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Invisilign, anyone got one, had one or can recommend a good dentist in sw London

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crispycake Sun 03-Feb-13 18:56:00

Thinking of ringing up a few dentists tomorrow to arrange consultations but any recommendations would be good.

How were your experiences wearing invisilign?
Pros and cons?

I've also watched a few videos on YouTube and everyone had little hooks put on their teeth for the invisilign to clip/hook on to.
Are these really noticeable?

Also when you take the invisilign out to eat do your teeth feel weird at all?

Sorry for the questions and thanks if you've replied smile

schmalex Sun 03-Feb-13 21:36:41

I had them. I went to Sensu in Marylebone.

They are the best thing ever! They're not painful, but your teeth feel kind of tight when you put on a new set. Then after a day or so they feel quite normal.

The hooks aren't very noticeable and they take them off at the end of the treatment. Most people didn't notice I was wearing them at all.

Sometimes your teeth can feel a bit weird or achey when you take them out to eat, but nothing serious and you soon get used to it.

The main con is that you can't drink hot drinks or snack with them in. You need to brush your teeth after you've eaten and put them straight back in again. So no sipping coffees/teas at your desk.

It's a bit disgusting to take them off in public because they get kind of dribbly inside! You also need to make sure you wear them for plenty of time in order for them to work well. I pretty much just took them out to eat, brushed teeth and straight back in again.

Other than that, I can't think of many cons. I am so happy with my teeth now.

crispycake Sun 03-Feb-13 22:31:33

Thanks for posting back.

Re the snacking, I'm thinking that this will good for me. I'm a nanny so go to a few play groups and they always have biscuits etc then if I'm feeling peckish at all through the day I will go for a sweet option. So hopefully i will be able to cut back on these snacks if I'm wearing invisilign. smile

CMAHAH Sun 03-Feb-13 23:24:57

I've had them for a year so far(another to go) after the NHS messed up my what were perfect looking teeth! I'm 22, and they're great! No one ever notices - I was at uni with them and even my boyfriend doesn't know when I have them in or not - be aware that you may need bands if so these will make them more noticeable but only if you open your mouth a certain way so it's really nothing bad!

I just take a little set of the travel brush, paste and mouthwash around with me so you don't have to think about whether or not you can have /will want a drink or food!

They only hurt for the first 2 or so days of wearing with each aligner but you feel like you're making progress because of that and its great to see the animations of the progress - also you will think aesthetically not much has happened because only a small change each time and won't believe how different they are once you see the 'before' animation!

The hooks aren't noticeable at all really - only to you I think they're worse - they are a perfect match for your teeth so blend in really!

Only thing I will say is when I first had the first aligner it was agony for about a week and cut my gums/cheeks but by the next aligner my mouth and teeth had obviously got used to it and I never had this problem again!

Can't speak highly enough of it!

crispycake Mon 04-Feb-13 20:04:13

That's really positive.

Yes I did read something somewhere about bands but wasn't sure if it was with invisilign. So thanks for that.
do you have bands?
I've read so much stuff about different types of braces over the past few weeks I've been having dreams about wearing them, trying to take them out and my teeth allying out smile

I've booked a couple of consultations for Friday so hopefully I can make a decision soon.

I'm very excited

lowercase Mon 04-Feb-13 20:48:24

I went to a dentist to get my invisalign, I wish I had used an orthodontist because they are more experienced.
The trays cracked a lot in the beginning, to replace them they are around £200, so that's something to be aware of.
If you are not fussed about dentist / ortho, grouping have invisalign offers at half price sometimes!
My dentist is Perfect Smile, I can recommend them.
They have branches in battersea, Putney and Wimbledon.

lowercase Mon 04-Feb-13 20:48:52


grotbagz Mon 04-Feb-13 22:29:33

Pretty much everything positive already said - I have bands and they're discreet so don't worry! I use an orthodontist and he is great, I agree about going to one rather than a dentist although mine does do both but his work has ended up as pretty much all orthodontic. My trays never cracked in the beginning or at all, but may just be a lucky one!

