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Tips on my skin needed

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Lovemyfamily Thu 21-Feb-13 23:51:09

Hi thanks for your comments,
I've read up on it and I'm liking what I've read so far...

Think I'm going to have a bash at the ocm. Thanks for the website...

Thinking of using watermelon seed oil and rice bran Japanese beauty oil would this work or would I need to blend an essential oil with this also?

Also My daughter is four and I have read that Argan oil organic mixed with baobab oil would be perfect for her eczema and 100% natural ??
do I have to mix a essential oil with a carrier oil?
Or can I just mix two carrier oils together as they are used to dilute the essential oils to stop irritation?

Thanks again...

ComradeJing Thu 21-Feb-13 02:25:59

You really, really don't need toner. Honestly, you just don't.

Your skin sounds like mine after I finished bfing dd 1. It was horrible and I was very blush about it.

First of all STOP stripping your skin with harsh cleansers and toner. You need something very, very gentle. Liz Earl worked well for me - I even used the toner which is very gentle too - and the moisturiser is nice and light too.

I also tried OCM with jojoba oil and castor oil. I bought mine from akamuti (google - cant link right now, sorry) My skin got worse for about a month and then cleared up and was just perfect. Absolutely perfect. I mixed 30ml castor oil with 70ml jojoba oil in a bottle and put a bit on my skin every night. Massaged it for about 3 mins and then steamed with a hot cloth and then used the hot cloth to remove everything - oil, make up, the lot. I then used a VERY light moisturiser over the top.

Another (more expensive) option for a night moisturiser is the Clarins oil (blue lotus I think) for combination skin. That also was great.

ExRatty Thu 21-Feb-13 02:10:50

I also use revlon colour stay foundation for combination/oily skin
It has an SPF 8 but I slap it on over Mac primer which is a spf50 I think
The revlon stays put

ExRatty Thu 21-Feb-13 02:06:57

I use Olay sensitive cleansing facial cloths
Dip in water, they foam, swizz round your face, rinse with warm water pat dry
They are excellent. They stop the need for exfoliation or toning.

I then use the Neutrogena stress hydrating moisturiser stuff.
It's a BHA so it will work inside the pores to sort them out.
It's brilliant but you might feel a little sticky afterward.

This is probably enough until your skin calms down and reaches an equilibrium
(You might want a serum or moisturiser on the v dry bits later or aha)

ExRatty Thu 21-Feb-13 02:00:25

The oil cleansing method murdered my skin

squoosh Thu 21-Feb-13 00:41:41

Here is a website with lots of info on the oil cleansing method. Not all oils are equal so proceed with caution, castor oil can make your skin come out in cysts and jojoba can be quite drying.

You could try cleansing with any creamy cleanser/cleansing balm. I'm currently using Soap and Glory Peaches & Clean which is great, the Botanics Cleansing Balm is also really good. Massage it in for a few minutes and then remove with hot flannel, this is great for exfoliating too.

After cleansing you should then use a few drops of facial oil, also to be massaged in. There are 1001 facial oils on the market but one of my very faves is the Boots Botanics one which is on special offer at £5 in store

If you have oily skin you to introduce oil to your skincare regime so your skin doesn't feel the need to overcompensate by producing more oil (something like that anyway)

Lovemyfamily Thu 21-Feb-13 00:34:20

I think I get it?
You i mix a essential oil with a carrier oil?

Lovemyfamily Wed 20-Feb-13 23:37:49

R thanks guys,,
It is getting me down a bit i almost don't want to go out as I get really embarrassed and when people comment on how it looks makes me have anxiety attacks were I break out into a sweat,, silly I know but I do?? It's uncontrollable though..
Thanks for sharing with me...

So I wash/cleanse my face with one oil take it off with a hot cloth/flannel, then use a toner and moisturiser, ?

Which oils would be best and which product of oil? Which oils do I mix together and how often do I do this routine in a week,?

