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MN Vogue Vol. 5

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shopafrolic Fri 15-Feb-13 13:32:10

A continuation of style and beauty chat. All welcome.

blondiedollface Sun 17-Feb-13 17:46:28


Hi, all smile You have got me drooling yet again! Those Floretes are gorgeous shop

Marsha What I'd really like is a pair of Topshop Baxters in white, I am currently on spending ban - but DH is ok with me buying cheap crap so I got a pair of pleather leggings from Primark at the weekend as am going out with both SIL's and know they always look FAB! Teaming the leggings with this lovely shirt and I will be accessorising with my Balenciaga this one in Powder Blue from SS10 and probably a pair of FCUK platform heels with studded heels smile

Not in high fashion mode at present having just handed my notice in for my lovely fashion job, as DD is so little I am still massively overweight from pg and we are ttc#2! So keeping up with current trends vicariously through you lovely ladies will keep me sane until I am back in the game, so to speak grin

Plus I guess the ultimate goal is to wear 'good' clothes as often as possible and to emanate an air of just thrown these pieces together and look fabulous Shall I just dream on with little DCs?!

shopafrolic Sun 17-Feb-13 18:06:25

Lots of us here have got little DCs blondie - this thread has been massively inspiring for me. No need to dream on!
Your outfit sounds great, I love the blouse and the bag.
Fashion job sounds interesting........
The Florettes are fabulous, so comfortable, well worth the extra cash and would happily get them in other colours.

QueenBOObread Sun 17-Feb-13 19:08:34

Hi blondiedoll, I love that Balenciaga and am feeling nosey about the fashion job....

I've two DCs (three and one) and still have a fair bit of mummy tummy to go before I'm where I want to be. I don't have the restraint to wait until it's gone and as Shop said there are so many lovely things on this thread that I have to sit on my hands! No need to dream on!

Ginger, I have two pairs of Paige, both pretty generously cut. In High Street speak, I'm a 10-12 waist but my Hidden Hills are a 28 and the Jimmy Jimmy's (acquired this morning wink) are a 26 shock. I've never been a 26 in my life so that's a bit daft, even for a relaxed boyfriend fit. So I'd definitely try to the them on in the shop first?

QueenBOObread Sun 17-Feb-13 19:10:20

Actually I've just remembered a neglected pair of Verdugo "jeggings". Think they are a 28. I reckon that the 30 should be good.

blondiedollface Sun 17-Feb-13 19:33:19

Oh you're all so kind! I guess DCs shouldn't get in the way even of fashion - I just find it hard to wear Cashmere and Silk knowing it'll be yet another evening spent handwashing or more money on dry-cleaning!! DD is 8mo and we have already started ttc#2 as I want only 2 and I want the early days out of the way. I'm not crazy, I promise!!

Used to do VIP Clientelling for a nice enough High St (High Fashion Wannabe) shop. Kitted out the Exeter Football team in their suits ;) So not a bad job, but the hours combined with the pay just weren't enough to make me want to send DD to nursery with wraparound care for all her waking hours Mon-Fri...

I used to be a High St 12 or a 30 in jeans, but my measurements have rocketed since DD and I just about squeeze into and bulge out of in every direction my clothes these days sad a 14 was tight when I went shopping on Sat, so I've no hope in hell of getting into anything premium until the 30 day shred has done it's thing! I know that J Brand are amazing for sizing I had a pair of 28s a few years ago but wore them so often as they were so comfy that I wore them through in the crotch blush Am finding my Gap Boyfriend fits are my best friend with a plain old H&M vest tucked in, a nice floaty blouse or slouchy jersey tee and a cardi. I saw upthread in Vol4 to wear with ballet flats - tried and it looks lovely so thanks to whoever mentioned that little gem!

What is the best thing to wear on top of boyfriend fits at the moment?

Drywhiteplease Sun 17-Feb-13 19:36:44

shop your outfit sounds gorgeous.
I've become (thanks to you lot) quite addicted to Pinterest can spend hours on it! I've discovered, looking at my fav looks, that I'm a jean and stripe addict!
1 day to go before my childless London trip and DH has put extra cash in my acc!!!!!planning shopping with a girlfriend but wish I could go alone so I could have a big jeans try on (Selfridges?????)

shopafrolic Sun 17-Feb-13 20:04:27

I'm no expert on boyfriend fit blondie (not helping you much yet am I!) I just look odd in the ones I've tried so far. I think I'm better turning up straight legged jeans, I need the structure. This thread has taught me not to save things for best. Completely understand baby up chuck on silk might not be a winning combination but it's nice to dress well and feel good when chaos reigns around you (or is it just my life that's chaos?).
drywhite I love Pin for highlighting clothing habits. It's made me think a lot more before I buy e.g. Do I really need another <insert name of your favourite item here>. See if you can persuade your friend to jeans shop with you (helpful when asking does my bum look big in this), assuming she is honest and not like some of my friends who say "yeah, they look great" whilst looking in the opposite direction smile
I just realised it's half term this week and I haven't planned how to keep DS entertained. Decorators are still working on our hallway and we have my family over from Holland and DH's from Norfolk at the end of the week. Cue mild panic!

