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Coloured skinny jeans?

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ShoeJunkie Sun 03-Feb-13 18:31:27

Just getting back into 'normal' clothes after having DS but feel a bit stuck in a rut. I tend to wear skinny jeans and tunic tops most of the time (or leggings if the top is more of a dress iyswim).
I've seen a couple of people out and about wearing coloured skinnies but I'm not sure if I could pull them off. If I was to brave it where have people bought them from? Not able to spend ££ my budget is more Next than Toast.
Probably should add I'm a smallish size 14 pear shape. About 5'8".
Thanks for any advice.

myflabberisgasted Sun 03-Feb-13 18:36:22

If I were you I would buy a couple of pairs from primark. They have a decent selection of colours and are only about £9 I think!

Then if you feel comfortable / brave enough you could even get a couple of pairs from somewhere else.
No point in breaking the bank if you're not sure you will e brave enough to wear them - that's exactly what I was like by the way and now I love them!

I even have some bright pink ones now from republic! smile

Hypermutley Sun 03-Feb-13 18:36:50

i hear top shop have these now in all colours and the fabric is good and that they're comfy....i've not seen them personally. but i'm also told the darker colours wane after a few washes.

i get my skinny trousers (not really jeans) from massimo dutti - wears well and have some 'in' colours.

i've also seen a few such patterned jeans in gap.

congrats on DS btw smile

landofsoapandglory Sun 03-Feb-13 18:36:52

I like these jeggings from Dorothy Perkins.

I find them much more comfortable than jeans, TBH. The first couple of times I wore them I felt a bit odd because it wasn't something I normally wear, but I love them now.


Hypermutley Sun 03-Feb-13 18:38:03

erm so sorry i meant smile !!!

ShoeJunkie Sun 03-Feb-13 19:20:23

Hypermutley grin

Wow, quick replies! Might take a trip to Primark tomorrow then and see how brave I feel.
Hadn't thought of jeggings either - and the dp ones are in the sale!

MrsSnow Sun 03-Feb-13 19:24:25

I got some from gap sale for £10. They feel great! Colours good too.

shopafrolic Sun 03-Feb-13 19:43:52

I have a fab red pair from GAP that I love
They cheer me up no end on a dull day and weren't too pricey on a 30% off weekend

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