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Anyone interested in a 'what we are buying'wearing' thread for those of us who love clothes but have a New Look/Dorothy Perkins/Primark/HM budget?

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MimikosPanda Sat 02-Feb-13 21:03:27

I love following some blogs and I liked lurking on the AW threads but I can never afford the clothes, shoes and bags that are talked about. I love looking at different styles and then have the challenge of trying to find a cheaper look on the cheaper end of the high street. I'd love to hear what others are finding to give me some ideas.
One of the blogs I follow is, I love Kat's style and whilst she has the odd bit from Primark or H&M there is a lot of Toast, Massimo Dutti, Jigsaw, Whistles and these are just too expensive for me.
So, does anyone fancy sharing tips on good finds on the budget highstreet?

MimikosPanda Wed 06-Mar-13 10:09:22

ComeAlong This is the first pair of jeans I've ever had from Primark, they are the dark wash, quite thick denim ones rather than the coloured and more stretchy thin style ones. Worn them again yesterday and they haven't stretched out at the knees after two days full wear, very impressed, especially as they are £9.
When I was in primark they had a sage green, not quite as dark as khaki, that were nice but no mint. I'm sure all the paler colours will come out soon as they bring in the summer colours <shivers and can't believe warm weather will ever return>
The sizes are indeed crazy though, I'm everywhere from a 6 to a 12 in there.

OneLittle I'm very impressed with your shopping trip, sounds like New Look and Primark really came up trumps for you. They are my go-to shops at the moment too, despite a lot of the stuff in there feeling too young for me, I can still usually find something that is right.

I'm out on Saturday for a meal out with friends I haven't seen in ages. I'm trying to figure out what to wear, it needs to be dressed up but not too dressy, its somewhere I've never been so that isn't helping either and have no idea how dressy the others will be.
I just don't have going out clothes in my wardrobe, everything is casual daytime stuff. Plus, I'm on a spending ban so can't just go and buy something. I want to look good because there are people I haven't seen in a few years but don't even know where to start hmm

OneLittleLady Wed 06-Mar-13 10:33:59

Mimikos I suppose, given that I have finally hit the grand old age of 30, New Look etc should be a little young looking for me but I am really really short and look quite young in the face so for the time being, I think I can get away with it grin

nipersvest Wed 06-Mar-13 10:38:03

am looking forward to sunday, dh is away, ds is going to a birthday party, so me & dd have planned a sneaky trip out, will do primark, h&m, tk maxx and highlight of the trip is the chinese supermarket to stock up on sweet chilli sauce grin

MimikosPanda Wed 06-Mar-13 10:46:45

I'm early thirties and I'm just starting to feel like I need to make sure I'm not dressing like I'm early twenties. One of my friends had DC quite young so her DDs are just teenagers now, when I see them in a style I find myself making note that I must be too old for that now!

MimikosPanda Wed 06-Mar-13 10:49:48

Sounds like bliss nipers

OneLittleLady Wed 06-Mar-13 16:49:56

Another mini shop in Primark today, spent a total of £14 and got :

A long, dipped hem Debbie Harry vest (have altered this since getting home as it was much too long for me)
2 pairs of black, fine fishnet tights
A blue and white heart print skirt
Basic grey shoestring vest
Black woven belt
Grey bird print scarf

Corygal Wed 06-Mar-13 16:53:01

Bargain alert: Amazon have got real shearling boots for a tenner...

Bedroom Athletics uggalikes in nice colours. Mine arrived 3 min ago & I am keen to share. Lovely soft choc sheepskin.

Also Ukala (Emu's other line) boots in a 3 also for yer ten. Mine are pale, ie ideal for summer, and cut short enough to show the ankle a bit ie no tree trunk legs. Wool inside not shearling but it's good enough quality not to matter.

Corygal Wed 06-Mar-13 16:53:52

One little lady - that is some haul. 14?? Respect.

ComeAlongPond Wed 06-Mar-13 18:45:14

That's amazing onelittlelady! The skirt sounds especially nice. I am getting quite excited for my primark trip next week, wish I had free time sooner!

OneLittleLady Wed 06-Mar-13 19:02:36

Much to my sisters disgust, I seem to have a knack for finding absolute bargains grin

stefb Thu 07-Mar-13 12:10:31

Mimikos, I hear what you are saying about dressing too young although at 30 you are by no means old!! My daughter is 14 and I pick things up in shops and think I like that then I realise my daughter would wear it so would never wear it myself.But on the other hand I want to look fashionable but not 'mutton'! It's a hard choice. At 30 I would still look at fashionable things though you are not ready for twinset and pearls just yet

MimikosPanda Thu 07-Mar-13 12:59:23

Don't worry, I'm still far from a twin set and pearls grin <faints at the thought>

MimikosPanda Thu 07-Mar-13 14:00:36

Still not sorted an outfit for Saturday night out yet. I have a friend popping over with some shoes that might help me make an outfit out of something I already have and I am heading out for late night shopping tonight to see if I can find a bargain. So much for a spending ban!

I'm thinking of something like this from DP or this and black tights and heels for a simple easy look.

