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I have got bright red lipstick on. Whu do I feel (and probably look) like a complete dickhead?

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GetOrf Sat 26-Jan-13 13:28:47

I never normally wear lipstick (gloss or balm) but in a moment of madness bought a bright red lipstick and put in on.

I keep catching sight of myself in the window and think I look very strange.

My daughter is going to laugh at me, I know.

AlwaysSleepingBeauty Tue 29-Jan-13 17:50:13

I love red, but it took me ages to get used to seeing myself in it, especially after I hadn't worn lipstick for a long time beforehand because of allergies. I've made up for it now though, my favourites are Ruby Woo, Dior Le Grand Bal and Tom Ford Cherry Lush.

IceNoSlice Tue 29-Jan-13 17:55:01

Right, you've all convinced me to give it another shot. I'm going to wander by the Mac counter and ask them about lipstick.

notMarlene Tue 29-Jan-13 18:23:44

That sounds nice coffee - unfortunately frantic googling has as yet to reveal a swatch confused

TBH THe only reason I actually want to get a couple more colours is to have the joy of putting red on when I haven't worn it for a while. My nearest mac counter is a few hours away but rumor has it that we might need to go to that particular city this weekend. Yay.

coffeeinbed Tue 29-Jan-13 18:26:43

It's gone forever to the big beauty counter in the Sky....
I'm hanging on to the last bits of mine.
If anyone can help with a substitute, I shall be very grateful.

ginhag Tue 29-Jan-13 18:27:25

I look like the joker in red lipstick. Don't think anyone would laugh though, they'd be too busy trembling in terror that I might be going to eat them.

I have a very big mouth.

notMarlene Tue 29-Jan-13 19:59:57

Bet you don't ginhag. A darker would would make it look smaller if you're worried about looking lik ehim. TBH I worry more about looking like Robert Smith.

coffee - fuck. I think I'd go into a genuine panic if my favourite was discontinued <shudder>

After an exhaustive search a wee google...

Word is that Edward Bess Eternal Passion is a reasonable dupe for Flaming Dust (swatches and review here). here and here.

They say NARS Manhunt is like Flaming Dust but minus shimmer not quite as sheer. Apparently it looks red in the tube but is pinky. Also that Clinique's Almost Lipstick Ruby Melt is similar but less daring (I don't know what that would mean but maybe you do?).

coffeeinbed Tue 29-Jan-13 20:10:38

I know..I love that lipstick.

Not sure about manhunt, I think I've tried it. hmm
Will try the Edward bess one.

coffeeinbed Tue 29-Jan-13 20:14:26

from the swatches Eternal Passion looks closer.
Manhunt is redder.

notMarlene Tue 29-Jan-13 20:18:49

Yeah, is odd to try and work it out without seeing a swatch of the original. Also, the whole dupe thing awfully subjective - whats a good dupe for a colour on one person can easy come up a fail on another.

coffeeinbed Tue 29-Jan-13 20:22:24

An SA told me "Just find something new you like" so I think I'll go buy Dior Bellisima.
(and then they will discontinue it as well and so on..)
I think I know my way round a Nars counter better than the some SA's there.

motherinferior Tue 29-Jan-13 20:27:37

Try Bourjois Sweet Kisses reds - the Rouge Glamour is a nice red in the style of Bobbi Brown Burnt Red (but much cheaper). I like Revlon Really Red too. And am also experimenting with No7s Love Red, which goes a bit pinky but is very good under artificial light.

InNeedOfBrandy Tue 29-Jan-13 20:29:15

I really really really want to wear red lippy, but I'm a ginge without blonde highlights atm and I really don't think it will suit me. Looks lovely on blondes and brunettes envy

notMarlene Tue 29-Jan-13 20:38:16

"Just find something new you like" is some of the most reasonable, unreasonable advice I've heard in a while grin

Have you tried MUA, I thinkt ehy have some fuchsia ish reds.

LemonBreeland Tue 29-Jan-13 20:40:14

Iam so glad that I am not the only person who feels like I'm pretending to be a grown up when I wear red lippy. I wish I had the confidence to just rock it.

notMarlene Tue 29-Jan-13 20:41:04

Hey Dollface is a readhead and a big fan of red lips, might be worth a rummage.

ComeAlongPond Tue 29-Jan-13 20:43:21

With this yellow/blue thing, how do you know whether a blue based red or a yellow based red suits you?

I bought a red lipstick today and I think it looks nice but I might be deluded. It's one of the Maybelline super stay things in cherry pie here.

ginhag Tue 29-Jan-13 20:48:05

notMarlene nothing would make it look smaller, except viewing it from space without your specs on. Honestly, dark, bright, whatever, if I wear red lipstick grown men children cry.

Fanks tho smile

coffeeinbed Tue 29-Jan-13 20:48:43

Clarins will have a range out, just red lipstick.
(or I might be imagining that)
Will look at MUA.
I do love a good red - I probably nave a dozen or so. I never wear much else though, I mean on eyes or blush.
And it's a winter thing - can't wear it with a tan.

ginhag Tue 29-Jan-13 20:50:41

I wear that Vaseline stuff that tastes like cheap roses. Am all class, me.

Can you tell that I don't tend to frequent Style and Beauty?

notMarlene Tue 29-Jan-13 20:50:59

coffee, have you tried Ruby Woo? A dab with a fingertip gives a lovely sheer colour. There's a massive choice of other (mac) reds - but another excellent thing about RW is that it's such an established classic that it's highly unlikely to be discontinued in our lifetime <touches wood>. In an case, it survived the culling of the rest of their Retro Matte range years ago.

notMarlene Tue 29-Jan-13 20:51:04

Fuck I sound like I'm tryin gto push crack

notMarlene Tue 29-Jan-13 20:51:58

Ooh, rosebud salve? That's proper S&B poncey, no?

ginhag Tue 29-Jan-13 20:52:06



ginhag Tue 29-Jan-13 20:52:44

and some crack while you're at it ta.

coffeeinbed Tue 29-Jan-13 20:54:57

Blimey you crack pusher!
You're on a mission!
I don't get on with Ruby Woo. A bit too dense and dry.

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