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Eye cream request

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chubbymomie2012 Fri 15-Feb-13 06:57:40

I have just used the last of my Lancôme youth activating eye cream. I didn't think it was that great. I'm 38 and have some fine lines round my eyes. What do u suggest as a good eye cream please x

callow Fri 15-Feb-13 07:08:45

I have used many eyecreams but the only one I have found that works is Elemis Pro Collagen Eye treatment. I am sure there are others as well but I have not tried them.

QVC sells it and has reviews as well.


Fluffycloudland77 Fri 15-Feb-13 07:21:07

Aldi wrinkle stop, it's got snake venom in it and my eyes look less wrinkly now.

Marylou2 Fri 15-Feb-13 11:50:45

Was just going to the bathroom to check on exact name but Callow has already referenced it. Elemis Pro Collagen Eye treatment is the best I've ever bought and I've tried just about everything. It's fabulous! John Lewis often have 10-15% off instore.

Hassled Fri 15-Feb-13 11:56:05

I bought some Clarins foundation recently and rather tragically the assistant had a good hard look at my wrinkles and then lobbed me a tester of the Clarins eye cream. I'm really impressed with it.

minibmw2010 Fri 15-Feb-13 13:56:29

Aldi Lacuna Eye Cream, best I've ever used smile

cazza40 Fri 15-Feb-13 17:40:27

Cliniques new one - Repairwear laser focus wrinkle correcting eye cream - I have been using it a couple of weeks and can see a definite improvement

Walnutcakelover Fri 15-Feb-13 19:01:54

Elemis pro collagen is the best one that i have tried, and i've tried many.

Cornycabernet Fri 15-Feb-13 19:02:56

elemis procollagen is v good I agree
decleor excellence is also v good

OrchidFlakes Fri 15-Feb-13 19:40:36

Origins Plantscription eye cream. I love it

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