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What has been your absolute best buy of the year so far?

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freddiefrog Sun 03-Mar-13 19:09:48

I'm on a spending ban so want to live vicariously through other people's purchases grin

Mine is a pair a pair of Primark tan ankle boots

I've been on the hunt for a pair since autumn, but never really found 'The Ones'. Nipped into Primark last Sunday, and there on the shelf was the perfect pair. Only one pair left, and amazingly my size! For three quid

It was fate grin

smoothieooo Mon 04-Mar-13 11:20:30

My 99p BNWT eBay grey, pencil skirt from Evie which arrived at the weekend and which I'm currently wearing for work. Very 'Mad Men'!

wordfactory Mon 04-Mar-13 11:26:22

I bought a lovely navy sweater from Monsoon and although it wasn't in the sale I have worn it ever such a lot, so a good buy.

HappyAsEyeAm Mon 04-Mar-13 11:28:58

I bought a really nice jumper from Wallis, of all places. Knitted, navy and white horizontal stripes, with cherries in mock diamente type sticker things near one shoulder. I am making it sound hideous, but its really flattering and easy to wear with dark jeans, and only about £22.

EldonAve Mon 04-Mar-13 11:34:14

this zara jacket

Tallyra Mon 04-Mar-13 11:41:46

I have just bought a military style coat from tescos online for £25 in their sale. Haven't even picked it up from the store yet but I've been looking for an affordable one in this style for years!

JumpHerWho Mon 04-Mar-13 11:41:58

Gap distressed skinnies from Save the Children, until yesterday when I got the most beautiful leather biker jacket from River Island. I'm not ever taking it off! It will go with everything I own. So soft and gorgeous, I really recommend it to anyone in the market for a leather jacket, it's a total bargain and as good quality as the Whistles one IMO.

enormouse Mon 04-Mar-13 11:45:15

A pair of sugar morigami boots from soletrader outlet which I've worn all the time. And although not technically a buy getting my hair cut pixie short. Best decision I ever made!

Cremolafoam Mon 04-Mar-13 11:56:48

2 long sleeved landsend nighties in Pima cotton jersey that are long to the floor. So pleased with them.

FritziGreenEyes Mon 04-Mar-13 11:58:13

Mango Mickey Mouse T Shirt for 7 Euro

Esprit leather jacket.

fussychica Mon 04-Mar-13 11:59:02

A pair of jeans and a black wool jacket from Bennetton outlet shop which was closing down - £2.70 each - less than charity shop price - that's what I call a bargain.

notjustamummythankyou Mon 04-Mar-13 12:36:34

A black silk-mix longline cardigan by Calvin Klein. It cost me £29 in TK Maxx - the first time I have ever got a bargainous 'label' in there!

Geordieminx Mon 04-Mar-13 12:42:03

A burnt red wool coat fromFrench Connection.

Reduced from £195 to £38... 80% off.

Fast Mon 04-Mar-13 12:43:05

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

HalleLouja Mon 04-Mar-13 13:34:17

£50 for some 7 for all mankind skinnies from Tks. I do need to shorten them though.

pocketandsweet Mon 04-Mar-13 13:38:32

queenlatina I need another grey sweatshirt like a hole in the head BUT that one is gorgeous. please tell me about the sizing.... I'm between 14-16. Does it come up big or small. Thanks

pollywollydoodle Mon 04-Mar-13 13:44:57 and beauty...that will be why there are no other easels on here smile

SkylarWhite Mon 04-Mar-13 13:46:45

Some flat black over the knee leather boots in a sale in December from R&B. They go with absolutely everything and spice up every outfit. Bloody love them and will. E gutted when boots weather draws to a close.

MimikosPanda Mon 04-Mar-13 13:51:57

Freddie I'm only 2 days into my month spending ban and I'm already miserable about it!

So far this year my best buy has been a padded, down jacket in purple from Primak. I have had so many compliments on it and it was only £16, plu sit is very warm. I'm cold blooded grin so I'm wearing it all the time at the moment.

I've bought a few scarves that were cheap but seem to really finish off an outfit well and make me look a bit more 'put together'. I've had a few from Primark and a few from ebay and they have all been about £4. I'm after one that has green in it but I'll have to wait for April to start looking once my self-imposed ban is over.

EldonAve Mon 04-Mar-13 14:02:33

oooh Corygal - which shop in Balham?

piratecat Mon 04-Mar-13 14:33:46

your easel sounds fab!! lol

homeaway Mon 04-Mar-13 14:46:16

Jumper have to ask you about the leather jacket, I am looking for one in tan and this might fit the bill but.. I am rather petite and I was wondering if it is really fitted or is it looser ? Just a bit worried it will swamp me. thanks

FellNel Mon 04-Mar-13 14:49:07

A garden sofa, 2 armchairs and coffee table. I live in a warm climate and although we had a dining table and chairs in the garden I rarely sat outside unless we were eating outside. Now I sit outside for a bit most evenings. It's lovely.

pollywollydoodle Mon 04-Mar-13 14:54:33

thank you Piratecat ,it is

QueefLatina Mon 04-Mar-13 15:22:55

Pocket the model is wearing size medium on the website so if you want it really slouchy like that I would go for a L or XL.

I have a 35 inch chest and I bought the small as I wanted it a bit more fitted than in the picture and hope srings eternal for losing that last stone, slouchy rather than baggy iyswim.

If you have enough grey sweatshirts why not get the pink instead? <enables>

QuinnFabray Mon 04-Mar-13 15:32:20

MorrisZap, you can get Monki here, in London atleast. And online.

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