One thing to look out for, this could just be something around my area but I had a lot of added costs - I didn't mind if it meant perfect teeth - removal of wisdom teeth, X-rays, cephelograms (sp!) etc. I'm also having dental implants and whitening so these may not be things you want/need! You may also need mid course corrections which I think are a couple of hundred quid depending on your case/progress - they told me I'd possibly need three and haven't needed any though!

crispycake Mon 04-Feb-13 22:30:55

Lowercase - thanks. I booked a consultation with perfect smile today for Friday. I'm going to the battersea one.
Do they let you you pay in instalments?

crispycake Mon 04-Feb-13 22:43:59


All my consultations are with the orthodontist just in the dentist surgery. I've gone for ones that are on the invisilign website, so tell you how many they've done etc.

This is one worry about having teeth out as I've got a small mouth but I did have a wisdom tooth out a couple if years ago on the nhs which I'm hoping should be a good space for movement smile

Popeyeswife Tue 05-Feb-13 08:31:30

Anyone any more info?
I've been thinking about this for years but have been worried because i think I may need an extraction- have quite bad overcrowding on upper jaw and my front teeth overlap.

I was told by my dentist- who doesn't do Invisalign herself but another partnere there does- that the consultation now includes predicting what work needs to be done after your moulds are sent to the US. She also said that all the aligners are made in the US and it's just a case of the dentist fitting them once you have been assessed and they have modelled your aligners in the US.

I was quoted around £3k by one ortho and told it could take 2 years. This was without any extractions.

Anyone any further info? Such as does it make your speak slurred?

saycheeeeeese Tue 05-Feb-13 08:37:37

I have invisalign, on tray 7 of 36 but they are working already!

You do get a snall lisp for a day when you change the tray byt probably only noticeable to yourself.

There's a running adults wuth braces thread...will link, feel free to ask anything else smile

saycheeeeeese Tue 05-Feb-13 08:42:33


saycheeeeeese Tue 05-Feb-13 08:42:59

lowercase Tue 05-Feb-13 10:45:12

Amazon local deals have a 28 week course of invisalign for £1600 today, with Victoria Dental Centre.
Crispy, that is my dentist!
He is lovely, punctual and professionsl..but they are not the cheapest.
A dentist did some shoddy work on my teeth a few years ago, he helped me to draft a letter and encouraged me to persue it, I got £210 back!
You may have to pay extra at the end for a final retainer.
Apparently, you can ask if they do any other brand and they will offer you a cheaper version? I did not know this so went with the invisalign.
If I think of anything else I will post again.
Worth checking out the amazon deal, looking at reviews for that dentist etc.

grotbagz Tue 05-Feb-13 12:14:40

Popeyeswife - it's possible you may need an extraction if you're overcrowded but if they say not then that's ok too - they may also file teeth (on the sides and only a teeny tiny bit less than a mm I think) so that the aligners grasp but that's not painful just annoying, and they only do it once or twice.

Yes they're made abroad, but the dentist also will have to follow the directions very carefully and make sure it's all going to plan. You change aligners every two weeks but they will probably give you a few once you've shown you have the hang of it and there's no problems - often I go in every 2-3 months depending if the part I'm at needs more overseeing or checking up on!

Mine is £5.5k but my case is pretty complicated, I think some places do it based on severity and length but some have flat rate so think it varies! Mines for 2 and a half years because I should really have proper braces but chose against this after my last (incompetently administered) experience and obviously age, sometimes it just works very case dependent and it honestly is so easy you won't even notice them!

I'm on 40/52 - but with various things having gone on/still to go on in the midst of that, and have found at first for about a week my speech was a bit lispy, but after was fine - every now and again you'll get an awkward aligner where you'll lisp for the first day or so but not noticeably at all, so it's different for everyone!

gregssausageroll Tue 05-Feb-13 13:23:22

You should google and see if you are suitable for an inman aligner.

jenny99 Tue 05-Feb-13 20:17:06

I'm on 20 out of 21. I can't wait to be finished. I have to say that I have hated it. Sorry to those who disagree.

