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Buying from Avon Lady

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Just1willdo Thu 24-Jan-13 22:41:23

Hi There

Has anyone experienced this? DS's friend's mum said she's doing Avon and if i'd like to order anything with her. I said yes the mum got me a book and i placed a small order, well less than £40.

I've had an Avon lady before and it's always been on a cash on delivery basis, you place your order the Avon lady tells you when she's coming to deliver your order so you know to have the cash ready correct??

Well, for the past 2 weeks this person has been demanding i give her the cash prior to delivery, she's also using her children to harrass DS at school for cash.
Everytime i call her to find out when i should come to her to get my order and pay (she doesn't have a car) she keeps fobbing me off, i don't know what to do. I don't even think i want the things again if this is her attitude. Am i wrong? She knows where i live, im not running away without paying her so i don't know what's going on.

OhWouldYouJust Thu 24-Jan-13 23:07:30

I regularly buy from a close friend who is an avon area rep, avons terms are clearly stated on their order forms that the total amount is payable on delivery. I would be inclined to contact avon directly and report her as this is not proper procedure.

CointreauVersial Thu 24-Jan-13 23:23:31

It's cash on delivery, and if she says otherwise tell her to stuff her order and find another Avon rep locally who will treat you properly as a customer.

toffeelolly Thu 24-Jan-13 23:27:48

get from avon at times, alway's cash on delivery. never hand over cash till you get your orderwink

Just1willdo Thu 24-Jan-13 23:49:24

I'm sorry i forgot to mention that the book she gave me to order from didn't have her details on it, neither the order form. Also, she told me she's taking over from another Avon rep? I've never heard of that.

Even this evening she called again demanding cash for 'The Avon'. I asked her if she had my order which she replied yes, when i asked her can i come in the morning to collect it, she again came up with all kinds of excuses, i should collect it from her neighbour(The neighbour doesn't know me). Another is 'I have to take my DS to the hospital', or 'DS will come round yours tommorow night and you can give him the money'.

Well i told her i will personally go to her and give her the cash, that way i know defitnately she's recieved it. She has agreed to this..but now i don't want to do any dealings with her and cancel any prior agreements she can send the stuff back..that is if she had it in the first place.

toffeelolly Fri 25-Jan-13 00:19:52

her detail's should alway's be on order form which should be in book she gave you, my mum done avon for year's when i was young so know the way it work's do not hand her money till she hand's you the order.wink

valiumredhead Fri 25-Jan-13 08:36:52

Cash on delivery ALWAYS!

FreePeaceSweet Fri 25-Jan-13 11:49:24

Cancel! This sounds well dodgy. I wouldn't be surprised if there was no order for you to collect. My mum did Avon and she had some customers who preferred to pay upfront (this money went in a jar that wasn't touched until she passed the goods on and she only did it as a favour).

Just1willdo Fri 25-Jan-13 12:40:53

Ok update, I have spoke to my other friend about friend knows of this lady..she said the lady is known to give trouble in the area. I only know the lady through DS and she seem friendly enough, because all go to the same school.
I have just texted her to ask her cancel the order and hopefully will hear no more about it.

PackItInNow Fri 25-Jan-13 12:46:41

As a former Avon Sales Leader, I would say that you should cancel with her. The only difference betweenan Avon Rep and ordering online at is the delivery charge.

Every Avon Rep is required to have their details on the order form so their customers can get in touch WRT the customer order. She cannot charge you a cancellation fee because she can send the order back FREE with the next delivery.

TBH, you should order online, but you may have to register as a customer. That way you can keep track of your order and you'll also be notified about any delays or items out of stock.


Skyebluesapphire Fri 25-Jan-13 12:52:13

Agree, my Avon lady gets cash on delivery. Actually, I pay the money directly into her bank account online! But never ever before receiving the goods...

Skyebluesapphire Fri 25-Jan-13 12:52:39

Agree, my Avon lady gets cash on delivery. Actually, I pay the money directly into her bank account online! But never ever before receiving the goods...

PackItInNow Fri 25-Jan-13 13:05:23

What happened there????? I clicked on the link and it came up Beauty Expert website.

Will try again Avon and hopefully this link take you to the official Avon website.

PackItInNow Fri 25-Jan-13 13:06:07

Phew. Got it right this time.

PackItInNow Fri 25-Jan-13 13:12:24

The avon website in my last post has their prices in $'s, so here's the UK webite with all the prices in £'s.


YouOldSlag Fri 25-Jan-13 13:15:58

Sounds dodgy as hell. Report her to Avon. Sounds like she's trying it on to be honest.

I've always had great service from Avon reps and they would never ask for money until they hand my back of goodies over.

HoneyDragon Fri 25-Jan-13 13:19:20

If you post on a local FB site or ask Avon they will tell you who covers your area and send them to you.

If you are an Avon rep it is on a credit basis. Sale or return. You don't pay Avon till you have delivered the goods and collected all the cash.

It sounds to me like she does it for friends and family and has an outstanding balance she hasn't paid for and is hassling for money to pay it before she can order your goods.

I'm sorry you have had this experience. The whole point of an Avon rep is free delivery and ease of returns.

And in my case free prescription collecting, light bulb replacing and a bit of company wink

Just1willdo Fri 25-Jan-13 13:34:05

All of your nick names here are giving me the giggles! It's my fault..i should have known something was dodgy when no Rep details in the book! But i wanted to help out a fellow mum with her business and treat myself.

As i said i've had a lovely Avon lady before and no issues like this. It hasn't put me off Avon, i'll either order off the web or get another Rep no big deal.


TheBeautyLeaderDotCoDotUk Fri 25-Jan-13 14:49:33

Another Avon Leader here smile

I do hope this experience hasn't put you off ordering from Avon, as there are many excellent Reps out there.

If there is anything I can ever assist with - I'd be more than happy to help you.

~ Natalie

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