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At 50, what am I supposed to wear?

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Eliza22 Sun 10-Feb-13 19:09:47

I was 50 last year and I'm a good stone overweight so, need to tackle that, I know.

I've no idea what to wear. I feel old fashioned and don't feel good in jeans (I have some but rarely wear). Any 50+ ladies who can advise. I feel like crawling into a wolf fleece and retiring from public view.

determinedma Mon 11-Feb-13 20:34:35

Great ideas but far far too expensive for my budget. Any cheaper options for those who can't afford Whistles, Mint Velvet, Toast etc?

GeorginaWorsley Mon 11-Feb-13 20:47:00

Look for similar styles determined
Try Dorothy Perkins,Zara,even Primark for similar shapes,or trawl Ebay.
Phase Eight have good sales,and lots of the magazines run discounts,Good Housekeeping I think has 20% off Phase Eight at the moment.

Stylemeslim Tue 12-Feb-13 04:34:37

Life begins at 50. Don't put your life on hold for any reason, even if you are loosing weight. The key to looking and feeling good is simple. Well maybe not simple but you have to change how you see yourself.
If you see your self as fat and frumpy then that's who you become.

Start by writing down all the good points about yourself. Your figure, your personality , your life. The answers to looking good don't always lie in the shops. The more clothes you buy the less you wear. Spend the time looking at the clothes you have, try them all on with fresh positive eyes not negative " I hate myself " you will start to see outfits or garments that you already have and think " I feel good in this " and items you don't feel good in find out why.

Think about this do you have" I feel and look fat " days and other days " I feel slim and good days" .Yet you weigh the same. WHY it's the clothes you are wearing not you. I have a saying we all need to go on the " clothes diet" that's how powerful clothes can be to how you look and feel about yourself.

Please don't keep going shopping, take a fresh look at your self we positive eyes and watch the changes happen to how you look. I promise.

People talk about personal shoppers all the time being the answer to someone style and I am not saying they are not good BUT they are their to SELL you clothes never forget that. They are not Free, they encourage you to spend money.

Gosh I hope that has helped. Sorry I go on but I am a bit obsessed about this subject and see women like you everyday.

How you are feeling us normal but you can change normal to special, you decide. Good luck. Alicia x

faustina Tue 12-Feb-13 07:14:46

What noddy says is really sensible advice. Also Stylemeslim (kind of). Once you've lost some weight I think you'll be pleasantly surprised about how much better you feel. Been there and done that. I really wish you luck with it!

Pagwatch Tue 12-Feb-13 08:13:09

The other thing if you are on a budget is try stuff on but then wait a bit.

I have tried on and chosen stuff from whistles and ted baker and then waited for a department store special event.
House of Fraser and Debenhams do them regularly and will do 20 or 30% off so rather than buy stuff straight away I will wait and get it on line or in store when it gets reduced. They stock loads of good high street brands like mango,warehouse etc and that can mean getting good stuff for a bargain.

H&M, TK Maxx and Topshop will often throw up great stuff if you can spend time going through a lot of shite.

Eliza22 Tue 12-Feb-13 08:40:43

Stylemeslim that's for the advice. You know, there are days when I feel really good. Yesterday I wore something from the back of my wardrobe with jeans. It's a bright colour and I had a very different response toward me, from people. Not sure whether the bold colour "lifted" my outlook or wether I'm just imagining it, but even the chap at the fish counter in Sainsbury's wanted to engage in a conversation!

GeorginaWorsley I love jersey dresses but wouldn't imagine going into a Dotty P's. I'll have a look toward summer.

Pagwatch will do more "browsing" before jumping in with a buy, only to have it hanging unworn, in my wardrobe.

And..... What's coming over, loud and clear is something I know to be true. I have some nice clothes....but it's those extra pounds that are making them look not so good. I'm "on" it smile

BerryBlast Tue 12-Feb-13 09:40:09

determindedma keep an eye on Next for dresses - I've been pleasantly surprised just how good and reasonably priced they can be.

orangeandlemons Wed 13-Feb-13 16:31:15

But Next dresses are all too short and polyesters. I don't think there stuff is suitable for 50 at all.

