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A Crepey is not just for Christmas...

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oldqueencrepey Wed 30-Jan-13 08:43:47

It had to be done.
Phew that feels better.
Over here crepeys. All very welcome (but only if you're crepey).

Blackduck Fri 22-Feb-13 15:33:06

Ds and I have been to see the mappa mundi - lovely and fascinating... Now back and have feet like ice blocks.

CointreauVersial Fri 22-Feb-13 19:58:03

BTM, MI, we were in your neck of the woods this afternoon - we went to the Horniman Museum. DS cried off with a cold, but the DDs enjoyed it very much as did DH because it was free admission. It was teeming with shrieking toddlers, but I guess that's to be expected.

MrsSchadenfreude Fri 22-Feb-13 21:29:20

The cost of a visa for India went to silly levels in January. If we'd got it in UK it would have been about £90, but as we are in Paris, it is even more expensive. Other EU nationals paid about 65 euros! shock I can't help but think this is a bit of an own goal by the Indians; people will really reconsider going there on holiday.

Hattymattie, did your DD go with the school? (Do I know you IRL?!) I am the very useless UK liaison parent for our school.

MI - I feel your pain. Mine are exactly the same. Once they are out, they are fine, but actually getting them out of their bedrooms is a bit of a challenge.

I am helping at the school tomorrow as there is a basketball tournament. Should I wear lipstick and my fierce specs a la Sarah Palin and become a real "Basketball Mom"? Predictably, I am on the cake stall. At least it's not chilli - I still haven't been able to face chilli after the chilli cooking marathon I did for the Christmas fete.

rubyrubyruby Fri 22-Feb-13 22:25:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hattymattie Sat 23-Feb-13 08:14:34

Mrs S based on this I'm going to get DD2 a French passport for her turn. Don't think we know each other - mine are at the Lycee Inter in St Germain en Laye. Am beginning to think that there are a lot of well off teenagers wandering around India now - they can't know what's hit them.

Alway lipstick for a school event - it's not called "war paint" for nothing grin.
Cointreau - love the family walks story - ours now make arrangements with friends or "have too much homework" just in case DH finds a family slack period on Sunday afternoon in which to have a walk.

Here we've still one week to go until half term - 2 weeks long. Then two weeks Easter holidays in ... May! They are on holiday more often than they are at school. hmm

MrsSchadenfreude Sat 23-Feb-13 08:24:19

Mine are at ASP, Hattymattie. I love St Germain en Laye. smile

MrsSchadenfreude Sat 23-Feb-13 08:26:09

I have just made 36 peanut butter and chocolate chip and choc choc chip muffins for the school. We will, of course, send in 24 and keep some for home consumption. I used up the revolting wholesome organic peanut butter than DH bought and which no-one ate. It is hugely enhanced by being surrounded by muffin and chocolate chips!

Cremolafoam Sat 23-Feb-13 10:18:42

Mrs S - do the French know about
Le peanut butter? Those sound delish!
Can't believe the price of that visa- but a school trip to India sounds very ambitious. Dd going to Berlin in march and that has already bankrupted ussmile

All quiet here today. Am waiting at dermatology with dd who is getting her body map photo taken. This is the third hospital outpatients appointment in yet a different hospital. I am unable to comprehend why she has not been seen in the same place twice. Bizarre.
Also quite a novelty to be at a Saturday appointment. That's a new one on me.
Dh replaced the kitchen tap last week and somehow has disconnected the HOT water so we have freezing water only this morning. Am forcing him back under the sink later.
It is snowing here again. So that's nice.

motherinferior Sat 23-Feb-13 10:25:42

I was so fed up with the snow that I bought a wool dress last week online (not one of the ones I've asked you lot about - I shall link to it IF it's nice). On the basis that it was on sale, with no postage to pay, and yes I am leaving the office but there is I suppose a statistical chance that one day I shall need to be presentable again. Possibly.

I should do some work, pitching ideas to this hypothetical mag. I do not want to. I found a day of complete inactivity yesterday madly therapeutic ie I am a lazy bugger and do not wish to zoom back into productivity.

One week left at the office.

I might be able to get a cheap Indian visa on account of Indian mother. Although clearly would have to negotiate the crazed larfter at my pallid and unsatisfactory exterior.

bigTillyMint Sat 23-Feb-13 10:25:55


Have managed to catch up on the crepeydoings over half-term - shame we weren't here, CV, I could have joined you for a cuppa in the lovely cafe!

