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Help! Need to find Stylish Suits for a Solicitor

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NoThankYouToSideSalad Fri 22-Feb-13 17:32:10

After several years as a SAHM, I am returning to work as a banking lawyer. Excited by the prospect of a pay check, I logged onto Hobbs (my former "go to" shop for workwear) to splurge on a new suit. Silly me, I assumed that if I was paying £350 for a suit it may have been in brief contact with a sheep at some point. Noooo, Hobbs now seems to be polyester heaven.

So, fashionistas, where does one go these days to purchase a wool suit which is stylish, but suitable for a business environment. I'm short with a large bust, slim hipped with not much of a waist. Looking for slim fitting tailored dress, with short, fitted jacket.

LulaPalooza Fri 22-Feb-13 18:06:18

First, many congratulations on your new job. Are you really sure you want to come back to the world of law?!

Sorry, as a fellow solicitor I should be more helpful.

I rarely have to be proper suited and booted for my job, but the couple of suits I do own are Jaeger. I find them to be comfortable, they wear well and aren't too spenny. They're not wool though.

noviceoftheday Fri 22-Feb-13 18:41:39

Hi, congratulations on the new job! I am 5'2", size 6/8 and bust 28E. I tend to buy suits from Austin Reed, Banana Republic, Damsel in a Dress, John Lewis Collection and Jaeger. I have a couple of nice cheap suits from Zara Woman. Hobbs used to be a staple but rare these days. My pinterest board is here.

ceeveebee Fri 22-Feb-13 18:49:00

I second Banana Republic. Also Austin Reed and LK Bennett

NoThankYouToSideSalad Fri 22-Feb-13 18:56:44

novice We share the same tastes as well as body shape! grin Thank you for sharing your pin interest board - lots of lovely dresses. I love the LK Bennett Ariella dress. Off to google now...

Lula & ceeveebee will definitely look at Jaeger and Austin Reed as well.

Thank you all so much! thanks

noviceoftheday Fri 22-Feb-13 19:22:15

Oh that's great, glad to have helped! Feel free to follow. I can't believe I forgot to say LKB grin The Ariella is beautiful, it is last season so I hope you can still get it. Check out John Lewis online as there similar dresses to the Ariella. I get great compliments everytime I wear them.

I am on the Vogue thread too usually endlessly posting about my work clothes. Feel free to join that too. Best of luck!

QueenBOObread Fri 22-Feb-13 20:17:37

Am [shocked] at Hobbs; they were my go-to for work stuff for years and were always decent quality. Have a look at the Outlet - there's still quite a bit of wool on there and it's going cheap in comparison to the poly confused.

QueenBOObread Fri 22-Feb-13 20:19:26

Most recent work buy for me was from LKB too; I tend to go with a dress and posh cardie or jacket these days, rather than a suit (unless I'm in court) and LKB lends itself to that.

noviceoftheday Fri 22-Feb-13 21:51:05

Someone else mentioned the outlet on another thread QueenBoo. Had never heard of it before! Shall be having a proper look.

QueenBOObread Fri 22-Feb-13 21:56:21

Hey Novice - I meant the Hobbs Outlet which is a subsection of their website. Separately there's The Outnet which is a whole different kettle of shopping fish...

noviceoftheday Fri 22-Feb-13 21:58:52

Oh i have just lol! Yes I meant the same thinggringringrin

tigerdriverII Fri 22-Feb-13 22:09:14

Hello Nothank. Congratulations on the job.

I am now going to be unhelpful. Agree, Hobbs an obvious ish choice but sometimes great, sometimes random.

I am a "seasoned" lawyer in a national practice. I never ever wear suits. I wear dresses with separate suit jackets generally from East, Hobbs or Alex and co (think they may have imploded). I wear opaque black tights with boots, sometimes court shoes from Russell and Bromley (have identical shoes in different colours, including tiger print). I have two suits - one black with little dots, I haven't worn it for over a year, one is a skirt and jacket but not really a business suit, I wear it when weather is really cold.

I dislike the little black suit look that female lawyers aspire to. However, one can take it too far. I have recently started styling my hair a bit (I am in my 50s, it is a bit sad). Was at lunch with a client yesterday and was delighted when they said that I was "too flamboyant " to have styled hair.