Natural fibres is the way to go

florascotia Wed 13-Feb-13 18:24:49

Am over 50, tall, but not as thin as once I was, alas. Agree with other Mumsnetters that good bra is essential. Also, I think it's important to find the shoe heel height that you find comfortable with and suits you. Then you can look for the most flattering styles without worry. And not fall over...

I have bright white hair/pale skin/ light (green) eyes and I find that black, navy or dark grey basics plus either subtle (silver grey, bottle green, petrol blue) or bright (emerald green, electric blue) jackets and scarves are my friends. The neutrals are good disguise, while the colourful elements distract from the bits you'd like to hide while you are losing weight.

People with different colourings - from rich and warm to pale and ethereal - will find, I am sure, their own basics and highlights. Think hard about what colours/shades really suit you and don't bother with anything else. Ditto shapes - are you elegantly straight up and down, or hourglass? Dress accordingly.

Don't go overboard for 'statement jewellery', but the odd dramatic piece can be helpful.

Sounds daft after all the above, but I really, really, don't want to sound prescriptive. However, IMO subtle and luxe and discreet are far more flattering than anything too obvious.

notforthefainthearted Wed 13-Feb-13 22:49:07

I'm about the same age and don't really know what to wear or where to shop.

I could do with losing a stone so I'm not really happy with my body but struggle in this cold weather to lose weight. I like tunics and leggings but struggle to find tunics I like that aren't too fussy. I don't like jeggings with tops that don't cover my bum. I like jersey dresses with thick tights and boots too.

orangeandlemons Thu 14-Feb-13 08:07:02

I think we don't know where to shop, as there is no where to shop for our age group

Eliza22 Thu 14-Feb-13 08:34:15

orangeandlemons that's so true. The high street IMO is geared toward young women (and teens). Then it's White Stuff and M &S which are right out now. I did, a few years ago, have some White Stuff stuff and it was nice. But now, it's all overpriced T- shirt material "dresses" which barely cover your backside. Phase 8 is good for me but then there's this massive hike in price to say, White Company (£45 for a t-shirt) and Hush, Mint Velvet etc.

Today, I'm wearing a wool pinafore style dress from Hobbs (had it a while) with a white shirt under, black opaques and black knee high boots. I look Ok today.

Eliza22 Thu 14-Feb-13 08:36:31

notforthefeinthearted I've started my 30 mins exercise every weekday (weekends off!) again after stopping for 3 weeks, having had a really bad cold bug. Years ago, I could just slot back into it and after a 2 days, be back where I was. Not so now, I ache all over and feel like shite this morning confused

GeorginaWorsley Thu 14-Feb-13 08:51:49

I know high street difficult
.My favourite and most worn clothes seem to come from Phase Eight,Mint Velvet,Boden,White Company,French Connection
I always use codes for discount though or buy in sakes or off eBay.
I also like independent boutique places that stock more individual labels like sandwich,Charli,Noa Noa etc,especially at sake time.
The shops aimed at 'older' ladies like Country Casuals,Wallis,Planet etc are too old or dire,although have had 2 , things in East sake which are lovely.
I think its a case of deciding what you like,what suits etc and trawling internet or high street to find.
John. Lewis great for good labels under one roof.
And Eliza well done on exercise front and the Hobbs outfit sounds great!

GeorginaWorsley Thu 14-Feb-13 08:53:38

Excuse multiple 'sake' I meant sales of course
On phone!!!

