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What's the best eye makeup remover?

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DuchessFanny Thu 07-Feb-13 18:00:33

coconut oil ? how does it work on your teeth ? (intrigued !!)

GetOrf Thu 07-Feb-13 17:55:17

I had no idea re coconut oil. I have got a great big solid bottle of it in the kitchen.

Other than that I agree Bifacils. But I do resent paying that money to take make up off. But nothing else works as well.

Virgil Thu 07-Feb-13 17:53:05

Jamais only if you use too much. As long as you nay use a little coconut oil it is fine.

dontyouwantmebaby Wed 06-Feb-13 21:46:40

lancome one is amazing or good old baby oil (used sparingly)

jamaisjedors Wed 06-Feb-13 20:43:04

Those who use oils to remove make-up (I did for a while), don't you find your eyes really bleary/blurry afterwards? I always did.

HollaAtMeBaby Tue 05-Feb-13 20:54:42

Lancome Bi-Facils here too! Love it. The No7 version is good too, but not quite the same.

Gingerandcocoa Tue 05-Feb-13 20:29:31

wow thanks everyone, I might have to try all of your suggestions over the next few months smile

StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes Tue 05-Feb-13 19:01:52

think I will scoop a handful into a small bottle / pot and stand it on the radiator so I can have liquid loveliness at my fingertips

StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes Tue 05-Feb-13 18:58:44

<waves hello to other coconut oil converts>

StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes Tue 05-Feb-13 18:55:54

elportodelgato me too, used it forever, its the only thing that seems to get even my thick waterproof stuff off. others I have tried have either been watery or have stung a bit. I recently tried coconut oil which I seem to be posting about on every thread I am on but as its solid you have to use a scraping and rub in your hands first. lovely but far easier to pop open the baby oil. cheap too

Locketjuice Tue 05-Feb-13 18:55:14

Clarins, makes your skin feel gorgeous smile

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 05-Feb-13 18:54:26

Baby oil on the tip of your finger wiped off with tissue.

andadietcoke Tue 05-Feb-13 18:54:22

I like the Simple one. Cheap and cheerful, but more importantly, actually works with cakeliner.

EauRouge Tue 05-Feb-13 18:53:21

I was going to say coconut oil too. I use it for all sorts. It's even good for your teeth!

TurnipCake Tue 05-Feb-13 18:48:00

Bioderma, without a doubt, and allowing the pad to dissolve the make up for at least a minute, no rubbing that way smile

timidviper Tue 05-Feb-13 18:47:17

I have the Lancome blue two-phase one and it is very good but I have also used plain old-fasioned Vaseline. Takes off make up and conditions your eyelashes at the same time!

DrGoogleWillSeeYouNow Tue 05-Feb-13 18:45:34

Garnier Simply Essential 2 in 1 Make Up Remover. And it's only £1.99 in Wilkinsons. It's kind of oily, it shifts even waterproof make-up and no excessive rubbing is required.

elportodelgato Tue 05-Feb-13 18:45:01

Baby oil - used it for 10+ years, super cheap, gets EVERYTHING off even waterproof mascara smile

Mewsical Tue 05-Feb-13 18:43:36

No7 dual phase blue one. As good as Lancome but £8.50....and I always buy with a voucher that gives me £5 off from Boots.

Havingkittens Tue 05-Feb-13 18:40:26

I like Dermalogica's eye make up remover on a damp cotton pad.

To avoid all that rubbing, try placing the pads on your eyes and leaving them for 30 seconds to dissolve your eye make up before you start trying to wipe it away gently. Turn the pad around and do the same again.

elfandsafeT Tue 05-Feb-13 18:32:45

I love the Decleor one in the blue bottle - it's really gentle and doesn't dry the skin.

However, best tip is to change to a mascara that's easier to remove - Trish McEvoy High Volume Mascara is amazing - it stays on, doesn't smudge and then comes off in tubes (hard to explain until you've experienced it) with just water. Everyone i've talked into buying it (and i'm not one to rave about make up usually) absolutely loves it.

Virgil Tue 05-Feb-13 18:23:17

Coconut oil. The solid one. Lasts for months and months, is completely natural and will remove ANYTHING quickly and easily. Waterproof mascara off in five seconds. Plus it then moisturises around your eyes. It is amazing stuff and very very cheap given how long it lasts (since you only need a tiny scraping the size of your finger nail).

Decco Tue 05-Feb-13 18:21:36

Oil of Olay eye make up remover cream. It's in a blue tube and I gently rub over my closed eyes for about 20 seconds then wipe away with a damp piece of cotton wool, it never drags the skin that way because the make up has been desolved just be gently massaging before wiping iyswim. Works a treat and so much gentler than the other methods I find. Dirt cheap too, £2 in Asda.

MadameCastafiore Tue 05-Feb-13 18:18:16

The blue Lancôme one.

Gingerandcocoa Tue 05-Feb-13 18:17:33

I wear eye makeup everyday for work (eyeliner, mascara) and I really hate removing it at night. I feel like I have to rub the cotton pad with makeup remover for ages, and fear I'm damaging the delicate skin around my eyes, and creating wrinkles...

I currently use MAC pro makeup remover as I think it's the one that removes makeup the quickest. What's your favourite eye makeup remover?? How good is it??

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