Drywhiteplease Sun 17-Feb-13 20:15:05

Ooh shop I'd stock up on wine

blondiedollface Sun 17-Feb-13 20:20:29

I'm trying not to save things for best, after all I used to wear my pretties to get down on my knees and measure for tailor made suits... Fab tip though, thanks shop!! Completely agree on feeling good when chaos reigns, currently having a massive clear out to pretty up the house for selling as we need another bedroom!

I am mentally planning tomorrow's outfit in my head!

QueenCadbury Sun 17-Feb-13 20:32:15

I agree that straight legs rolled up suit me better too. I want these gap but can't decide to get them now with 30% off or wait and see if they get reduced as I'd only wear them rolled up with converse or ballet flats so won't be wearing until the weather warms up.

I'd love a pair of white jeans too but ith a 20month old I think it'll be a disaster. It's hard isn't it striking the balance of wearing your really nice clothes with the inevitable stains and hand washing that's often involved.

shopafrolic Sun 17-Feb-13 20:40:35

Yup, I've decided white jeans might be off the list till next year. I'm not sure why I believe things will be any better on the sticky hand print front once DS is 3 as opposed to 2 though!? <deluded>

noviceoftheday Sun 17-Feb-13 20:43:56

Hi Blondie, definitely a number of us with small dcs on this thread. Miners 4 and 1. I work so tend to pour most of my energies into looking great for work as little chance of sticky fingers at work! For the last few onths dh and i try and go out on a fri or sat night so I updated my wardrobe to have nice going out clothes. My goal for ss2013 is to update my casual look. I am v inspired by the ladies on this thread who are sahm with small dcs yet somehow manage to be stylish shock

noviceoftheday Sun 17-Feb-13 20:47:36

Shop somehow when my got to 3/3.5 there were definitely less/no sticky fingers! Its not a pipe dream! Only 1.5 years for me to get there again dc2 then hmm

shopafrolic Sun 17-Feb-13 20:48:34

And as a SAHM trying hard to still be a bit glam I'm so jealous of all you lovely ladies who work and still get to be uber glam! It's all good. Might be time to sell my work wardrobe soon.......

MarshaBrady Sun 17-Feb-13 20:52:27

My littlest is three now. And very active. But I did really get into buying nicer stuff after ds1. I remember going to Liberty 10 days after he was born. One of my favourite memories. My parents visit every year and it's now become a tradition to go shopping together, love then to be closer, but I admit they know me well!

I have two days off, or will be working (see what happens) so will go for the off-white Paris. Not sure on boyfriend jeans. I have an idea in my head of the perfect vintage blue type but haven't found them yet.

I probably would get a few things for work, but it's not too formal where I am. I'd get stuff that could work for both.

So nice to have a mix on here smile

QueenCadbury Sun 17-Feb-13 20:57:21

I'm now a SAHM but even when I worked I wore a uniform most of the time so I never got the chance to be glam. Now my eldest are 5 and 7 they definitely don't leave sticky finger prints!

shopafrolic Sun 17-Feb-13 21:01:10

Good news then white or cream jeans will soon be mine.... smile
Loving the mix too..... Nice that the thread has been reinvigorated!

shopafrolic Sun 17-Feb-13 21:06:58

Just found out that my good friend managed to get access all areas backstage passes for Vivienne Westwood at LFW. To say I'm envy is the understatement of the century!

NDWmakeupartistry Sun 17-Feb-13 21:09:19

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MarshaBrady Sun 17-Feb-13 21:10:26

Ah lucky! I was at Preen once (may have mentioned that wink. Was so much fun , but hugely stressful for the designers. And I felt it too, think of something goes wrong.

Do you think Viv still does the designs?

MarshaBrady Sun 17-Feb-13 21:12:41

Actually do you think Viv still turns up for shows? Can you ask your friend for a run down grin

No thanks NDW we're ok!, but there is an advertising section on here.

AmberNectarine Sun 17-Feb-13 21:15:08

shop, my friend works at Vogue. Can you imagine the envy. She does share the sample sale invites with me though, so can't complain too much!

shopafrolic Sun 17-Feb-13 21:23:26

amber you have an enviable wardrobe and an enviable collection of friends! grin I wanna be in your gang!
Will get further info about VW and report back.....

blondiedollface Sun 17-Feb-13 21:25:02

OMG!! Major envy at the VW backstage passes shop

Being a SAHM now quibble I guess I should make more effort to look fantastic day-to-day!

Cream jeans are on my SS13 wishlist, any recommendations for a non-seethrough skinny?

blondiedollface Sun 17-Feb-13 21:31:48

Just had a little google, my Balenciaga is a Giant 21 Classic Handle in Ardoise... I so want a Town in Rose Blush this season!!

Think I'm a Spring - so what colours should I in theory be wearing for SS13?

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