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Mother of the bride outfit. Help needed.

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MadCatLadyInWaiting Thu 31-Jan-13 07:06:38

So everyone likes the coast one then? wink

Thanks, I'll see what she says to the suggestions so far. Any more?

HorraceTheOtter Wed 30-Jan-13 22:02:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HorraceTheOtter Wed 30-Jan-13 22:01:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EnjoyResponsibly Wed 30-Jan-13 21:46:57


7to25 Wed 30-Jan-13 21:36:29

I was having a mooch round the shops this morning and they caught my eye.

MadCatLadyInWaiting Wed 30-Jan-13 21:34:12

Shortish pretty much sums her up! grin

I'll have a look at coast online, thanks. Had a bit of a nose in the department stores but you don't often see much of the range.

7to25 Wed 30-Jan-13 21:32:04

Coast has some lovely coats that might go with that dress. I don't know the colour in real life.
I think a coat can be more stylish if you are shortish. Of course your Mum might be a supermodel!

MadCatLadyInWaiting Wed 30-Jan-13 19:16:31

After trailing around shops for hours my mum finally came across a dress she liked for my wedding

We couldn't find a jacket to go with it though. Ideally something with 3/4 sleeves. A shop assistant suggested navy as a colour choice. Anyone seen anything that would go? We'd need to find shoes too!

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