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Opinions on this outfit please .... For tonight !

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HyvaPaiva Sat 09-Feb-13 17:49:04

I think it sounds fine. If it's just for the pub, a LBD would be overdoing it. Have fun!

mirpuppet Sat 09-Feb-13 17:47:21

Not chavvy as long as top suits you should be fine.

Enjoy your evening.

Turquoiseblue Sat 09-Feb-13 16:48:29

Need a quick opinion - heading out to meet friends for drinks - pals 40th and meet up.... So my planned outfit it dark navy wash mih or noboby jeans (straight leg ) wih a khaki coloured maje tank top - there s gold beading on the top - so shoes black or gold (both heels ) or is the whole look chavvy and should I opt for lbd.
It's in a pub btw

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