you have a very good diet. Improves skin and hair quality dramatically. I do not advocate extensions (I'm a former hairdresser just to let you know) because of the drag and wear they put on already fragile fine hair, whether that be clip in ones or glued/braided ones. Use good quality dry shampoo and invest in some volumising hair products. Always worth talking to your own hairdresser about it.

bulletproofgerbil Fri 08-Mar-13 22:56:14

I bought a set of human hair clip in extensions today. I have very fine, see-through collar-bone length hair which looks lank and ratty if I leave it down. If I put it up, it looks like a rats tail. I think the extensions are pretty good. They were £34 for a set of 5. 3 I put at the back and the 2 narrower ones at the side. I tried proper extensions a long time ago, and the weight of them pulling on my very fine hair was painful. Some slipped out and when they were taken out, they had wrecked my own hair. The clip ins feel very secure. Might be worth a try? They only take a few mins to put in.

coffeeismywine Fri 08-Mar-13 21:48:30

It's cut in a short bob. It's shit brown.

If I get extensions will I look like I'm trying to hard I'm mid-40's? But I really hate it and I'd like it long but when I did grow it longer it looked like rats tails.

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