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38F - Need comfortable, supportive bras. Any recommendations?

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Melty Fri 25-Jan-13 18:27:22

Fantasie Elodie.
Pretty, very supportive and very very comfortable. And my boobs dont look so mahoosive when I wear that bra.
I buy from figleaves, (you can return if they dont fit) and brastop.

Flowerydems Fri 25-Jan-13 18:12:59

Definitely fantasie, really good support and keeps everything contained smile they look really nice aswell. xx

florascotia Fri 25-Jan-13 17:52:03

Have a look at
They sell Fantasie, Freya and many other brands, from cheap to v. expensive, all by post - from a farmhouse in rural Yorkshire.
I have found them efficient and helpful in the past. But I agree with other Mumsnetters that you should get yourself properly measured first.

pinkpaperpiggy Fri 25-Jan-13 15:11:10

Thanks for all the suggestions. I've been having a look. I like the look of Fantasie and Wacoal.

My problem is there isn't anywhere near where I live where I can buy bras. I'd have to travel and by the time I pay train fare etc I won't be able to afford decent bras.

The only local shop that sells bras doesn't keep a big stock and have none in my size.

I am sure the size is right so once I know of a few brands to try I can order a couple and see how I get on.

HackneyCabbage Thu 24-Jan-13 19:56:21

Panache bras work for me! Though I would highly recommend getting fitted at Bravissimo or John Lewis first, every person is different and an experienced fitter can really make a huge difference. Once you've found a brand and size that suits you can reorder online.

mamijacacalys Thu 24-Jan-13 19:28:42

Other bargainous Fantasie and Freya at
Curvy Kate is another brand that has magical lifting powers for my 38Gs.
As others have said, you may need to try a few different sizes as all makes and styles are different - I can be a 38 or 40 F, FF or G.

Glossynotflossy Thu 24-Jan-13 17:43:57

Try debenhams and john lewis op for cheap fantasie and freya. You can ofyen pick up some really good bra bargains in both

BillyBollyDandy Wed 23-Jan-13 22:43:47

Fantasie Helena - I'm a 36GG and it's great

MarianForrester Wed 23-Jan-13 21:53:43

Wacoal are the business.

You can get them on Figleaves, with tesco vouchers if you collect them.

Try a few of their styles to get the right ones. They've changed my life!

Kind of retro styled; boobs up, makes me look much thinner too.

MrsSchadenfreude Wed 23-Jan-13 21:32:48

Fantaisie are the way to go. The "Belle" is very comfy but makes you look like you have torpedo tits. I have one, but generally wear a scarf to cover the torpedoes if I am wearing it (and a top, obv). I also have

this one and different colour ways in a similar style, plus a couple of plunge ones. Fantaisie are very good with more mature tits and lifts them up where they belong. grin

Panache also worth a look.

Glossynotflossy Wed 23-Jan-13 19:26:31

Fantasie are my fave brand for bras. Lovely and comfy

chewingguminmyhair Wed 23-Jan-13 18:49:48

Go to Bravissimo. Don't work out your own size. Really, it's worth the effort

Whoknowswhocares Wed 23-Jan-13 18:09:24

I'm a 30ff so in severe danger of toppling over if not well strapped in!!!! grin

Freya, fantasie or the debenhams own range work best for me. Not all bras are equal though, even in the same size. A fitting session at a department store is necessary really to get the best bras for your individual shape......sorry!

AuntieMaggie Wed 23-Jan-13 16:51:12

Debenhams have loads of their own and other brands (am just a bit bigger than you...)

HazleNutt Wed 23-Jan-13 16:45:57

Maybe some suggestions on this thread could work for you as well?

pinkpaperpiggy Wed 23-Jan-13 16:37:18

With Mumsnetters help I have finally established that 38F is my size. I am in desperate need of new bras but have no option other than online at the moment.

I bought an ELOMI bra in my new size having previously owned and loved one of their sports bras. While the fit is good for some reason it is just not a comfortable bra to wear.

My boobs are the complete opposite of perky so I need something with a bit of lift and definition but also comfortable for every day wear.

Any ideas?


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