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What bra size should I buy with these measurements?

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rubytutu Tue 05-Feb-13 14:06:11

Under bust 29
Over bust 34 or 34.5 depending on how tightly you measure!
For many years wearing a 34B, more recently a 32C but do get a 'four boob' effect with that.
At a point where want to buy some nice bra sets but really want to get sizing right as spending more than my usual £10 t shirt bras.
Also what brands would suit these measurements?
All help welcomed, thanks!

elizadofuckall Mon 18-Mar-13 14:21:23

Think i love you Sorrel

After years of ill fitting bras i read this thread whilst looking for how to measure...ive gone from wearing a 38DD to a 34F!!!!!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!

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