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At 50, what am I supposed to wear?

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Eliza22 Sun 10-Feb-13 19:09:47

I was 50 last year and I'm a good stone overweight so, need to tackle that, I know.

I've no idea what to wear. I feel old fashioned and don't feel good in jeans (I have some but rarely wear). Any 50+ ladies who can advise. I feel like crawling into a wolf fleece and retiring from public view.

Pagwatch Mon 11-Feb-13 12:35:45

Actually I do agree with you about that one being dressy because the colour is so bright and the back has a vent.
The one I have is more like navy so is less so.
I was trying to illustrate the shapes really.

The first one I tend to wear for lunch or going out. But the other two are much plainer prints and I wear them for everyday. I am a sahm so school run, going into town, general shit.

GeorginaWorsley Mon 11-Feb-13 12:37:05

OOh Pag like those!
Its the tops that i struggle with I think.
Were the floral ones sale bargains?
Fantastic if so !

Missbopeep Mon 11-Feb-13 12:40:38

That's why I have given up on tops!

I have invested in nice knitwear from W Company and tend to wear with Bodeny type trousers or jeans and ballet flats or chunky boots.

GeorginaWorsley Mon 11-Feb-13 12:49:57

Am liking some of the stuff in Mango at the moment.
Never usually look in there.
Very reasonably priced too.
Eliza hope we giving some inspiration amongst the chat!

EuphemiaLennox Mon 11-Feb-13 12:51:01

Dresses are the way to go I think.

Jeans can be hard to pull off if you're overweight, and skirts I find a faff as I never know what top to wear with them and they tend to look more lumpy and frumy than a dress IMO.

I think Cos dresses are good for 50ish women. They are understated so quite 'chic' but not 'trendy' and some good shapes and flowiness for not thin people.

You need a thickish fabric which hangs well, thin fabrics will cling and show bumps, and a lining so the dress skims flatteringly rather than clings.

Best length is just above the knee, unless your legs are good and then you can go higher even at 50.

You also need Spanx tights to go under these dresses. The ones which go right up to your bra. The are hideously expensive, but SO worth it. I've worn two pairs constantly all winter. They don't make you thinner but they do smooth out all bumps which show up under dresses. that slight above tights and under bra bulge is gone.

EuphemiaLennox Mon 11-Feb-13 12:54:48

I also love white company dresses. The low necklines tend to suit my ample bosom and I find the fabric drapes beautifully. They are also very simple neutral colours so I feel I can get away with them in the day. They just seem to suit me, and I have about 6 of them! (need spanx tights with these though!)

They may be no good though depending on what necklines suit you.

GeorginaWorsley Mon 11-Feb-13 13:01:00

Cos good I agree,lack of shops in North though so have to rely on internet.
White Company I love,the colours are my favourites,grey,taupe,navy etc.
Tend to prefer their summer stock to winter though,but did buy poncho type jumper this season.
I agree about dresses being good,but I do like jeans and trousers,especially slim leg flares and capri style in summer.

Pagwatch Mon 11-Feb-13 13:06:33

Yy Georgina
I got them in sales or discount special events at House of Fraser.
I didn't pay more than £80 for any of them.

I think I do dresses partly because matching stuff irritates me first thing in the morning and partly because I have to sit by a hot swimming pool for 7 -8 hours a week. They let me be cool enough to cope and then just pull a cardie and coat on to go back outside.

Eliza22 Mon 11-Feb-13 14:29:31

You ladies are great, thanks for the replies. I didn't really expect many as these types of threads are often repeated!

Had a look at Cos and felt very put off by the display. A very slender 6ft model, posing front on, wearing utterly shapeless stuff. I'm shapeless enough, already! I'm sure much of its lovely, but not inspired to try.

The White Company looks lovely. Had a look at Hush too. All very nice, but in view if needing a good few items, I couldn't afford much from there. Maybe though, one or two pieces which will last? Is it good quality? Should be, for the price (45) for a T shirt.

Sorry, sounding like such a skin flint but we ARE in cash strapped times!

frostfrond Mon 11-Feb-13 15:47:21

Do you shop in charity shops? I get most of my clothes from them all great makesand please do not lose too much weight or your face will age.I`ve been there and done it

Eliza22 Mon 11-Feb-13 16:04:50

Frost, that's so true but also, I'm at the stage where I do the dance of the seven veils when undressing for my benefit. I have to lose some!

Have shopped in charity shops but of late, everything seems worn out. Perhaps people are hanging on to clothes they'd recycle as money's tight. I found a lovely empire line jersey above knee dress in a charity shop a few weeks ago and it still had its labels on. Wore it yesterday to go for lunch and felt lovely. smile

GeorginaWorsley Mon 11-Feb-13 16:11:45

Very often codes for White Company,the glossies often have 20 % off cards or you can find codes on here.
I know what you mean about Cos,you probably need to go instore but as they very London centric that isn't always so easy.
I ordered 2 linen mix tees from there,had to return size small and go for extra small! But a top bought in same order size small was a bit tight...
I never have any look in Charity Shops,despite living in affluent Cheshire grin
All ex Matalan,Primark etc .
Ebay on the other hand can be great.
Have had new Phase Eight tops,Mint Velvet cardigans,etc for around £10 or less.
Secret is to keep checking.

