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Christ -i just LOVE to hate White stuff so much

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HanneHolm Tue 05-Feb-13 17:57:50

and they make it so EASY

this times catalogue is perfect. Usual shit smell, naff over laboured premise that makes no sense.

still shit A line skirts
pregnancy type tops to cover fat guts
shit disty patterns
STRANGE beardy weirdy man model

femail models all looking like they need to eat more steak

HanneHolm Tue 05-Feb-13 17:58:33

beardy weridy

HanneHolm Tue 05-Feb-13 17:59:41

she looks like she might be sectioned tbh

HanneHolm Tue 05-Feb-13 18:00:04

look my RANTING about its shitness( that i secretly love) has made my spelling go NUTS

Trills Tue 05-Feb-13 18:00:55

I love it when clothes companies give every item a name.

One day they'll run out.

MadameCastafiore Tue 05-Feb-13 18:02:47

Oooh there were quite a few things in there I liked.

DH often pops in during the sale and grabs half a dozen dresses which I always get compliments about. Especially the red one with horses on from their winter collection last year.

HanneHolm Tue 05-Feb-13 18:02:49

its so mind numbingly smug and boring

bloody button necklaces and brown boots yawn

Trills Tue 05-Feb-13 18:03:16

They are not even trying to make the names match

this lady is not at the harbour

this does not appear to be a wendy house

that's not the market square

MissBeehivingUnderTheMistletoe Tue 05-Feb-13 18:03:25

What is it with all the beardy men in catalogues these days confused Their focus groups responses must be interesting as they obviously think that their target market are all gagging for them. grin

Trills Tue 05-Feb-13 18:04:27

I quite like this dress but I would have to cut out the inbuilt "modesty panel" and it has nothing to do with candy floss.

Trills Tue 05-Feb-13 18:05:07

Wandering typewriters? WTF? And stop trying to do Helena Bonham Carter hair while eating a biscuit.

HanneHolm Tue 05-Feb-13 18:06:05

LOVE It trills and
this scarf aint in ledbury

HanneHolm Tue 05-Feb-13 18:07:25

this aint nothing like MY secret garden ;)

dexter73 Tue 05-Feb-13 18:08:42

I can just see Bruce Willis in this.

HanneHolm Tue 05-Feb-13 18:12:15

or this aint what Id imagine Otis reading in

HanneHolm Tue 05-Feb-13 18:12:35

Snigger. Or Redding even

Porkster Tue 05-Feb-13 18:19:38

Is there any item of women's clothing in that shop that isn't designed to make you look like a frumpy blob?

It's for women who have given up.

fridgepants Tue 05-Feb-13 18:23:02

I imagine coming up with the theme is fun, though. Though I saw 'lo fi' on the front of the catalogue and expected a book full of Pavement and Marine Girls lookalikes with striped shirts, flannel and hairclips. Oh, how disappointed I was.

fridgepants Tue 05-Feb-13 18:23:44

Also, I have large norks so every single one of their tops makes me look like I'm in drag as Jeremy from Airline.

GetOrf Tue 05-Feb-13 18:25:57

It's terrible isn't it.

All the colours look faded and raggedy like they have been at the bottom of the dog basket.

Frumpy frumpola.

dexter73 Tue 05-Feb-13 18:28:45

Every knitted jumper/dress/tunic has a little tag saying 'this will bobble within 5 minutes of wearing it' or something along those lines.

katykoo Tue 05-Feb-13 18:30:08

I haven't laughed out loud at a thread this much since the farting in public one.
Beardy men and secret gardens, I love it !

EarlyInTheMorning Tue 05-Feb-13 18:31:08

White Stuff designers must hate women

LifeofPo Tue 05-Feb-13 18:32:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AmberNectarine Tue 05-Feb-13 18:33:27

I went through a period of mental illness after I had my second child where I bought and wore one of their skirts. It lasted two days, at which point I put it on eBay and made damn near what I'd paid in the first place, so there is clearly a market for it.

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