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Waterproof mascara?

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coldcupoftea Sun 03-Feb-13 09:30:25

I wear contact lenses and I think I must have really watery eyes, or maybe just rub them a lot without realising... Whatever mascara I buy I end up with panda eyes.

Can anyone recommend a really good waterproof mascara? Recently I have bought the Body Shop and Rimmel 100% waterproof and they were both rubbish!

Branleuse Sun 03-Feb-13 09:32:12


Branleuse Sun 03-Feb-13 09:32:43


coldcupoftea Sun 03-Feb-13 09:52:28

Ooh I like the sound of that- thanks!

LikeCandy Sun 03-Feb-13 18:25:41

I saw the thread title and had to recommend Lash Power, but I see I've been beaten to it!
It's seriously good stuff, also means no need for eye makeup remover. I take mine off in the shower, wash hair, rinse, rub eyes, sorted!
I would say that if you try it, you can't 'layer' it like you can with other mascaras because it goes clumpy, so make the first swipe a good one!

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