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Botox / fillers in London

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bettybigballs Wed 30-Jan-13 11:29:17

Does anyone have any clinic / Dr recommendations in London?

So far I've had Vagheggi Harley St and Opera recommended - BUT by people who haven't had fillers.

deliciousdevilwoman Sat 02-Feb-13 12:09:52

I've had botox by Dr Helen St John. It was fine.

I've heard god things about Dr Frances Prenna and Dr Michael Prager. They are reportedly more expensive though

IDreamedADreamOfSausageRolls Sat 02-Feb-13 13:13:51

DowntonTrout I suggest getting just Botox first - you may well find that once you can't frown in your usual way the line smoothes out and disappears! If the line is still noticeable a few weeks after Botox, whack some filler in there.

EJ1234 Tue 29-Apr-14 21:10:43

I went to Helen St John recently. I asked her to fill the lines below my nose, leading down to my mouth, about 4 creases, like a regular smoker has but I get them from sleeping on my side. I had never had this done before, nor any Botox, I was a first time client. HSJ told me I needed injections to numb the area because of lack of time, then she proceeded to inject the filler in. Very painful in the middle as this was not numb. After this area she said "what's next", and at this point actually discussed the costs even though I'd told her I wanted only one treatment and was on a budget. That 5 minutes of injecting filler was £310. I told her that was enough, baby steps etc. She then encouraged me to have Botox at £25 in that area to stop me pursing my lips (even though the lines are caused by sleeping). I said ok because she was recommending I do it. I left the clinic swollen, sore and like someone had punched me in the top lip. She never suggested I ice the area but I soon realised 3 hours later that that is what I SHOULD have been doing. HSJ put a smear of arnica cream on my lip and said nothing about aftercare. The next day the bruising appeared and then only got worse over the next few days. My upper lip was a deep purple for 5 days. The swelling was also really bad, and it was difficult to hide both the swelling and bruising under make up. She gave me no warning of this at all. I was confined to my house for 3 days and even when I did venture out the bruising was still there until 7 days past. I paid £310 for the fillers and I would never ever do it again, the aggravation from the bruising outweighs the effects. And as for the botox, well I find it incredible that a cosmetic 'surgeon' would perform such a procedure when the client has to suffer the consequences. I cannot chew properly, I slurp my tea/coffee, eating dinner out is embarrassing as I constantly have to wipe my lips like I'm a stroke victim. I have tried chewing on one side more than the other to combat this but mealtimes are a real drag now and I get cross every mouthful. I simply cannot chew. If a doctor knew it was a client's first time surely they wouldn't suggest/sell such a treatment on a risky area. I am stuck with the Botox for 3 months, hopefully less. I have massive lumps under my upper lip too. I would NOT recommend this lady to anyone, she made a complete hash of my mouth and I feel stupid that I was vain enough to pay that much money for something that is a disaster.

AyaC Tue 08-Jul-14 01:32:14

I am interested in Botox this time. I have fillers made in another country. Under eye filler and a bit in the lips.
So don't have experience with the clinics and doctors in Uk/ London.
I have question about anybody with experience. The eyebrows are going up?

LauraTeresax Tue 23-Jun-15 13:41:21

Hey, I recently had Botox and lip fillers at Viva Skin Clinics in The Magnolia Rooms in Putney (

Dr. Critchley was great and made the whole experience painless and completely enjoyable! He was happy to take the time to discuss my options and go through the products he uses and the treatments. I didn't feel any pressure to go through with the treatment but wanted to as I felt totally confident that he would be able to achieve the results I was after - which he did.

I am over the moon with the results - even better than I had hoped! Another great thing is he works out of hours for busy mums and workers and doesn't charge the earth! I would recommend him to my friends straight away smile

Laura x

kateshep2 Tue 03-Nov-15 14:21:47


One of our clients at work (Smilepod) specialises in Botox and lots of other beauty treatments; I wrote a short research article about what botox is/what it involves/recovery time while I was working for them -

Might be useful if you want to know what these treatments involve smile

EmilyRoss29 Tue 12-Jan-16 16:35:25

Dr Askari has his own clinic in central London (it’s actually in the City), he has been doing aesthetic treatments for years including filler and botox. I have been having filler and botox from him for over 5 years and wouldn't see anyone else – he’s the best Botox doctor I’ve had. Before then, I had a doctor on Harley St but I was never totally happy – everything was always rushed and it just felt as if getting me to hand over my money was the most important thing to them. Dr Askari is the complete opposite and is a little cheaper too. The clinic is easy to get to and looks great. His staff are really kind and polite which makes it a pleasure to go there rather than a chore.

elanel Sat 16-Jan-16 04:42:46

Went to see Helen St. John in 2014 - Terrible place downstairs at Strands hairdressers in Wimbledon. Seemed unclean with dirty tables and stained rugs. Hairdressing staff were heard laughing and swearing loudly beside the waiting area. Shown in after a long long wait into a tiny cupboard of a consulting room, if you could call it a room. She tried to sell me 3 for the price of 2 of a prescription medication (before I'd even tried it!). She promised to send applicators in the post for application of serum, but never did. I nowogo to BodyVie in Richmond, they are soo much more professional and honest and caring than Helen St. John. Dr Weber and Dr Aggie are both great and never ever pressure selling..

manandbeast Sat 16-Jan-16 09:28:43

Has anyone been to Sam Bunting's clinic?

