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What has been your absolute best buy of the year so far?

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freddiefrog Sun 03-Mar-13 19:09:48

I'm on a spending ban so want to live vicariously through other people's purchases grin

Mine is a pair a pair of Primark tan ankle boots

I've been on the hunt for a pair since autumn, but never really found 'The Ones'. Nipped into Primark last Sunday, and there on the shelf was the perfect pair. Only one pair left, and amazingly my size! For three quid

It was fate grin

nilbyname Sun 03-Mar-13 19:11:19

This year? We have hardly started!

Um....I think it would have to be my army surplus style jacket from H&M, it looks great with everything.

CeeceeBloomingdale Sun 03-Mar-13 19:22:28

Most worn is a boiled wool coatigan from (whispers) Next. I got a fab and bargainous jacket from Zara in the sale which has already made several outings despite it not being a winter weight. Accessorised with several fab scarves and bags. They are always my most worn items anyway.

Yotamsrazor Sun 03-Mar-13 19:30:46

An Oasis shirt in a red/burgundy with swan motif. It fits really nicely, is flattering, doesn't look/feel like polyester (even though it is) and looks pretty. And also a navy jumper from Oasis (first purchases from Oasis in years and years) with a navy false silky shirt sticking out the bottom and sleeves in the same material as the shirt. Also lovely fit, smart yet casual and v useful.

QueefLatina Sun 03-Mar-13 19:35:39

This sweatshirt

It's from Pull and Bear and has just the right amount of slouch. I love this shop and wish we had one in Nottingham

novelsituation Sun 03-Mar-13 19:41:18

Two very cute wee mulberry alikes from Accessorise at a bargainous £12 each Here Got the gold one too. Bought as gift for DD before a school trip to Paris. She was very chuffed.

HarrietSchulenberg Sun 03-Mar-13 19:42:55

A green cardigan from a charity shop and a FT wrap dress in a sale. I have to be prised out of them at the moment.

freddiefrog Sun 03-Mar-13 19:44:28

Lovely buys!

I like that Pull & Bear website

I was hunting for an army surplus style jacket, I found one I kind of liked on Matalan's website, but it just didn't grab me irl

SimiJohal Sun 03-Mar-13 19:47:56

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

SilverSixpence Sun 03-Mar-13 20:11:23

Best bargain definitely these boots from
Shoeaholics website for £29. Very comfortable and look great with everything.

Second is biker coat./clothing/Warehouse/fcp-product/4223058372 this coat from warehouse for £40 as I was in a maternity coat all winter.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 03-Mar-13 20:27:44

I must admit I haven't bought much, but I have been v v pleased with a pair of black platform shoes for work.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 03-Mar-13 20:28:51


pollywollydoodle Sun 03-Mar-13 20:33:12

a desk top easel that will drop down so that i can use it while i'm in my wheelchair £15 off ebay...

MirandaWest Sun 03-Mar-13 20:34:36

Not sure what I've bought this year that's been great so far. Haven't bought that much though. Will think a bit.

mysteryfairy Sun 03-Mar-13 20:44:53

I got a few pairs of jeans totally bargainously in the Donna Ida sale and was debating to myself whether the best buy was nobody cult skinnies in moss green cord that do not go baggy (wore for five days without washing...I know I'm minging and still no bag at the knees) or j brand 811s in pelt which I grabbed in the final extra 20% off bit and have proved to be just the colour my wardrobe was missing.

But then I remembered going into Zara well towards the end of the sale and in amongst the the shoes all odd ones or size 3 or 8 was one pair of greige ankle boots for £16.99 that were just so exactly what was missing from my shoe wardrobe that I have to have a firm word with myself some mornings to actually remember to wear any of my other footwear.

LadyFace Sun 03-Mar-13 20:58:09,default,pd.html i know lace is everywhere at the moment but this is a bargain at £10 and has washed well (I put it in one of those mesh lingerie bags as the fabric is very delicate).

Not clothing, but I have also tried the L'oreal Elvive hair oil which has made my bleached ends like silk. Not cheap at £10 but it has been on promo at the supermarkets recently.

BillStickersIsInnocent Mon 04-Mar-13 07:40:34

A really beautiful pale orange mohair jumper by Fillipa K, in the Atterley Road sale. I heard about the brand lurking on the MN Vogue thread, and found Atterley Road by searching for the jumper. Love it - fast, free delivery and free returns.

Yotamsrazor Mon 04-Mar-13 09:20:15

Never heard of Pull & Bear but am off to take a look after seeing your lovely sweatshirt QueenLatifa. Cannot believe the price either!

Yotamsrazor Mon 04-Mar-13 09:48:24

Queen Latifa I've pm'd you re sizing at Pull & Bear. Hope you don't mind. Ta.

INeedThatForkOff Mon 04-Mar-13 10:00:02

This Gap parka (except I paid £17 mire for it less than a fortnight ago. Grr!)

Corygal Mon 04-Mar-13 10:00:20

A vast and capacious 6-ply Johnstons cashmere coatigan, colour of milk chocolate, for 6.50 in a charity shop.

Vintage Mulberry cross-body bag for a fiver in same shop - thanks, Balham.

seeker Mon 04-Mar-13 10:03:23

A pair of Joules pyjama bottoms and a Boden dressing gown for ds- 5 quid from a charity shop.

teta Mon 04-Mar-13 10:03:40

Silk shirts from The Et Vous range at Matalan in cream and slate.But the range is all in the sale at the mo. and the section seems to have disappeared in my local store.It looks like it might be being discontinued.Lace cashmere scarfs from Wrap in sparkly pink and grey.Really good priced long thin scarves that i wear every day.

MorrisZapp Mon 04-Mar-13 10:04:17

Pair of Monki jeans, skinny high waisters. They're a Swedish brand you can't get here. In my perfect size and length.

One pound fifty from charity shop.

foxysocks Mon 04-Mar-13 11:17:14

i really can't choose. everything i've bought so far this year has had a LOT of wear already. two pairs of blue skinnies from shopbop have been in use almost daily, but a charcoal grey slouchy jumper from the sale rail in gap is also right up there.

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