Skiing was hugely successful (the best "en famille" holiday for mine!) and the DC are now also reasonably competent snowbarders (although groaning with aches and pains this morning, they are still going off to footy/gymnasticswink) I just have half a stone of bread, cheese and wine to work offsad

Blackduck Sat 23-Feb-13 12:29:38

Sheesh - just checked visa costs - they have doubled! (Plus the 10.20 surcharge per application!! Whoo that makes cheap Christmas Goa a big no-no - £300 on visas alone......
I have just made cheese scones (and scoffed two) - diet went to popover half term - back to it Monday....

motherinferior Sat 23-Feb-13 12:33:39

DP thinks I shouldn't suggest an article on pubic hair I am of course ignoring him.

bigTillyMint Sat 23-Feb-13 12:35:58

I can't say I remember us forking out so much on visas when we went to Kerala 3? years ago?

An article for your current mag, MI? Why not?

motherinferior Sat 23-Feb-13 12:38:53

For my hypothetical one. I reckon pubic hair is an important topic for Today's Wimmin. Look at how aerated people get on here.

Blackduck Sat 23-Feb-13 12:49:01

Agree MI - those threads always end up going badly wrong, they get so personal ....

Stropperella Sat 23-Feb-13 12:51:26

Pubic hair? My mum-friends (the mainly younger contingent I hang around with because of ds) laugh hysterically at my swimming costume with legs. I stare bemusedly at these friends when they twitter on about hair removal. The whole topic makes me feel decidedly elderly.

motherinferior Sat 23-Feb-13 12:58:17

Zackly. I think I am probably the only woman in our office with pubic hair.

bigTillyMint Sat 23-Feb-13 13:03:59

Eeeuww - not at you, but at all those wimmin trying to look like little girlsconfused

BTW, when do young wimmin start wanting to look like little girls (thinking bout my teen DDshock)

motherinferior Sat 23-Feb-13 13:06:56

I don't know but it worries me too. At the moment my little feminists are horrified at the idea.

rubyrubyruby Sat 23-Feb-13 13:23:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

herbaceous Sat 23-Feb-13 14:31:55

My half-baked theory, for what it's worth, is that it all started with porn. For gentlemen's 'viewing pleasure', waxing of pubes became more popular. Said gentlemen then suggested to their real-life ladyfriends that perhaps they could wax, salons started to offer it, then the more impressionable ladies thought 'well, if there are salons offering it, it must be the thing to do'. The more women did it, the more salons offered it, and the more it became the norm.

If you said to today's young women that they're getting their pubes ripped out at the roots because of porn they'd get terribly 'I don't answer to no-one', but I reckon that is at the root of it all. Pardon the pun.

I myself, like my fellow crepeys, go over the bush now and then to prevent leg creepage, but that's it. Anything else is too, well, porn-y.

Cremolafoam Sat 23-Feb-13 15:38:45

Can I just say I would rather manually pull out my pubes one by one that read about it. Sorry
< runs away screaming>

motherinferior Sat 23-Feb-13 16:14:28

I'm not thinking about a how-to piece! More an Intelligent Analysis. Though I suppose it probably would need two case studies, one from a hairy laydee trying the bald look, and another doing the reverse../

hattymattie Sat 23-Feb-13 16:42:54

I go away for two hours and the conversation has gone from indian visas to pubes - hmm. By the way I have a swimming costume with little legs as - crepeys can spot each other on the beach!

MrsSchadenfreude Sat 23-Feb-13 16:57:49

I have just been looking at swimming costumes with little legs on that great Pinnacle of Fashion, the Land's End website. I tuck the fronds in, and trim if I remember or scrape away with a blunt bic at the sides. I am not very hairy anyway, and I think if I had mine waxed they probably wouldn't grow back, or would grow back all patchy and I'd look as if I had mange of the nether regions.

It is snowing here. I have spent all afternoon at the school with people who have little idea of catering - example, we were making cheese toasties and had eight, yes, eight, loaves of sliced bread left when the cheese had run out. We also had a load of hot dog buns left, and sold all the hot dogs within an hour of the stall having opened. And there was chilli... I still can't face chilli, having cooked and reheated gallons of the stuff for the Christmas fair. In fact, we had run out of pretty much everything by lunchtime. hmm How difficult is it to think, ooh, 20 slices of bread in a loaf, that means I will need 10 slices of cheese per loaf, and one hot dog sausage = one hot dog bun?

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