I agree they are only uncomfortable for 1 or 2 days when the new ones go in but the 'hooks' on my teeth are on my front teeth and are very noticeable. Lots of people have commented.

My bottom teeth were incredibly crowded and now they are almost perfect but I hve to say it doesn't look like me in the mirror any more. It has slightly changed the shape of my face around my jaw and that is a bit odd.

Having said that, my hygienist is very impressed as I had gums that bled a lot and flossing was hard but now that they are straighter flossing is easier and they hardly bleed at all so that is a real benefit.

I'm sure that by a few weeks after they are finished I will love the finished effect an will forget how much I don't enjoy them now.

They were a great diet in the beginning but now I keep a toothbrush in the kitchen too!!

I don't think I considered properly how annoying I would find them...but I know a few people who have them who love them.

crispycake Fri 08-Feb-13 10:24:51

Sorry it's been a few days I've been a busy bee at work.

Thanks for that lowercase.
I'm having consultations today so if I'm eligible for invisilign lite that amazon deal would be great.
I'm hoping I am as I only have one tooth at the front that sticks out a bit and maybe a bit of over crowding on the bottom!
I mentioned it too my boss yesterday and she wants to get it too. smile

FellatioNels0n Fri 08-Feb-13 10:37:59

I am so glad to see this thread - I was thinking of staring one myself a few days ago.

I am going to see an Orthodontist on Sunday for a consultation. I have always had a cross-bite and a wonky top palette - it is concave on one side, but as my widom teeth have come down it has pushed my teeth even more out of line, and now one of my incisors sticks out, my front teeth are starting to cross, and my molars are pushing inwards, onto my tongue. I often wake up with a sore, ulcerated tongue where I have been biting down on it all night. It is also starting to affect my speech as my tongue feels too big for my palette. confused

I am certain I will need some extractions first. My main concern is price. i live in Qatar and everything is much more expensive here. As the stuff is sent from the US anyway I wondered if I would be better to wait until the summer and get it booked in the UK, or even go somewhere like Thailand to have my initial consultations. Things always seem to be cheaper there! Not sure, if as it all comes out of the US anyway, whether it will ultimately make any difference to price wherever I go.

Did any of you get a couple of consultations to compare?

FellatioNels0n Fri 08-Feb-13 10:40:07

I am actually hoping that my face shape will be changed by the treatment. I have noticed a gradual change in what was my jaw line and mouth shape over the last few years, and it is definitely more wonky now. It has always been a bit wonky but it's getting worse. I'd love a nice straight mouth.

crispycake Fri 08-Feb-13 17:38:46

Thought id report back.

Had my 3 consultations today.

All went well. Prices were a little different. Two under £3000 and one over £4000 plus extras. Also timings, 2 said around 6 months and the more expensive guy said 12 months.

I think I'm going to go for it smile not with mr expensive though as he wanted over half the money straight away. I'm going to go with perfect smile I think.
It's exciting. It'll be so nice to smile with my teeth smile

lowercase Fri 08-Feb-13 17:47:07

Ah, I wonder if the expensive was for full invisalign and the cheaper for invisalign lite?
I could have done with full as my bottom teeth have all moved round a space...the lite does not deal with such movement.
As with a previous poster I have found the treatment quite hard going ( inconvenient ) already see big difference at tray 7.
Thanks for feeding back crispy.

Missbopeep Sun 10-Feb-13 09:05:59

Just resurrecting this with another question.

What does it actually feel like to have plastic in your mouth all the time?

I have used the teeth whitening trays at home and TBH I would not find it great to have that sensation from Invisalign for 2 years if it feels like that. I never slept with the trays in.

Is Invisalign thinner and not so noticeable as teeth whitening trays? Anyone know/

lowercase Sun 10-Feb-13 14:27:16

the first night i woke up thinking i had a hair in my mouth.
i caused blisters the first week or two, unable to leave them alone!
thought i would never get used to it, but i have.

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