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Maternity Wear on Oxford Street

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furryfriends57 Wed 30-Jan-13 20:54:18

Well I'm back and here is what I found. New Look on Oxford Street has a corner of Maternity stuff but its mostly casual (lots of hands off the bump t-shirts - does anyone actually wear those?!). Shop assistant says they deal mostly on-line. Tried on a few tops but they didnt really suit my shape. Topshop on Oxford Street has a good selection but obviously more £££. There are some lovely figure hugging dresses if you have the shape / confidence for them, sadly I don't. But they have fab comfy skinny jeans in different colours, great to see something other than grey and black. Finally went to H+M on Regent Street (opposite Apple Store) and downstairs they have a relatively large selection of mat wear. I got some tops and a jumper and they are cheap.
So there we go, thanks to everyone for their suggestions, I got to try loads in a short time by being so focussed. I still didn't find THE mat dress of my dreams but at least I tried .... smile

BobbieSox Tue 29-Jan-13 13:51:27

Yes Missy, that's the one I meant! Good luck OP smile

MumOfMissy Mon 28-Jan-13 22:31:41

OP, there's a massive New Look opposite the H&M on Oxford street I told you about earlier, (just down from topshop) there's about 5 floors and they defo sell mat wear. Think it's on 3rd or 4th floor. There's also a GAP a few doors up from it. So in that little cluster you have H&M, GAP, New Look and DP. Happy shopping!

Havingkittens Mon 28-Jan-13 22:05:30

I found shopping for Maternity wear on Oxford St extremely frustrating so have ended up buying most things online. Also, I've found that I've had more luck with non maternity stuff that's stretchy or baggy. I got a lovely jumper from Monsoon and a couple of really great dresses from the sale at Phase Eight that both fit me at 30 weeks.

Seraphine have a good sale on at the moment though, I've just bought a couple of nice bits on their website.

KarenHL Mon 28-Jan-13 21:31:25

I tried most HS shops in Oxford Street just after Christmas. Almost all I went into did not stock maternity wear. The big New Look opposite M&S does not do maternity wear (according to their staff --after I'd schlepped up all their dratted steps--). M&S did not do any (although I know you can buy online and get delivery to a local store). I asked at DP and was told no maternity wear. All the shops I went to were between Marble Arch and a little bit beyond Bond St tube/shopping centre. The only place I had any success was Gap. They did have some maternity wear (casual only which is what I wanted), but I was told that as of the New Year company policy was to do maternity wear online only - and that this was in line with the majority of HS shops. I find this annoying as I like to try stuff on before I commit financially.

Almost the only HS brand I didn't try was the Mothercare shop so I can't vouch for them.

When previously pg, the nicest non-casual maternity clothes were by DP. Don't know if they still are. When I last visited H&M (not in London), I was told that they are reducing the number of shops that stock maternity wear. From visiting a branch 10 miles from home (which previously stocked their maternity range), I was told to try one 42 miles away!

JumpHerWho Mon 28-Jan-13 21:19:21

Enjoy your trip - not Oxford St related but ASOS do fab maternity stuff so take a look there if you're in a splurging mood - I got two beautiful French Connection maternity dresses from there in the sale for less than £30 each, you can't get it in FC shops, only via ASOS and it's lovely. Also Isabella Oliver but £££ smile

furryfriends57 Mon 28-Jan-13 20:18:50

I'm looking forward to it now, lots of suggestions in a relatively small area. Think I'll stick with Bond Street / Oxford Street area. Wish I had more time, I'd say I'll have to be stripping off going in the doer at this rate smile. I'll update afterwards as to whats out there so others might benefit.

belsize77 Mon 28-Jan-13 20:11:07

Not sure about New Look but as Bobbie said the big Gap opposite Bond Street station had a big selection as did the huge Marks near Marble Arch -it's all still very Wintery stuff though depending on whether you are buying for a bump now or one that is still growing. If you are tempted to zoom from Oxford Circus to Marble Arch in your limited time it's quicker to speed walk the 10 minutes than wasting your time on a bus thinking its time saving! I speak from teeth nashing experience this weekend. I found that sizing was hugely inconsistent even within brands so its hard to work out quickly what you need without trying on. In H & M I helpfuly varied between large and extra small. You can take maternity stuff back to any branch though luckily.

Hope you find something nice.

BobbieSox Mon 28-Jan-13 17:54:14

Hi, I think the New Look branch near the M and S ( as described above!) is huge and does do maternity wear - there is also Topshop actually at Oxford Circus which does too, the Dorothy Perkins at Bond Street station does maternity. If you're desperate there's a Mothercare by marble Arch too - was going to suggest Mamas and Papas but I see from Belsize's post it's closed...also a big Gap by the station which has maternity.

Happy shopping!

furryfriends57 Mon 28-Jan-13 17:49:05

Thanks everyone, just wondering does anyone know if a New Look on Oxford street has maternity wear, they have really nice stuff on line but from Googling it looks like the branch near Marble Arch has maternity which is opposite to Oxford Circus and that may have changed now. I am so surprised the recession has hit mat wear so badly as its one of those things you cant avoid unce bump goes beyond a certain size.
Thanks again, hoping I can make the most of my limited time smile

belsize77 Mon 28-Jan-13 12:02:18

The H and M on Regent Street also has a decent selection. I got some nice jeans and chino type trousers on Saturday. The big Mamas and Papas at Oxford Circus has closed down now and I couldn't find the maternity clothes in the Zara also near Oxford Circus...just in case you had those two places in mind at all. Formes on New Bond St has also gone. I read an article in the paper recently which says that maternity ranges are disproportionately hit by recession.

MumOfMissy Mon 28-Jan-13 03:10:24

I found H&M stuff to be brilliant. Their mat jeans can't be beaten, also their leggings, and I even wore stretchy t shirt dresses that were not from the maternity range but stretched over my bump and were so comfy. The prices were very reasonable. On Oxford Street there are a few branches of H&M but not all do mat wear - the branch you want is opposite the big Next/M&S Pantheon/Dorothy Perkins. Basically from Topshop Oxford Circus, stay on same side and walk down a bit towards Tottenham Court Rd. The H&M on Oxford Circus crossroads itself does not do mat wear, so it's the other branch you want just 100 yards down from TopShop. Good luck with your pregnancy x

furryfriends57 Mon 28-Jan-13 02:45:34

Hi Ladies,
I have an hour on Oxford Street on Wednesday and need new maternity wear as have very little. Am hoping to get reasonably priced "nice" stuff, any suggestions for where to go.
Thanks so much thanks

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