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Need a whole new face of makeup, where do I start?

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TurnipCake Fri 15-Feb-13 14:47:22

I did a complete make up overhaul over the last 6 months (following a break up) and it has been so much fun to do, I'm envious!

I'd second (third) the suggestion of watching some of the Lisa Eldridge videos, she has quite a few handy ones on everyday make up, staples for the make up bag and she encourages to go for what works for you rather than buying lots of products you might not use.

ElectricMonk Fri 15-Feb-13 14:34:14

That's not a bad starting point. I agree with JumpHerWho - as long as your base looks expensive, everything else can be much cheaper.

If you're happy with your current foundation and powder, I'd start by getting some good make-up brushes, then your ideal shades of blush and lipstick, then your ideal mascara, then an eyeshadow palette, then start looking at better foundations (unless yours runs out before and needs replacing).

My basics would be:
Moisturiser - Avene Skin Recovery Cream (great base for make-up);
Foundation - Bourjois Healthy Mix;
Powder - No7 Creme Touch Translucent Powder;
Blush - No7 (pink if you've got a white-and-pink complexion, coral if you've got an olive complexion);
Mascara - No7 Lash Adapt (amazing, really buildable but not clumpy, and doesn't go streaky or wear off even if you go out in the rain, doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes and is easy to remove);
Eyeliner - L'oreal Superliner (fantastic applicator, pretty much infallible for me even though I usually struggle with liquid eyeliner, lasts really well and doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes, easy to remove);
Concealer - Benefit Boi-ing (the only Benefit product I like, covers really well and lasts a long time - my pot is getting on for 3 years old and is only 1/5 used);
Lipstick - Une, shade L6 (very natural looking, my-lips-but-better shade that seems to suit everyone), or Carmex if you prefer not to wear lipstick every day;
Eyeshadow - Sleek does some fantastic budget eyeshadow palettes, which can be bought online or from superdrug - I have one called Storm that's pretty good.

Most important IMO is brushes - Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, Stippling Brush and Powder Brush are all fantastic and very low in price considering their quality (can be found on 3 for 2 at Boots sometimes, or for about £10 each online). With those, I can make drugstore foundation look as good as department store (it just won't stay that way for quite as long). The £4 Boots bronzer brush is great for blush, and any cheap eyeshadow brushes (Ecotools does loads of tiny ones for £5) will be fine.

Special occasions:
Foundation - Estee Lauder Doublewear/Doublewear Light (depending on what kind of coverage and finish you're looking for - see an Orange Lady for a colour match and 1 week sample of each);
Eyeshadow - Urban Decay Naked or Naked II palette, depending on your colouring - this will give you lots of versatility, and could make a good birthday present;
Lipstick - one red from MAC (get them to help you find the best one for you).

JumpHerWho Thu 14-Feb-13 23:20:27

My top tip- if you're on a budget, spend the most you can on your foundation. Most other stuff is ok from Rimmel etc but for foundation I'd splash out a bit and look at Estée Lauder Doublewear Light, YSL Touché Éclat foundation or Chanel Vitalumiere. Especially if you don't wear it daily, it's worth the investment. Get samples before buying, google will help there smile

If you do brave the orange ladies, don't buy there and then - thank them and leave, even if it feels awkward - they're trained to make you spend £££! Go and wander round the department store or other shops and look in lots of different mirrors to see how you look. This has prevented me spending on rubbish in the past and I always do it now.

pookamoo Thu 14-Feb-13 23:08:52

Thanks everyone smile Will be brave and see what the "orange ladies" suggest!

BeaLola Wed 13-Feb-13 23:54:55

I'm not an expert at all but I would ditch all the stuff in your make up bag. I think suggestions above realy good. I would look at Lisa Eldridge stuff on line as has good pointers & she does use from a variety of brands from £ to £££. Bobbi Brown site has some good videos on as well about how to apply stuff.

I would get a few basics like a a light foundation or a tinted mosituriser - I have used a variey from Clinique, Bobbi Brown , Dermalogica , Rimmel, Bourjois etc etc . I used to be & sometimes still am afraid of the "orange" ladies but go & try & maybe try a couple & get some samples before you commit.

Today I was in Boots & it was really quiet & I approached the Sales lady about being colour matched (saw recent post on here about their new system) - must admit I was impressed by the foundation choice & the one I went for is very similar to my favourite dermalogica one but about 1/2 the price. Nivea is good for tinted moisturiser.

Apart from tinted moisturiser/foundation my other essentials would be lip blush/stain/gloss & mascara & as I am pale a touch of blush. I must admit that I usually approach Bobi Brown stand as I like colour ranges & have found wherever I have been that they are happy to show you , recommend etc but with no hard sell.

I would avoid going at lunchtimes or weekends for a makeover as stores busier then & more rushed than if you can go am or mid afternoon.

Good luck

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 13-Feb-13 20:33:32

Someone told me they have to wear a lot of products to advertise them.

