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How much do you expect to spend on clothes this year? Anyone want to keep track?!

(114 Posts)
Fizzler99 Wed 23-Jan-13 22:55:52

I have not bought anything so far........

Bella88 Thu 24-Jan-13 01:30:11

Fuck no shock

stargirl1701 Thu 24-Jan-13 02:15:55

£0 I expect. I have plenty of clothes already. I might need to buy socks as some are a little threadbare at the heels.

scarlet76 Thu 24-Jan-13 07:15:22

Oh God I so need to do this! Getting the house in shape this year so less to spend on me :-(
Right, what have I bought since January?
ASOS burgundy leather biker jacket - £120 - majority of this was xmas money though.
I have my eye on a grey Boden jumper in clearance at £32.
I will probably try and limit myself to £70 month spend.

MrsHelsBels74 Thu 24-Jan-13 07:27:53

I've bought a coat for £50. Think that's it so far!

SaraBellumHertz Thu 24-Jan-13 07:31:28

I really am more size 12 than 10 now so would like to be down to 8/10 rather than 10/12 before I start spending.

Than when I do I have zero intention of keeping track of it - I'd rather live in denial grin

lupo Thu 24-Jan-13 08:01:49

yes, i keep track, write down what i buy and spend on clothes each month, trying to stick to 50 a month as already have lots of nice stuff, at the moment soend is about 65 a month

Mrsap Thu 24-Jan-13 12:56:45

No. I would cry and have to face help for my shoe habit.

Mrsap Thu 24-Jan-13 12:57:15

Or even "seek" helpgrin

Annianni Thu 24-Jan-13 13:00:25

Ha ha ha.... no chance!

Off the top of my head so far this year I have bought a pair of jeans, 2 pairs of wedge trainers, 2 cardigans, 2 tops and a scarf.

Annianni Thu 24-Jan-13 13:01:18

Oh, and a jumper.

AmberNectarine Thu 24-Jan-13 13:36:00

Leather leggings, Wang dress, Aubin&wills sweater, Goldsign and Paige jeans, Jigsaw top. All sale and eBay buys. Coming in at just over £300 so far - not too painful!

Ladyflip Thu 24-Jan-13 14:47:23

Eek! I'm quite glad I bought loads in the sales on New Year's Eve, which obviously doesn't count for this year.grin Bought 2 jumpers in the Woolover sale and a Lazy Jacks top in clearance yesterday. And some tights. About £60?

RSVP Thu 24-Jan-13 14:50:55

Ok, I'm in! I really need to keep track
donna ida cashmere jumper £42
tesco cashmere jumper £20
mango trousers x2 £30
marks&spencer casual dress £12, vests £1.50, tummy control briefs x2 £4
tk maxx work dress £30, wide leg trousers £30, under wired body £11
total: £178.50 [faints]

to be fair they're all from the sales of the sales and I got £80 TKmaxx vouchers for Christmas but still...

I will to keep it under £50 each month despite that fact I need a two pair of shoes

chanie44 Thu 24-Jan-13 16:08:35

£20 so far on a pair of skinny jeans and a tshirt from new look. A few people on here have recommended the jeans so I thought I'd give them a go.

CaroleService Thu 24-Jan-13 16:16:04

Reed Krakoff bag £629
Tory Burch bag £189
Celtic Sheepskin coat £325
Boden sale dresses ...
Jaeger sale dress ...

Too scared to keep counting.

I really have to stop spending.

EmpressMaud Thu 24-Jan-13 16:20:09

I'd also prefer to remain in ignorance. I even go so far as to avert my eyes when looking at account history on shopping sites.

mirpuppet Thu 24-Jan-13 16:23:33

I'm sure it will be over 1000 pounds for the year.

I'm at 50 pounds for January and its not over yet.

NoraSpect Thu 24-Jan-13 16:37:14

God no. I've spent to much already.

AmberNectarine Thu 24-Jan-13 16:38:35

The good thing is, like some previous posters, I did the worst of my spending in December.

shine0ncrazydiamond Thu 24-Jan-13 17:20:24

I spend too much. Probably around £1800 a year.


SaraBellumHertz Thu 24-Jan-13 17:53:07

Actually I haven't spent anything this month smile

December however was a shocking month - at least it counts as last year though!

I live in the sun so winter sale shopping is no good for me. And seasonal stores mean I've not been able to buy much since the summer sales. The next couple if months will be very hard going trying to resist!

gowerbeauty Thu 24-Jan-13 18:11:02

Why would anyone want to know how much is spent on clothes? Do you like having your nose rubbed in it by those S&B posters who are all too willing to mention the not inconsiderable sums spent on designer clobber. The guilty parties know who they are!!

shine0ncrazydiamond Thu 24-Jan-13 18:37:24

Umm, it's the S and B topic - not the competitive poor topic. MN really need to get one of those... Why post on what is a lighthearted thread? Weird.

Lakota Thu 24-Jan-13 19:20:47

I've spent £232 so far, which is loads for me, however I do keep a spreadsheet and have noticed I always spend far more at the beginning of the year and hardly anything in the Summer. Also, if I'd bought it all full price it would have been £406, so I feel better!

A lot of it was gym stuff and new trainers to reward me for keeping up with working out. Otherwise I've bought 3 tops (Warehouse and Red Herring) and 3 dresses (People Tree sale).

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