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Your best work-wear looks please!

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WineAndIntrigue Sun 03-Feb-13 20:31:32

Hello! I'm a long-time lurker (and recent name-changer) looking for some inspiration. I found out on Thursday that I've got a new job which will require me to be a lot smarter than I currently am! In addition, I've recently dropped a couple of dress sizes and my body shape has completely changed - I need some inspiration for what I can wear to work that will look good.

My current 'work wardrobe' (at the moment I've got a jeans-and-shirt job) consists of one pair of smart dark trousers, a well-fitted white shirt and two skirts - a short check Zara number and a high-waisted Jigsaw affair. All of the above are sale/charity shop finds, and that's probably where I'll be heading in the next few weeks so I can't promise to buy any exact items but am looking for inspiration.

I'm 5"6, size 10 on bottom and anything from a 12-16 on top as I'm a 32GG. Any inspiration would be greatly appreciated - I'm going to be working abroad in a city where I think every single woman looks outstandingly chic!

Congratulations Wine smile

Couple of things - what's the climate going to be like - are we talking Demark or Dubai? grin

Secondly is your working environment suit smart or just smart?

I'm a lawyer so - if I have an office day then it's smart/glam but court days are always proper business wear - skirt/dress jacket boo.

I'm 5'5, size 10/12 but not blessed with much chest. I wear the following type of thing for office wear;


7/8 linen/cotton trousers in blue/grey with a silk(y) plain t shirt/top, heeled sandals or shoes, funky jewellery and a light jacket or cardigan. Like this

Dresses - below knee, short sleeved, plain (patterns look fussy on me) - heels/heeled sandals with a cardigan or light jacket (linen or silk). I have broad shoulders so don't get on with lapels.

Skirts - silk/linen (patterned/plain) with a plain tshirt and jacket. Heels and funky jewellery.


Wool/flannel trousers in camel/grey and cashmere sweater plus scarf or jewellery. Heels. Like this

Dresses - below knee, long sleeved Something like this. No jacket - because then don't sit well under a single breasted wool coat which is what I wear. I also wear fine knit sweater dresses.

Skirts - wool pencil skirts - with victorian type blouse or sweater. Scarf (maybe) and jewellery. Heels/shoeboots. I love this skirt. looks here

I'll see if I can find some more links.

sansucre Sun 03-Feb-13 22:13:59

This dress is currently my favourite thing to wear for work. It looks great with a shirt underneath it and also with various cardigans/jackets on top. It can be worn with both brogues and heels too. All in all, really versatile and can't recommend it (or something similar) enough.

WineAndIntrigue Sun 03-Feb-13 23:09:12

Thank you both so much - you have provided much needed inspiration.

MissBehiving I didn't want to say too much but I doubt my city will give me away - I'm going to be working in Paris - not too hot but I think the summer will do me in a little bit, I'm a cold climate person! Those outfits sound perfect, it's the sort of smart where the men will all be in suits but I'm going to be the only woman in the office at present, so it's up to me to make the right impression.

I'm never sure about 7/8 trousers, I love them on other people but for some reason have a bit of a thing about my own ankles hmm and as I'm heavy on top, not sure if they work. I think I might invest in some cigarette trousers and do as you suggest - with a silky t-shirt of which I have maybe 1000 and a jacket. I hadn't even thought of wearing dresses - below the knee doesn't suit me and so I usually wear with extra-thick black tights, I'll have to have a play around and see if I can smarten up what I have. sansucre that dress is absolutely fab - I find it so hard to find something high-necked that doesn't make me look like a matron but that has such a nipped in waist...It's a tad over-budget but I'm going to have to buy something similar because wearing a shirt underneath it sounds like a perfect outfit!

So, my shopping list so far will be:
Cigarette trousers
Blazer/light jacket (sounds like you can wear it so many ways!)
Some sort of summery heel - I tend to stick to suede/leather flats/smart leather boots in winter
Woollen dress(es)
Lots more jewellery - just because I like it!

Thank you again - sorting my wardrobe seems a whole lot more practical than packing, finding somewhere to live and sorting out paperwork grin

ProlificWillyBreeder Mon 04-Feb-13 08:18:11

Where are you all buying the silky t's? I need some smile
Good luck with the new job OP!

MadAboutHotChoc Mon 04-Feb-13 10:26:55

I need to know where you get all your silky ts from too.

I have a plain dark grey dress - a bit like this one:,default,pd.html

I love it and I can easily change the look with different jackets, shoes, boots, jewellery, scarves etc.

MadAboutHotChoc Mon 04-Feb-13 10:27:04,default,pd.html

Silky tees are like bloody gold dust - ebay mainly.

Tweet2tweet Mon 04-Feb-13 21:14:49

Without wanting to sound like a complete fashion imbecile- what is a silky tee? Sound good, is it a brand or type of fabric.....

Tweet Something like this or this. Ignore the prices - those ones just came up first on the search.

Tweet2tweet Mon 04-Feb-13 21:27:55

Thank you- something else to add to my want list wink

That's a lovely dress Madabout - really classic and wearable smile

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