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Fast help on work wear for a fat lass please going shopping tomorrow!

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Softlysoftly Tue 26-Feb-13 00:41:11

Ok going back to work agreed to the job then they said can I start in a week.

I've been fully mummied for 9 months so need to sort myself out pdquick as this is a job where I work with vair trendy London prs. My holy old shift top/jeggings mum combo isn't going to cut it.

So help I'm totally out of touch. I need smart casual, not suited and booted work wear. I am a size 20 with all my weight on my tummy still look 8 months pg, big thighs and terrible arms that need covering to elbow.

To balance I have fab legs, a good waist shape, excellent large boobs, nice decolletage.

So what should my staple wardrobe be, what styles will flatter, what colours are in, should I be in trousers/pencil skirts/dresses etc etc.

janji Tue 26-Feb-13 00:45:54

Shameless bump! I hear you!

ChinUpChestOut Tue 26-Feb-13 14:14:50

There was a MNer on here the other day who was also desperate for modern workwear. Can't remember who helped, but there were a couple of great suggestions. Would this blue dress be any good, from Phase Eight? They have some very flattering dresses at the moment, might be worth a look?

slug Tue 26-Feb-13 15:18:06

Try Betty Jackson Black at Debenhams. I've got quite a few work staples there and her larger sizes are flattering on large women.

Phase Eight is always worth looking at. They stretch.

If you are going into London on a buying spree, try looking at Gudrun Sjoden. They have a shop near 7 Dials. Go into the basement and have a rummage through their sale stuff. Much of it is a bit scary but if you are careful you can get some useful items. Today, for example, I am wearing the velour dress in purple and a darker purple corduroy zip up tunic over. It sounds horrible, but with black tights and black shoes it's a fetching outfit that is much commented on.

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