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Should I buy this or save up for Burberry/Barbour/aquascutum?

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PetiteMum Thu 14-Feb-13 22:53:10

Late night musings....

bishboschone Thu 14-Feb-13 23:11:55

I like it. smile

BafanaThesober Thu 14-Feb-13 23:15:35

That is far nicer tha any Barbour jacket I have seen recently.
Definitely more stylish, and less like being a sheep, wearing the sawm stuff as everyone else!

ggirl Thu 14-Feb-13 23:51:00

do prefer this one but it's so £££

asos one is nice tho

Specialbrew Fri 15-Feb-13 00:02:06

I like it although I think it might get a little tatty after a short while.

I have an Aquacasutum Franca single breasted trench I bought 5 years ago in the sale which still looks as good as new. I would wait for the sales and take a look if you're not in a rush. Their online sale is still on if you want to take a look. Still v. expensive, but worth it in my opinion - I seem to have spent the last 4 spring and summers in mine!

mycatlikestwiglets Fri 15-Feb-13 09:23:34

They occasionally have Burberry trenches on the Outnet so you might want to keep an eye out there if you decide to invest. I always muse them as I bet they'd last ages. If you go with high street you'll probably end up spending just as much as you'll want to replace it every season (or that's what I tell myself)

PetiteMum Fri 15-Feb-13 11:26:01

Ggirl, that is gorgeous!! Hmmmm I don't know whether to stalk Burberry for sales.....

HyvaPaiva Fri 15-Feb-13 15:07:17

OP, remember if you do choose the Kookai one that ASOS has 10% off today - add 'valentine10' at the checkout so it will only cost £94

MarshaBrady Fri 15-Feb-13 15:09:49

I like it and think you should get it before it sells out.

MN044 Fri 15-Feb-13 15:13:31

Bloody hell, am I the only one shocked by the legs on that Burberry model? I hope that's just a massive Photoshop fail.

propertyNIGHTmareBEFOREXMAS Fri 15-Feb-13 15:57:49

Jesus wept at those legs, MN044. That poor woman could not catch a pig in a passage sad.

PetiteMum Fri 15-Feb-13 17:23:07

Have now seen this:

i want all of them!

PetiteMum Fri 15-Feb-13 20:37:31

any opinions on the barbour one? has anyone seen it IRL?

MarshaBrady Fri 15-Feb-13 20:50:49

That would be quite rain coat-y but you might be ok with that?

How about a cotton one?

Iris & Ink


MarshaBrady Fri 15-Feb-13 20:56:36

Although shape of a Burberry one is probably better.

ggirl Fri 15-Feb-13 21:00:23

I like the fact that the barbour one is waterproof but I prefer the style of the burberry one.

faustina Fri 15-Feb-13 21:39:06

if you live anywhere near London, it might be worth paying a visit here first. There might be something you'd like?

plipplops Fri 15-Feb-13 21:51:34

The Burberry one is beautiful, although I like your original one too op and there's personally no way I think I could justify spending over £600 on a mac although I'd love it

PetiteMum Fri 15-Feb-13 22:16:33

Ooh thanks for the outlet link! I would never spend more than a couple of hundred on a mac either plipp!

faustina Sat 16-Feb-13 05:51:29

I've never been there Petite, so I don't know about prices and stock, but it seems legitimate. it's on my list of places to go, so if you get there first, please let us know what it's like!

Snowkey Sat 16-Feb-13 10:06:13

The Burberry one is stunning - all the others look a bit ordinary in comparison.

MamaGeekChic Sat 16-Feb-13 10:12:28

I've got an aquascutum one I got at an outlet 2years ago for £150, I love it and I suspect it'll last years. I'll trade it in for a Burberry one day though.

fivecandles Sat 16-Feb-13 10:58:42

I think this is very like the Burberry one and very reasonable if you can over the fact it's M & S.

MarshaBrady Sat 16-Feb-13 11:41:14

I know the Burberry is lovely, makes the others look dull. Really nice in navy too.

NoImSpartacus Sat 16-Feb-13 13:02:08

I invested in a Burberry Prorsum mac two years ago after buying Reiss / Karen Millen, etc. standard macs every couple of years. The quality is far superior, the cut amazing and I know I will wear it for a lifetime.

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