Sorry for all the questions, I really appreciate this..
Thank you smile

wasabipeanut Wed 20-Feb-13 21:44:52

I have combimation skin which can be a bit greasy or quite dry depending on weather and, crucially, my hormone balance. I have great skin while pregnant and breasfeeding but as soon as my cycle kicks back in again I get hard lumps around my mouth and jaw which never come to a head and sit there for ages. Anyway, I had a facial for my birthday nearly 2 weeks ago and have been using an oil recommended to me - Aromatherapy Associates Refining Oil. It's rose, ylang ylang and lavender and it's meant to balance out sebum production. Since using it - not one single zit. It may be my wonder product. Not cheap (£37) but you use such a tiny amount the bottle should last for 3 months minimum.

I also do OCM and use Liz Earle toner.

Mumelie Wed 20-Feb-13 21:41:41

Sounds like my skin 2 months ago (I've had 10 years of it since kids). I kept using stronger and more products to calm down the spots and grease. It just got worse and worse.
Eventually I went to the docs, was told I had acne (I'm 40 ffs) and was prescribed antibiotic gel (no idea of name sorry). 2 weeks of irritated skin but I can honestly say not a single spot and no grease for 6 whole weeks now!!!
All i use now is a mild BM face wash, BM moisturiser for combination skin and my BM foundation.
Honestly it's worth going to the docs if your skin isn't clearing and it's getting you down.

JackieTheFart Wed 20-Feb-13 21:32:28

Love - I use oil to take off my makeup - baby oil or almond oil - and then scrub every evening. I use lemon juice as a toner which is hands down the best thing I have used to stop oil breakthrough. I don't use it all over my face, just my nose, and god does it STING if I have squeezed a zit or something!

Try OCM, I think it would work for you. You sound like you are overproducing oil, and using oil to cleanse is supposed to cut down oils. Don't ask me about the science of it though as I have no idea how it works lol!

Lovemyfamily Wed 20-Feb-13 19:40:03

Just saw prices of eve lom omg,, think hubby would kill m

Lovemyfamily Wed 20-Feb-13 19:34:54

I could stretch my budget a little as i need to get this skin under control,,, my skin is very oily around my nose cheek bones forehead and Chin with acne type breakouts,, id like to maybe try this oil cleanse thingy but What oils do you mix other oils when doing the oil cleanse?
Could I use it every day with a toner and moisturiser from a different brand?
What is the routine? And which brands of oils are safe to use...
I've seen amazon sells them but which product name is the best?
I never had any problems with my skin until my second child? And had always used simple but it's just not cleaning good enough,,and when I use the SPF moisturiser it's like I've put oil on my skin?? when I use stronger products my face Gets dried out it itches... confused

Sorry for a lot of questions smile
Thanks for your help

SoYo Wed 20-Feb-13 09:57:19

Depends on budget, there's a variety of excellent things out there for all budgets.

Oil cleansing is great and works really well. It seems nonsense to use oil on oily skin but it really does work brilliantly for most & a dermatologist recommended it to me when my acne was bad in my early twenties.

I personally use Liz Earle cleanse & polish cleanser that you clean off with a muslin & I use their moisturiser for combination skin too. Started using it when I had bad acne and it came into its own after I'd had a course of Roaccutane & developed very sore and sensitive skin in T zone with very oily cheeks. Once a week I also use a rose oil under my moisturiser if I've got dry skin and I use Boots protect & perfect serum in the mornings.

Eve Lom cleanser is amazing but is £££ and I could never ever stretch to this!

Lovemyfamily Wed 20-Feb-13 09:56:33

We're would you buy the products of the oil cleansing method from?

Lovemyfamily Wed 20-Feb-13 09:45:06

Auldi ones?

INeedThatForkOff Wed 20-Feb-13 01:30:01

I use the oil cleansing method (look it up, loads on here / online). My preferred combination is 3:1 jojoba : castor. The SPF is in my moisturiser, Boots Protect and Perfect day and night creams. I'm thinking of swapping to the Aldi version though because I've read good things here, and Boots is ££.

Lovemyfamily Tue 19-Feb-13 23:30:09

I've very oily combination skin which keeps breaking out all the time, I'm using simple ATM but I don't think it's getting all the sebum away? My skin within min after a shower looks glossy shiny with the oil on my skin, if I use stronger products I just end up with dryed out itchy skin which then goes red and sore,,?
The breakouts are mainly on my cheak bone areas and on my forehead could this be acne?
Could anyone recommend facial products that's for sensitive, combinatation oily skin with an SPF in it...?

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