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Hair help, please.

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IamtheZombie Wed 30-Jan-13 23:25:53

No, I haven't, Chaos. Like you, when my hair was greasy it never would have occurred to me to put more oil on it. Actually, I'm not sure putting oil on one's hair was around in those days. (Zombie is ancient.) Post menopause (some 10/11 years ago) it just seemed to go to what would in my youth have been called normal - not greasy but not really dry either.

It's really only over the last couple of months that it's had this straw like consistency. When it was first growing back it was like a baby's hair - very soft and shiny. Then it went yuck.

It sort of was oil treatments I was wondering about. So, anyone who has knowledge / experience please comment!

ChaosTrulyReigns Wed 30-Jan-13 23:00:15

Has Zombie tried stuff like Argan Oil?

I have heard very good rebiews, but I am prone to grease so am loathe to put more on, iywsim?

IamtheZombie Wed 30-Jan-13 22:49:18

From my teens until menopause I had quite oily hair. I had to wash it every other day. Every 36 hours would have been optimal as it seemed to suddenly switch at that point. It was very fine and very thick. It was also nearly dead straight. If it was cut very short there was a hint of body but when it was long, it was just straight.

Post menopause the oiliness disappeared and I only needed to wash it once a week on average. It remained very fine, very thick and straight.

I had chemotherapy for breast cancer last year. As often happens, when my hair came back it is fairly curly. I'm no Shirley Temple, but it's a lot more than a wave. It has body. It has natural height instead of just lying flat against my head. I love it!


It's like straw. I wash and condition every 5 days or so. But it's way too dry.

What can I do?

Please be gentle. I'm an S&B virgin. wink

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