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how can I make myself look/feel better?

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ariane5 Mon 11-Feb-13 21:33:51

I have had a really tough few weeks and I realised today how awful I look (and feel).

I really want to feel better and need some quick and easy tips.

I have 4 dcs so time is limited. I am exhausted and my diet has been rubbish lately and I rely heavily on tea/coffee/chocolate to keep going.

I am starting to get spots and dry skin.I look tired too-big dark circles round my eyes.

Ideally I want my skin to improve and to just look more 'polished'.I always wear the same clothes-leggings,long top and cardi and have no idea what would suit me.

Any tips very welcome

Idlegirl83 Tue 12-Feb-13 12:21:36

Hi Ariane, just wondered if you've had your thyroid checked? It was the line 'hungry and tired every min of every day' that sounded exactly how I felt before being diagnosed with a very underactive thyroid.
Worth getting it checked smile

ariane5 Tue 12-Feb-13 12:37:06

I hadn't even thought of that-and I should have as after dd2 I had an overactive thyroid for a bit but it got better by itself when she was 13mths old.

Might have to make an appt and get it checked.can't believe I didn't think of that (shows how tired I am I can't even remember things I should)

MrsPennyapple Tue 12-Feb-13 15:33:57

*Dh is disgusted by the amount of sugary food I eat, I know its wrong but its quick and keeps me going

I do eat quite a bit of salad/veg too but seem to be 'topping up' with tea/coffee and rubbish most of time.I just feel hungry and tired every min of every day. *

Read this back to yourself, OP. It's NOT keeping you going! Someone upthread mentioned porridge, which is brilliant for filling you up. It's very quick and easy to make yourself, but if you feel you are that short of time, those Oats So Simple packets are very handy. Even a flapjack (which is probably more sugary than is ideal) would give you more energy than a chocolate bar. Do you like bananas? They are very good for a quick burst of energy if you need a pick-me-up.

Oh, and ignore your DH and his disgust. If he's that bothered, get him to make you some porridge!

MrsPennyapple Tue 12-Feb-13 15:34:13

Oops, bold fail.

ariane5 Tue 12-Feb-13 16:28:47

Yes I do often eat a banana but more often than not I eat biscuits/cake/chocolate. DH keeps saying its not normal to eat this much sugar he keeps telling me to cut down and I know he's right.

I've tried really hard today-went for a walk with dcs in the double buggy, have drunk lots of water and have had less sugary snacks (but I did have a huge bit of cake this aft I was starving after walk).Lunch was healthy though I actually had a whole chicken+salad sandwich on seedy bread with a side salad and a yogurt. Usually I have a bowl of salad and chocolate with a cup of tea blush

Gp appt next week about thyroid just in case.

I have also got on a bit of bb cream and mascara.I still look knackered but feeling better for making a start!

Sonotkylie Tue 12-Feb-13 16:32:25

Berocca is a good for perking you up really fast. Supposed to be all vitamins but I don't believe it. Works wonders for me when I'm low on sleep or post flu. Turns your wee bright orange/ yellow, which can be an entertaining diversion mid morning. And i get it from the supermarket without having to think about it too hard.
Lots of other lovely advice. Take some and be very kind to yourself.

Roopoo Tue 12-Feb-13 16:42:01

Ponds face cream. I keep mine in the fridge! Nothing feels nicer than cold cream after a long day.
Foundation and lipstick in a bright colour.

Lots of watersmile

Hopefully Tue 12-Feb-13 17:48:56

When I'm trying to cut down on sugar (which I sometimes do as left unchecked my sweet tooth is ridiculous) I make sure I am never hungry for about 4-5 days, so lots of rough oatcakes and butter, fruit, cheese and apple (fat and protein in cheese is filling, apple is a mini mini sugar hit, yoghurt with frozen berries (and no added honey or sugar). I just eat about every 2 hours or so, and never let myself get even terribly peckish. It seems to stop my sugar cravings being unmanageable while I get over the cold turkey bit. Once I'm over cold turkey I eat a bit less.

Eating too much sugar is self perpetuating, the more you eat the more knackered you get and the more you need to eat next time.

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