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Botox / fillers in London

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bettybigballs Wed 30-Jan-13 11:29:17

Does anyone have any clinic / Dr recommendations in London?

So far I've had Vagheggi Harley St and Opera recommended - BUT by people who haven't had fillers.

cazza40 Wed 30-Jan-13 18:10:47

Dr Helen St John at the St John Clinic - I have been seeing herfor the last 7 years originallynfor botox but have also been once for Juvederm filler for lines around my mouth. You can see her in Harley St, Wimbledon and other locations. I have been very happy with her.

cardamomginger Wed 30-Jan-13 18:27:10

I see Susan Mayou at Cadogan Clinic for botox. She does do fillers, but I don't have them.

Walnutcakelover Wed 30-Jan-13 20:36:30

I have never had this lady, but she is mentioned here alot. Tracey mountford at the cosmetic clinic, think she has a clinic in london and buckinghamshire.

niceupthedance Thu 31-Jan-13 08:06:35

I saw Helen St John and didn't like the result AT ALL.

cazza40 Thu 31-Jan-13 12:31:08

Thats a shame niceupthedance was it botox and / or fillers you had with her ?

ClaudiaCutie Thu 31-Jan-13 14:32:01

I've been to both Helen and Tracey over the past 5 years and both are excellent. They have quite different styles and if you ask each of them how to solve "problem XYZ" they'll sometimes give different answers. Often two different methods give the same, good result. Helen uses larger amounts of botox and fillers when doing treatments and her cost per area is less. If you know exactly what you want, she is skillful and is extremely good value for money. She is very very clever in the tricky jawline/chin areas especially, and can acheive a great improvement which other doctors haven't been able to acheive on me.

Tracey uses much less product, and is more expensive per area; so if you need to return three times to get the desired result, it works out a bit pricey. But if you are nervous, if you want a very subtle effect, have never had this kind of treatment before, she is ideal. Her overall knowledge of cosmetic treatments is superb too. I'm very happy with the results I've had from the different treatments I've had from each - it depends on personal preference and circumstances.

In either case - if you are not happy about fillers, tell the doctor, the filler can be dissolved (they will do this for free). If you are not happy about the result of your botox, tell the doctor, you will have to wait for it to wear off but on the next visit they can change the injection site or use a toally different amount. Everyone's face is different and muscles react differently to different doses of product.

niceupthedance Thu 31-Jan-13 15:46:20

I had botox and fillers with Helen. With the botox, I had eye droop, which has never happened with anyone else before, and the filler on one side (of nose-to-mouth lines) congealed into a lump under the skin. I went back to get it sorted and was charged for extra filler to even things out. But I agree, everyone's experience is different.

Walnutcakelover Thu 31-Jan-13 16:16:16

nice if you don't mind me asking, how long did it take for your eye droop to go?

niceupthedance Thu 31-Jan-13 18:12:58

It was pretty bad for about for about four weeks iirc

Missbopeep Thu 31-Jan-13 18:22:08

Dr Tracy Mountford has won lots of awards and has an excellent reputation.

Missbopeep Thu 31-Jan-13 18:24:17

Nice- I have read that lumps etc like you had can appear if the product is not injected deeply enough.

SecretSevenFan Thu 31-Jan-13 18:39:53

I have had work done by Tracey Mountford.

This was my experience:

First I went for a consultation- cost £90. I wasn't sure about going ahead and there was no pressure. We discussed what might be done. My advice to anyone is keep an open mind about products- she has so many available that she will choose what is best- so don't assume you need Botox because you might need fillers.

I wanted a tiny bit of filing for my cheeks which were starting to droop and give me a crease across the top under my eye- this is supposedly where the fat pads separate with age.

I didn't talk money at all initially but asked what she would suggest.

She said I didn't need much at all. Given more money I'd have something done to my neck but that was going to be over £1K for Botox and Dermaroller.

I left it for a month then decided to take the plunge. I had Restylane in each cheek. She used 1 syringe each side. Cost was £650. It lasted me over a year, about 15 months.

I have to tell you it was very painful- the needles go in very deeply and I had 3-4 injections each side. For a week afterwards my cheeks were burning and hot though not noticeable to anyone else.

I was very pleased though with the results. No one noticed but I looked less tired.

I had it done again almost a year ago. This time I had no burning or swelling afterwards. I expect i will go back when this has worn off.

She has a very light touch- nothing is overdone.

She prefers to under-do if anything.