Moral of story: just be yourself. Austin reed might be ok though.

Corygal Fri 22-Feb-13 22:12:48

Try Theory and Vince - brilliant American suiting for the ladeeze. A bit pricy but often on sale.

Sharp modern cuts make you look very pulled together and up to date; also comfy - a lot of the suiting has just the right amount of lycra in the very expensive fabric, so you move fine & zero creasing.

Have a gander at Cos as well, which is not expensive.

QueenBOObread Fri 22-Feb-13 22:21:22

Tigerdriver I agree that suits are not so widely embraced these days; they can look amazing but you need to spend a bit more and have it tailored (I often work with barristers who do need suits in their wardrobe for court and they have plenty of ££ to spend on getting it right).

Female lawyers are much more adventurous now than 10 or so years ago when I joined when we all had standard issue Jigsaw/Hobbs suits which is music to my ears.

But for days in Court and for some clients (who are expecting to meet the stereotype) I'd always keep one sombre suit in the wardrobe. You can always split up the skirt/dress and jacket in any event.

coraltoes Fri 22-Feb-13 22:26:32

Kooples, lovely jackets. Theory, Paul smith, Joseph.

QueenBOObread Fri 22-Feb-13 22:43:30

Actually the Outnet can be good for work too - I've picked up a couple of Calvin Klein and Armani separates from there. Eg Armani

noviceoftheday Sat 23-Feb-13 06:55:54

Oh QueenBoo, that's a great dress. Pity they've sold out in my size, but will have a look. Armani Collezioni do great work clothes.

Tiger, if you look on the Austin Reed, they do some great dresses, which is what I normally get from there. They have moved on from just suits..

Congratulations OP smile

I work in the public sector so am in court and planning inquiries often but also meet with other lawyers and their business clients.

When I was newly qualified I wore suits all of the time, but now, hardly ever. I much prefer to wear something a bit more interesting. Also all our standard issue 26 year old auditors wear A SUIT and that puts me off a bit.

For court I'll wear a dress with a jacket over. Black doesn't suit me so I don't wear it.

On days when I'm not in court I'll wear a dress (no pattern), but something with a detail to make it more interesting. I also wear skirts and trousers with a silky t shirt if I have no meetings. Tbh I know most of the people I act for so don't need to establish my credentials by wearing a suit all the time.

Westwood does nice suits - I would look there and Jaeger. Good luck smile

GraduallyGoingInsane Sat 23-Feb-13 08:19:02

Congratulations! I'm a lawyer, albeit not the dark side (barrister!!) so I totally understand the 'go to' shop thing! Hobbs has never done it for me in the suit line, although I love their court shoes, the heel height is just right!

For suits, I favour Jigsaw as they do a lovely Italian wool that fits beautifully and critically, is long enough. I find a lot of shops do seem to have their skirts on the short side, for court at least. This always surprises me as I'm only 5 ft 3, so what do the taller ladies wear?!

My second choice is Banana Republic but you have to pick and choose a bit there. I like LK Bennett too! My most stylish regular solicitor favours Reiss and Ted Baker but they seem to do more greys.


GraduallyGoingInsane Sat 23-Feb-13 08:19:41

That should say albeit ON the dark side... Damn iPhone!

NoThankYouToSideSalad Sat 23-Feb-13 10:23:00

Just bought a bargain wool Stella dress and jacket from Hobbs outlet and a pair of Juliet court shoes. Thank you so much for your suggestions - will keep on file for future spending! smile

Now, it is just the small matter of childcare to sort out....

ceeveebee Sun 24-Feb-13 08:06:05

Discount code for Banana Republic to save 20% off full prices items BRSAVE20 - expires today though

ceeveebee Thu 14-Mar-13 12:20:52

Hi - just got an email from House of Fraser and they have 20% off Hobbs suiting at the moment if anyone is interested

fedupwithdeployment Thu 14-Mar-13 12:25:16

As an in house solicitor, I usually wear a dress - have several from Phase 8. My last suit was from Reiss. Not cheap, but nice!

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