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Boots for DD when everywhere is sold out

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GingersarealwaysToms Mon 25-Feb-13 17:42:50

Apologies if this section is meant to be a child-free zone. It's freezing & I love my little 2yo in jeans tucked into boots, but she's gone up a size and I can't seem to be able to find new ones. Keep ordering online (Startrite, Clarks,etc) and find when they arrive her instep won't fit or they don't have a zip. (Children's boots without a zip, anyone?). All the shops ran out ages ago, apparently. Don't mind Ugg but they don't start this small & they're not particularly practical.

EarlyInTheMorning Mon 25-Feb-13 17:47:37

What size?
Try here:

VivaLeBeaver Mon 25-Feb-13 17:56:01

That's the problem at this time of the year. It might be snowing but the shops are full of t-shirts and bikinis. Bonkers. I remember trying to buy a lawn mower in Argos in August once. No the winter catalogue was out and no lawnmowers.

TheOneWithTheNameChange Mon 25-Feb-13 18:03:48


I just bought a fab pair of infant boots with a zip from there for my 2 yr old. The boots are from next if it helps.

TheOneWithTheNameChange Mon 25-Feb-13 18:05:37

Just checked eBay and there are loads in various sizes, new and used.

GingersarealwaysToms Mon 25-Feb-13 20:32:59

Thank you very much, everyone, for your help. Nearly there! If my broadband speed wasn't so awful would have them by now.

Sorry to take ages to get back, bath time, etc

Murtette Mon 25-Feb-13 22:54:11

Is there a Clarks outlet anywhere near you? The branch at Bicester Village had loads of children's boots in stock the other day.

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