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Black cigarette trousers - size 10 for under £50?

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twinklestar2 Tue 12-Feb-13 21:57:46

I got mine from Topshop a few years back and they're fab!

JumpHerWho Tue 12-Feb-13 21:55:45

Hanne has beaten me to it but the Gap ones are ace and wash really well, don't bag and are the perfect length. Love them.

XiCi Tue 12-Feb-13 21:31:04

I got a really nice pair from Zara, think they were £40

CointreauVersial Tue 12-Feb-13 20:41:13

I just bought these from M&S. Are they cigarette trousers?? Dunno, but they're fab, 97% cotton, good weight to the fabric, perfect length.

I shall wear them with heels to work, once it's warm enough for ankle-flashing.

ZolaPowered Sun 10-Feb-13 22:37:12

Thanks! Will have a phone round nearest JL stores and see if I can find those in store.

HanneHolm Sun 10-Feb-13 17:07:58

they havent got htem atm but they do them every year a bit like this but more elastane

HanneHolm Sun 10-Feb-13 17:06:40 out of stock i am afraid but look in the store

HanneHolm Sun 10-Feb-13 17:05:07


gap and mango

hold on

kaumana Sun 10-Feb-13 13:47:22

I've been looking for exactly the same thing. I'm hoping that more will start to appear as spring approaches.

ZolaPowered Sun 10-Feb-13 12:26:05

Can anyone help me find a nice pair of black cigarette trousers? I've looked all over and am struggling. Preferably under £50 if possible.


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