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That eyelash super grower stuff...

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sunnysunnyshine Sat 16-Feb-13 12:05:31

I think it's called rapid lash - is that the best one?

Has anybody found it works? And is it something I could get cheaper in America? (My dads on hol there now and asking what I'd like brought back).

And one last question, is it safe to use when pregnant or bfing?

Thank you!

baileysmam Thu 21-Mar-13 15:14:11

This thread is so timely for me. Had my lash extensions removed yesterday ,just couldn't afford the upkeep, but am now left with lashes considerably shorter than they originaly were and the look a bit 'frazzled' on the ends. They really need some TLC, but seen differing views on two serums, The Mavala double lash overnight lash treatment AND Rapid lash enhancing serum. Anyone got any ideas which might be best given the circumstances??

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 22-Mar-13 17:36:02

I've been using Revitalash Eyelash and eyebrow treatment since mid January (they are two seperate products)

So far the eyelashes are a disappointment but I'm still applying it (might as well, I've paid for it and I'm hoping for a sudden burst of activity from them)

The eyebrows- WOW. I haven't plucked my eyebrow for years they are usually so feeble with a huge gap at the end. Now they have filled in, they are thicker. The gap hasn't completely grown back but I'm seeing results.
And there are fine hairs on the upper lid part - so the trusted Tweezermans can come out of hibernation.

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