Will report back once I've figured something out. I wish I spent more money on going out clothes, but as I never go out it always seems like such a waste but then when I do go out its always a drama because I never have the right things.

I have a lovely going out outfit, but it is a summer outfit and it will look daft in March when its about 3 degrees outside! That tells you when I last had a dressing up type of night out blush

SayHelloToMyLittleFriend Thu 07-Mar-13 14:17:23

I really like the lace print dress Mimikos, if you do order from DP try this code INTDP15 as it should get you 15% off too.

I think I'll pop in town on saturday as I need to take some floral jeans back to New Look so I'll have a quick look in there, Primark and H&M to see if I can see anything nice. Will take my 3 year old with me too and go out for lunch so will only manage a couple of shops before she gets bored.

CointreauVersial Thu 07-Mar-13 23:03:14

Blimey, you lot, stop talking about 30 being old. I'm 46 shock shock shock

MimikosPanda Thu 07-Mar-13 23:12:04

Thanks SayHello, but I ended up going instore for late night shopping. I got this dress in the sale and then got some cheap heels that look much better in the flesh than they do on the website. I'll wear opaque tights and see if I can root out a little bag and hopefully I will look passable grin.

ComeAlongPond Sat 09-Mar-13 18:17:02

That dress is really nice mimikos.

I went to Primark today - hurrah! - and got a pair of turquoise-y jeans, a grey shirt, a stripy top, and a bag for £25. Not as bargainous as £14 but I was pretty happy.

Corygal Sat 09-Mar-13 19:21:41

Do charity shops count? I am humbly hopeful, and present to you my new Joseph kneelength waterfall cardi with skinny sleeves. Nice bran brown for spring. Fiver.

MrsAyrtonSenna Sat 09-Mar-13 21:08:26

Brilliant thread OP, nice to have some input on more affordable clothing that is fashionable

MimikosPanda Sun 10-Mar-13 00:09:33

Thanks comeAlong, I've just got back in from my night out and I got lots of compliements on the dress. It is really quite flattering so I think it will be my 'going out dress' from now on. The cheapy shoes were great too, they looked good and didn't rub at all, in fact they were pretty comfy.
I couldn't find a black bag so I picked this up from Matalan for a bargainous £6
I went for that bag because I though it was simple enough to not date to quickly and so I hope I can use it for years and years, plus at £6 it was really cheap.

Saphiesgirl Sun 10-Mar-13 07:25:37

Well after following your inspiration, I ventured to Primark yesterday. Haven't been in several years and am so pleased with my trip! First morning shopping completely alone- dh watched kids- and bought the following:

Spotty pj bottoms
Navy vest
Black best
Black cardi
Cream scarf
Cream top with horses printed on
Black chiffon pussy bow top
Black shorts

New look
Navy blazer (for dd baptism)
Wine leggings
Navy/white broad striped top
Dark green, loose fit t shirt

Got some clothes for dcs in next clearance

I'm thrilled with my trip as blazer was only thing that cost over £10 all other nl purchases were sale stock and I'm totally in love with my new pjs!

Am on mat leave, so no more shopping for a while now, can definitely look forward to a primark return trip. Just need to plan today's outfit!

In the spirit of the thread, I wore:
Black flat boots- asda
Navy skinnies-John Lewis sale
Black t shirt - Dorothy Perkins
Blush/black jumper - new look
Black/white striped scarf- sainsburys
Black leather jacket

The jumper sounds odd, it's hard to describe but it worked, honest!

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 10-Mar-13 09:03:41

Do you all know about kurt geigers sale section the website and their outlet site shoeaholics?

I've used both, £185 worth of sandals for £50 with postage. Postages quite high at £5 IMO but they arrived quickly and well packaged.

One pair was £95 down to £29 and the other were £90 down to £15.

nipersvest Sun 10-Mar-13 19:50:23

well, my mothers day shopping trip with dd was a total disaster. ds's part was postponed due to illness, so as dh is away, we had ds tagging along and all he did was tantrum the whole time and totally spoilt mothers day for me sad

on the plus side, last week, i spotted the snoopy t-shirts in uniqlo, the designs i liked were all out of stock online in a medium, but dh is in san fransisco and is staying round the corner from the uniqlo branch there so popped in and got one for me.

nipersvest Sun 10-Mar-13 19:50:50

'party' not part

Fyouimfabulous Tue 12-Mar-13 16:33:27

I've never posted on here before but think this thread is fabulous! Currently I mainly dress from New Look, Primark, Peacocks and Internacionale. I find I like to ring the changes with the seasons so would rather but a few items to compliment what I already have.
At the moment I'm waiting for the warmer weather when I change into wearing a variety of linen trousers and vest tops, which I dress up with lovely and cheap chunky jewellery or scarves.
Today I'm in workwear so wearing:
George black straight leg trousers
Extra long New Look cream vest
Black low v front jumper (no idea where from, ebay purchase and label worn)
New Look knee high boots, bought recently in sale reduced from £50 to £15, unusual as zips are on outside of calves
Pink leopard print scarf

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