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Fashions returning.

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TapselteerieO Mon 04-Feb-13 18:46:08

Saw this today and it reminded me of the pair ( or is it a dungaree now wink) I got from Miss Selfridge when I was 16, worn with DM boots and cropped tops. I don't think I will be returning to the clothes of my teens. Just turned 40, feeling my years.

Will they really make a comeback?

threepiecesuite Mon 04-Feb-13 21:22:36

Gosh I think I had that very pair from River Island when i was 14, maybe in a shorter leg length. Think I remember paying £29.99 even then soclothes haven't gone up that much!
I'll leave it to the younguns this time round...

TrampyPants Tue 05-Feb-13 07:43:06

I have a rule, if you wore it back in the day, then on the young, it should stay.

Grunge is the retro trend this year. And that makes me blue.

TapselteerieO Tue 05-Feb-13 14:43:13

I will not be wearing dungarees again. Grunge as a retro trend makes me feel so old! Although it will be fun to see it about, maybe my dd will be wearing it.

wewereherefirst Tue 05-Feb-13 14:54:09

My husband has dungarees- but he wears them for gardening. It's not a trend I'll be wearing this year but my husband is chuffed

whatyoulookinat Tue 05-Feb-13 14:58:53

Top shop had pastel floral print jeans & waffle knits in peach not so long ago. I had similar from Clock House at C&A about 30 years ago. Did make me grin when I saw them again

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 05-Feb-13 17:38:21

It's like all this flowery stuff young girls wear, it reminds me of grannies and yardley perfume.

TapselteerieO Tue 05-Feb-13 19:25:09

Yy to yardley perfume, it also reminds me of Laura Ashley, but I think that is more 80's than grunge?

FunnyLittleFrog Tue 05-Feb-13 19:31:49

6th form at my school wear exactly what I wore when I was in 6th form. Docs, leggings, big jumpers, big cardies. But they don't wear cheap long pendants from Bow Bangles like I did. Or love beads.

AmberNectarine Tue 05-Feb-13 19:33:55

My MIL bought me Yardley perfume for my most recent birthday. I'm 28.

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