I have an appointment for Botox there next week but I'm in 2 minds about whether to do it - adverse reactions are my main concern.

I was mugged 5 yrs ago and my forehead is paralysed on one side and normal (ie v wrinkly) on the other. It's obv getting worse as I get older and I'd like to try to make the difference less pronounced.

But I'm scared - anyone any experience of her clinic

LemnisKate Sat 16-Jan-16 09:41:07

Speedos, where do you go in Reading?

MsJessy1 Mon 25-Jan-16 12:54:23

Manandbeast. Just seen your post. I go to Dr Dan Dhunna "The Michelangelo of Botox" in Harley St. Been going there for a few years now Very well respected with a big international following. Initially saw him in the Midlands where he also has clinics around Birmingham and Solihull when I worked for jaguar landrover. He's an injectable expert rather than just being a jack of all trades.
He's dealt with a similar case to yours. Here's the youtube link I found.
Wishing you well xJ

Sophiesmummy2 Fri 29-Apr-16 21:41:33

I've been going to Dr. Askari at Askinology. Filers, Botox and facials and make up. I love the atmosphere and its fresh feel. Believe it or not Botox is my 'me' time so I want it to feel special. I thinking of having a few other things done next time I go, but haven't made my mind up as to what exactly. grin

dogrilla Fri 29-Apr-16 21:51:29

Can I hijack thread and ask if anyone has had Botox in Bath or surrounds? Don't want to look tired and haggard any more...

2prettygirls1213 Sat 14-May-16 19:29:30

Hi all, I've been having Botox and fillers for 8 years and over that time I've seen 4 different people (3 doctor and 1 nurse). The nurse was good but didn't have all the answers to specific questions I asked (i ask a lot!) but to be fair to her, the same was true of one of the doctors. The other doctor was Dr Bunting who was good but I got the impression she was more of a skin care expert that Botox expert but that was just my experience from 2 visits.
The last 2 years, I've been seeing Dr Askari. He was at sk:n clinics when I first met him but now has his own clinic in the City called ASKINOLOGY (already mentioned by a couple of you). He's a national trainer and spends a lot of time teaching other doctors and nurses. I saw one doctor that made me feel like I was vain and stupid even being there - very strange considering he was the one selling it to me!! But Dr Askari is none of that - really welcoming and warm, never pushy but happy to give an honest opinion - really refreshing when everywhere you go these days there's someone trying to get you to spend more than you'd planned. He didn't charge for the consultation and even encouraged me to go away and think about it before having treatment when I first saw him (no chance - I knew my stuff and I was there to get my Botox!). There's a video on their Facebook page so that you can get a feel for him and the clinic
I've got one friend who's been seeing the same lady for ages but hasn't been 100% happy but is too worried to try someone else (she lives in Cardiff and so can't get to London easily). Just go and talk to someone else and if it doesn't feel right, walk away! Good luck xx

CCClinic Mon 12-Sep-16 15:04:16

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Aestheticnursekafxceltrend Tue 28-Mar-17 23:17:44

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Aestheticnursekafxceltrend Tue 28-Mar-17 23:18:38

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bodycontouring Tue 15-Aug-17 11:31:58

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Liiinoo Tue 15-Aug-17 12:33:31

I have Botox at the Doctor Leah clinic in Moorgate and would thoroughly reccomend them for that. No experience of fillers though - they were suggested to me but I just don't like the way they make people look.

LockedOutOfMN Tue 15-Aug-17 16:06:19

My London friends use RMH Aesthetics which is down in Kent. They look great, very natural, and consider it worth travelling.

HotNatured Tue 15-Aug-17 16:44:55

Aware this is a bit of a zombie thread but I would like to recommend Dr Preema Vig, based on Devonshire Sq, she is amazing. Not cheap by any means, but not ridiculously overpriced like Tracey Mountford (who is great but I don't rate some of the staff who work for her, I saw a dr there a few months ago, I can't remember her name, but I hated the fillers and botox so much I got the fillers dissolved, £1000 later, despite asking for 'baby' botox I was left with the strongest botox I'd ever had, forehead was totally frozen, I think I could have done a better job myself, in the dark). So yeah, Dr Preema, she is amazing, her clinic is beautiful and I always leave happy

kathrynJanes1234 Sun 17-Sep-17 19:48:09

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