Eliza22 Mon 11-Feb-13 16:44:20

Pagwatch, like the dresses but I need day wear, as it were.

MissBoPeep, I think you're right. I need to start by losing at least 10lbs before buying. I have some nice makes but nothing looks that good because of the weight. When I was 35 and "plumptious" I still felt really good whereas now, at 50, I feel it's ageing me massively and I'm constantly trying to cover up. Whatever I buy in this frame of mind, will be a sad waste of money.

I tried on some Mint Velvet and some wafty, fine knit long line jumpers on Saturday but they did nothing for me. The 'me' of 12 months ago would have felt great in them.

To work then! ....

Freshasa Mon 11-Feb-13 17:18:04

I am about to turn 46, and I feel I have reached a point where I want to cover more things than show (chest, tops of arms, stomach, everything really...). I have recently embraced dresses, which are SO much more flattering than jeans. I think jeans only suit the very tall and slim, and I am definitely not in that category. But I do not agree that you shouldn't buy anything until you have reached a certain weight, (unless of course you have an iron will, and you are definitely going to lose the weight in 2 months time?) I think that is like saying that the body you have now is not worthy of nice clothes.

I am really liking Atterley Road at the moment..they have a small selection of well-chosen clothes from different brands...none of them frumpy. They also do free returns via courier so you can order lots of things and try them on at home. There is still some winter stuff in the outlet section.

A question for all you other dress ladies....what do we do in the summer when we can't wear opaque tights and big controlling pants ???

Pagwatch Mon 11-Feb-13 17:25:17

I just wear my dresses with flats.
Because I buy well cut and lined I can get away without control underwear.
I couldn't cope with control pants in summer. Dear god.

Eliza - kind of is my day wear really. Just more low key prints/colours.

French connection do quite nice dresses too if you look past the sequins and super tight stuff. Plus many of their styles are available on line in longer lengths.

I like Mango as someone mentioned upthread. But, maybe it's just me, they are often a crappy fit.or a good fit but a shitty fabric. I keep looking but it never works.

Missbopeep Mon 11-Feb-13 17:28:06

A question for all you other dress ladies....what do we do in the summer when we can't wear opaque tights and big controlling pants ???

I wouldn't be seen dead or alive in control pants smile
start toning up now and you'll be fine for summer.

Your own muscles are the best control of all.

Freshasa Mon 11-Feb-13 17:38:16

..hhmmm.. well it's more the lack of opaque tights that are the problem. My legs look good in opaques, but without them they look terrible .....muscly white footballers calves are not a good look and I am crap at applying fake tan. But I take your point!

SparkyDudess Mon 11-Feb-13 17:48:16

I'm very similar to Pagwatch - I live in dresses, either shortish with leggings, or wrap around jersey, or heavy jersey maxi dresses in summer.
Always have a cardigan or wrap with me, and flat shoes/boots.

I'm rubbish at putting clothes together, but I don't need a lot of dresses, so I buy good quality and make them last - iwont need anything thissummer as I did well in the East/Whistles sales last year.

Pagwatch Mon 11-Feb-13 17:48:53

Sorry Frescha, I just thought 'boots and knickers' rather than white legs

I have to make sure dresses hit me just above or on the knee then I am fine. Above the knee my legs are not good but notto bad otherwise.
I don't do fake tan but we do go away for Easter so I do tend to have brownish legs so I can get away with them. A bit. Iyswim

noddyholder Mon 11-Feb-13 17:57:30

I spend more on looking after myself and hair skin etc I like simple shapes slim trousers etc and love really nice shoes and bags rather than really trendy things. Simple shapes and not too tight! I haven't changed a lot I stillw ear jeans and trainers sometimes. Agree weight makes a difference and less make up rather than more

GeorginaWorsley Mon 11-Feb-13 18:55:15

In spring and summer I use gradual tan applied with a mit,wear my dresses with wedges,ballet flats or sandals.
I had 2 maxi dresses in jersey from Dorothy Perkins last year and wore loads.
Agree with Pagwatch French Connection do some good jersey dresses,as do White Company and Boden,as long as you avoid the fussy prints.

noddyholder Mon 11-Feb-13 19:24:55

I agree georgina a light tan is your friend

GeorginaWorsley Mon 11-Feb-13 19:53:12

I liked dresses with draping/knot front/twist so that any lumps hidden.I tend to size up if it looks like too clingy.

Ilovemyteddy Mon 11-Feb-13 20:07:47

Invest in a good bra - ideally get yourself measured in a proper bra-fitters like Rigby and Peller or Bravissimo. Your clothes will hang better, your norks will be where they are supposed to be, and you will look slimmer. smile

GeorginaWorsley Mon 11-Feb-13 20:15:02

Also dresses with twist/knot detail or draping to front all good for hiding tunnies without looking pregnant.

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