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Men's swimwear advice please!

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stickygotstuck Sat 09-Feb-13 13:41:09


I am after a bit of advice for my DH. I know nothing about fashion/good v bad looks and neither does he, so hoping someone here can help!

DH has recently taken up swimming. He wears swimming trunks which he is finding annoying as they puff up and flap about too much in the water. So I suggested some fitted swim shorts instead.

I'd describe DH as very tall, great legs (if I say so myself), a bit overweight, with a biggish belly. He is very self-conscious about this and he took some time to get over it enough to actually start swimming.

I am thinking a medium length, a bit shorter than the ones that look exactly like cycling shorts (IYSWIM). For some reason I think the longer length (proper cycling short length) would be less forgiving. He would not be comfortable wearing proper speedos (the tight, short ones that look like underpants).

I think that someone like him would look fine in longish cyclist shorts, but I could be talking rubbish. So what do you all think? Can a 6'4" bloke with a belly get away with a pair of tight, shorter-then-cycling shorts? Or even with the longer cycling shorts? Or better stick to the trunks?

Thing is, he is uncomfortable with the trunks and has now accumulated several pairs in different widths/lengths. But wearing the tighter version may make him even more uncomfortable. I just would hate him to give up the only exercise he seems to enjoy because of a pair of shorts!

stickygotstuck Sun 10-Feb-13 08:59:54


carrie74 Sun 10-Feb-13 09:04:38

How about some tighter trunks to wear under the baggies, then whip the baggies off when he gets to the pool. So he doesn't have to parade around in his tighties, but doesn't have to swim in his baggies.

But I have little sympathy with this I'm afraid: women have always had to wear tight swimming costumes (well in recent history, obviously not the Victorians), and no-one is going to care how he looks, they're all dealing with their own hang-ups.

stickygotstuck Sun 10-Feb-13 21:00:28

Thanks carrie. The extra layer sounds good in theory but I wonder if it may be too much faffing about for him.

I quite agree. But then I am sure if DH was a woman (s)he would also think twice before taking to the pool! wink

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