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I need a moisturiser that is free from nasties that will cure my spots and dry patches..

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ladymontdore Mon 18-Feb-13 17:52:45

...does such a thing exist??
I'd like a face mask for similar purposes too!

snowgal Tue 19-Feb-13 12:25:18

I would second the rosehip oil suggestion. seems illogical to put oil on spotty skin but it really does work a treat! I use the OCM using Sweet Almond Oil then Rosehip oil, my skin has never looked better and more impressively it's super cheap! Have use Liz Earle, Origins etc in the past and would highly recommend this instead

Locketjuice Tue 19-Feb-13 12:28:40

I'm currently using oilatum junior grin
It's really good smile

smoothieooo Tue 19-Feb-13 12:33:14

I bought La Roche Posay moisturer last night (I have self-diagnosed acne rosecea but have Dr's appointment next week). We shall see... I'd love a miracle moisturiser that banished my spots, blackheads and open pores, let alone the red lumpiness I'm currently suffering either side of my nose.

Zigzagwanderer Tue 19-Feb-13 14:19:04

Try Mother Natures Goodies, I get rosehip oil £4.99 and frankincense and rose cream around £4 a jar. Also Rose face gel about £3-4.
Calendula cream gets good reviews too.
They go a long way and are free from nasty chemicals, they are ethical too.
They are an online small business but also sell through eBay.
I can't be doing with expensive brands, they are no better.

AwkwardSquad Tue 19-Feb-13 15:14:25

I've just started using La Roche Posay products after reading about them on MN, and after years of spotty skin, which is becoming increasingly lined, ageing and dehydrated as I get older (nice...), it's really helping. I'm using flannel cleansing method plus Effacler duo and a hydrating moisturiser on cheeks and neck. Just started the Ren glycolic mask too and my skin feels lovely afterwards.

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