Eliza22 Thu 14-Feb-13 09:21:48

grin. Should say, I had the Hobbs frock shortened to just above knee as it felt dowdy at mid shin length. It became something I wore often instead of rarely, with one simple "cut"

soaccidentprone Thu 14-Feb-13 09:39:16


worn with these

and these?

complete bargain

wear with these

wear this with a navy stretch blazer

another bargain

I really like this

anyway - go for quality rather than quantity. sleeves are your friend. if you find something you really like and it suits you the buy 2 (maybe in different colours).

don't buy things which end mid bum or mid calf as these will accentuate your bad bits. scoop necks are v flattering. ruching in the right place can accentuate good bits and hide bad bits.

don't buy dry clean only, or clothes which are too fussy.

and get measured for a well fitting bra - John lewis are good, but DO NOT get measured at m&sgrin

notforthefainthearted Thu 14-Feb-13 15:29:55

Well done Eliza, I don't really do exercising, just walk the dog. I have bad knees and hip so don't jog. Thought about joining the gym but can't really afford to join and not go and not sure I have time - I don't get everything done as it is!

I hope when the weather improves I might get out and walk more with the dog though. I also think it'll be easier to eat sensibly and healthily when the weather improves. All I crave at the moment is sugar and carbs!!

notforthefainthearted Thu 14-Feb-13 15:31:37

Today I'm wearing wrap dress, kneelength with opague tights and hooded chunky long navy cardigan, knee length flat boots. That's the sort of thing I prefer, along with (long) tunics and leggings with knee length boots, but I struggle to find the dresses. I have just two I like, they are jersey material and so soft.

notforthefainthearted Thu 14-Feb-13 15:48:03

What annoys me is that I have no waist. I never had much of one, as a teenager and in my twenties I was straight up and down, now I'm just fatter and straight up and down!! I'm a size 34E chest and tend to wear deep V necks or scoop necks and the wrap dresses should give me more shape but they don't seem to do so.

Does anyone have shapewear that give you a waist? I have some that flatten my stomach but they still don't seem to give me a waist really.

Eliza22 Thu 14-Feb-13 16:13:42

God, I hate my manic knickers! He se the 'sticking to it this time' running thing. When I wear said hold your gut in undies, I'm really aware that the whole bulk shits. I guess it has to go somewhere but they seem to create saddlebags of quite some magnitude. I've stopped wearing 'em as frankly, I'd rather try to haul my gut in than have bits squelching out the side grin

notforthefeinthearted you sound ok, to me. You've only a 34" back, albeit with an excellent chest. I'm a pear so, have always had a waist but I'm like one of those kids books, the ostrich's head, the giraffe's middle and the elephant's rear.

soaccidentprone really like the Next wedge ankle boot and the final John Lewis blue wrap dress. Thanks for the links!

higgle Thu 14-Feb-13 16:42:17

I always select what I am going to buy from Toast/Brora early on in the season then buy it in the sale. I've just had a Brora tunic dress for £59 ( down from £109) and a top for £29. Quite a lot of the better makes have really genuine sales where they get rid of all the old stock with progressive price cuts.

Eliza22 Thu 14-Feb-13 16:42:52

Oh dear....iPad doing its own thing again.

"I hate my magic knickers"
"Hence, the "sticking to it this time" running thing.
"The whole BULK shifts" of course grin

notforthefainthearted Thu 14-Feb-13 20:30:46


I managed to lose a stone eating no carbs, sugar, caffeine or alcohol but struggling with that now in the winter.

I also struggle with colours, prefer to wear grey or light brown tops, some mid blue but nothing vivid.

goingmadinthecountry Thu 14-Feb-13 21:37:25

I'm 49. For the first time, I feel I kind of have a style that works for me.

I have recently embraced dresses - less to think about! For work (teaching) Boden or phase 8 sale dresses - as plain as possible - with boots, cardigan and necklace or tunic top with (quality) leggings. All because of my job washable and usually jersey.

I normally find loads I like in White Company but nothing at all for me in there yesterday - lots of grey which washes me out, and beige/taupe whatever does too, as much as I wish it made me look elegant and lovely.

Dresses too (lower cut) for going out with good accessories. I tend not to wear high heels because I'm taller than lots of my friends. Have loads in the wardrobe though. I also do wide legged trousers.

Jeans are not my friend (when I lose weight they may be but not great) but lovely coats are.

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