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Where can I find a shirt for a baby?

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Wetthemogwai Fri 22-Feb-13 21:01:05

Thanks everyone smile I ordered one from M&S and am going to see how it looks when it gets here

LittlePandaBear Fri 22-Feb-13 07:41:30

Does it have to be plain? This is very cute from Next

superfluouscurves Fri 22-Feb-13 01:21:38

Loads of shirts for babies here but not cheap!

Paribus Fri 22-Feb-13 00:48:56

Zara, Ralph Lauren, petit bauteu

TolliverGroat Fri 22-Feb-13 00:13:19

Ebay here or here? Or does it need to be plain? You could buy a grey one and dye it, perhaps?

Wetthemogwai Fri 22-Feb-13 00:10:03

Thats lovely germy thankyou, I'll show her. Might be a bit expensive though

I'm on M&S ATM baby found a nice one I think might match but it might be too casual looking

germyrabbit Fri 22-Feb-13 00:07:03

sort of purple

BabyRuSh Fri 22-Feb-13 00:05:54

M&s or ted baker have decer ones usually. I get second hand off ebay. If there isn't a rush, save your ebay search and you can keep track of new listings

Wetthemogwai Fri 22-Feb-13 00:03:33

Tried eBay, gap and h&m sad but thankyou

fabbadabbado Fri 22-Feb-13 00:02:13

Try h&m

BabyRuSh Thu 21-Feb-13 23:55:16


GlaikitFizzog Thu 21-Feb-13 23:55:10

Gap did little shirts with vest poppers when ds was little.

AnyFucker Thu 21-Feb-13 23:48:38

why ?

babies shoe horned into adult-type clothes look really uncomfortable

Wetthemogwai Thu 21-Feb-13 23:44:08

I seem to have exhausted all options!

It needs to be a purpley/grey colour in size 18-24 and as cheap as you can

Any ideas?


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