SweetieTime Wed 13-Feb-13 19:22:30

I would suggest getting yourself a few basics at first and build on them. I would suggest the following
a light foundation/tinted moisturiser/bb cream (I love the Nivea tinted moisturiser recommended on MN and only a couple quid in supermarket)
a black mascara (I use Max Factor calorie 2000 but there are loads to choose from and vary loads in price)
neutral lipstick or gloss (I like Boots No7 Sheer Temptation range which is between lipstick & gloss)

I think blushers, eye shadows and eye liners can all be a bit daunting so get used to your basics before adding any more.

I like the MUA from Superdrug too for cheap eye shadows. They have some great eye shadow compacts for about £4 which are a take on the Urban Decay Naked palettes.

I really like the Une cream blusher, in the lightest shade you really can not go wrong, you apply it with your finger tips. Start with just a touch as you can build it up if not strong enough.

My very favourite eye liners are Urban Decay (I use the shade Lucky which is bronze and brings out blue eyes IMO and not as harsh as black or even brown). They have loads of different shades and do really last all day without smudging or the dreaded panda eyes.

Don't be afraid of the "orange ladies" they can be really good and offer some really good tips.

Sorry this is a bit of an epic but hope it helps.

hettie Wed 13-Feb-13 18:59:47

OK...12 months ago I was like you... Thanks to a recommendation from here I checked out the Lisa Eldridge videos (ones that were applicable To me, like everyday look etc). Got some top tips and plus not all the stuff she recommended was pricey. For example she love borjois foundation (it's good!). My staples are now garnier bb cream, a yellowish concealer (for under eye), no 7 skin illuminator in pink and clinique up lighting in bronze (but it has flush tones)...

minibmw2010 Wed 13-Feb-13 18:32:51

Lots of lovely BB creams out there. Garner do a great one, as do No.7, put a little bit of make up primer underneath when you want to be more made up, but the cream on its own is lovely anyway smile

MiniTheMinx Wed 13-Feb-13 17:49:13

Why not have a look here, lovely products, lots of advice about how to use/apply the products, also free post if you spend over £40, it might be cheaper than boots.

pookamoo Wed 13-Feb-13 17:42:59

Eyebrows are shaped. I learned that one some point between uni and getting married thank goodness

My day to day basics are:

Garnier BB mixed with Max Factor foundation
Urban Decay Naked eye set
Max Factor mascara
Une or Soap and Glory lipstick

I also like Urban Decay for eyeliners and Max Factor for creme blush.

TracyK Wed 13-Feb-13 17:39:49

I like MUA from Superdrug. Really good prices and nice colours.

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 13-Feb-13 17:37:02

I'm wearing a rimmel BB cream today and I'm impressed. It's not a bad place to start for makeup.

The make up counters will all do make overs for you, if you go early it's nice and quiet.

What about eyebrow shaping? Threading goes a long way to looking finished.

pookamoo Wed 13-Feb-13 17:32:27

Those orange ladies are really scary!

My grandma used to go and spend £££££ on makeup with the orange ladies.

doglover Wed 13-Feb-13 17:31:36

I love the Bare Minerals range (it can be a 'marmite' on here!!) - finding it very natural-looking.

Go to a make-up counter - be brave! - and ask for some help. Most of the 'orange ladies' are really keen to offer ideas and aren't pushy.

PandaG Wed 13-Feb-13 17:28:36

I use their eyeshadow too - like the fact you can buy separate colours and put them in the case, and replace only one when it runs out.

pookamoo Wed 13-Feb-13 17:28:01

So I have:

YSL Touche-Eclat, 7 years old, bought for my wedding day
Boots No7 Intelligent Colour foundation, "light"
Boots No 7 Powder Creme Blush Perfect (this is at least 15 years old blush )
Boots 17 "Pot of Bronze" Bronzing pearls
Rimmel 100% Waterproof mascara "brown black"
ID bare minerals glimmer eyeshadow "celestine"
Maybelline eyeliner-matic "black noir"
Boots 17 Shine On lipstic "glacier cherry"
H&M lipliner "honey rose"
Benefit lipgloss "If only I had known"

I actually don't have more than one "look" I just leave the eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick off in the daytime.

My mum never wears makeup so I never had anyone to learn from, in my defence! Probably about time now I am 34 years old?

I am pale skinned with brown eyes and dark hair and huge bags under my eyes due to 2 DC!

PandaG Wed 13-Feb-13 17:27:36

I use jane fardonstuff all the time. you can upload a photo of yourself to te website and they tell you what lipstick will suit you, and I think you can get free lipstick samples too. Have just seen a 10% off code on FB for them for valentines day - valid until midnight tomorrow. JFCkisses.

pookamoo Wed 13-Feb-13 17:17:17

I rarely wear makeup at all, and consequently my makeup bag consists of random stuff I have had mostly since uni. Which is 13 years ago. I know, it's all out of date and a health hazard etc. Not to mention probably doesn't suit me and isn't very creative.

If I list out what I have in my bag, would MN style and beauty experts help me sort it out? There isn't much.

I don't have a massive budget for replacements, either. I am probably looking at Boots No7 rather than Chanel!

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