She's not the cheapest by any means but I felt very safe and cared for- and defiitely no hard sell.

Walnutcakelover Thu 31-Jan-13 19:28:30

seven that sounds painful, deep injections in cheeks ouch. I think if i ever have the courage, then tracey mountford will probably be the one i go to.

IDreamedADreamOfSausageRolls Thu 31-Jan-13 19:50:13

Can everyone post costs please? I used to go to Dr Nick Lowe at his Cranly Clinic but can't afford him any more - £400 per area for Botox! He is good though.

Thanks thanks

Walnutcakelover Thu 31-Jan-13 20:03:12

I would be interested in cost for lip enhancement by tracey mountford aswell.x

Speedos Thu 31-Jan-13 20:55:24

When I lived in London used to go to Dr Lynette Yong at Courthouse clinic, then I had a baby and when I was finished breastfeeding she had gone on maternity leave. I then went to Dr Robin Stone at the same place. I would recommend both of these doctors. IIRC two areas was £280 but this was 5 years ago.

I have used a couple of cowboys and although no major disasters I always go to a proper clinic again now. My current one is in Reading which is still quite far from me now but doctor is outstanding, I am trying out fillers for the first time in a couple of weeks.

SecretSevenFan Thu 31-Jan-13 22:43:51

It's hard to be precise with costs because it depends so much on which product and how much you need. Tracey charges about £250 for lips. I have not had it done but am told it is painful- people come out of her office and apply ice packs before they leave to go home.

Walnutcakelover Fri 01-Feb-13 07:41:35

Thanks seven gosh that sounds painful, thought she had a light touch, guess it's just the injection.

DowntonTrout Fri 01-Feb-13 10:23:49

I was going to post a thread about Botox but wondered if anyone here could answer my questions.

I have a vertical line between my brows. I think it is starting to make me look cross all the time. I don't know if I would need Botox, filler or both.

I am wondering whether to get a fringe cut to hide it or take the plunge and try the Botox. I have a friend who has "secretly" been going for Botox for quite a while, I think- ie she hasn't actually said anything but goes off to meet a friend in another city every so often, then wears dark glasses for a couple of days and avoids school pick up or picks up early.

Her forehead then appears to be very smooth and shiny for a few weeks, doesnt move, and her eyebrows appear abnormally high. I don't want to mention it to her, as she clearly doesn't want anyone to know. It is very noticeable, not just to me, others have asked me as they think I would know. She has had cosmetic surgery before and lied to a close friend for ages before eventually admitting it. I don't have a problem with it at all, it's her private business, am just explaining why I can't ask her.

What I'm saying though is that I wouldn't want that effect. I think if it's so obvious and you get that startled look it isn't for me. Has anyone else had results they really weren't happy with, or if you are happy with it do people notice and ask you or do you just look better?

Walnutcakelover Fri 01-Feb-13 11:50:32

downton I think it's hard to say what you might need, you might need both. Botox stops the movement of the muscles and fillers fill in the lines, you can acheive a natural look, but you just need to do your research on finding a very good experienced Dr.
I am thinking of having lip enhancement, but haven't yet built up the courage. I would travel far if i had to, if i knew i was in safe hands.

AgathaF Fri 01-Feb-13 12:26:05

I've had tear trough fillers at Tracey Mountford's clinic, though not done by Tracey but by a member of her team there. I was really pleased with the way it was done and the subtle improvement it gave. I'd really recommend them.

DowntonTrout Fri 01-Feb-13 14:27:25

I did have my top lip line enhanced years ago.

It wasn't really a great experience. The lips are very painful and the swelling at first,.....well let's just say I looked like Donald Duck for a couple of days.

I didn't really feel I had got much benefit from it then as once the swelling had gone I thought it was too subtle. Then the Lesley Ash thing happened and i was too scared to go back. But there you go. That's why I'm not sure about trying something else.

I am in London too, so will have a research of the names already mentioned.

Mewsical Fri 01-Feb-13 17:23:02

I had my 11's done with Peter Butler at LPSA. I would definitely go again. They didn't completely disappear but looked so much better.

Speedos Fri 01-Feb-13 18:15:20

Downtown, I had Botox on Wednesday at 11.30 and any redness or any sign was completely gone by 1pm. It does sound like you friend is having something done but you don't need to wear dark glasses after Botox.

You need Botox for the lines between the lines, works a charm! I can only stress going to a decent clinic as the difference between them and cowboys is huge.

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