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Ruby Woo type matte BRIGHt pink lipstick Jo Brand is wearing on Bake Off

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notMarlene Tue 22-Jan-13 09:19:39

Hmm, think there are only fake Jo's

notMarlene Tue 22-Jan-13 09:02:11

Right have joined twitter at ask. Tragic but true!

notMarlene Tue 22-Jan-13 08:28:43

Twitter, of course! Unfortunately I don't have it. Bugger.

please me is very pretty but THE pink is much more red. Moxie does look a lot like it.

dontyouwantmebaby Tue 22-Jan-13 03:47:20

MAC - please me - its a very chalky looking pink matte & turns out brighter than it looks in pictures

Lighthousekeeping Tue 22-Jan-13 00:58:43

Why don't you tweet her? I have a Av one similar but I haven't got it to
Hand right now.

Havingkittens Tue 22-Jan-13 00:55:04

Didn't see it but maybe this?

Or, MAC briefly brought back one of their "Retro Matte" lipsticks called Moxie which is halfway down this page. I don't think you can get it anymore though, unless you get lucky on Ebay.

notMarlene Mon 21-Jan-13 22:34:20

oeps here

notMarlene Mon 21-Jan-13 22:21:42


the colour is more like it - here but the finish is off

discorabbit Mon 21-Jan-13 22:15:47

mac girl about town not sure if that's matt though

notMarlene Mon 21-Jan-13 22:12:26

WOnder if it;s nars carthage?

notMarlene Mon 21-Jan-13 22:02:43

looks a bit glossier though

notMarlene Mon 21-Jan-13 22:01:02

FOund some swatches on, the nars does look very much like it

AlwaysSleepingBeauty Mon 21-Jan-13 21:20:59

I think they are more or less as matte as Ruby Woo, the Dainty Doll one is the most matte if I remember correctly though I will try and swatch them for you.

notMarlene Mon 21-Jan-13 21:18:40

I'll have a google. Are they totally and utterly matte like me ruby woo, or is that too much to ask?

Am wondering if it could be mac moxie.

BuntyCollocks Mon 21-Jan-13 21:17:22

Not watching it, but from description i'd say nars schiap

AlwaysSleepingBeauty Mon 21-Jan-13 21:14:37

I've just tried to get a good freeze frame on iPlayer but I'm not doing very well! My favourite matte bright pinks are Chanel L'Exuberante in the Rouge Allure Velvet range, Dainty Doll It's My Party and Lipstick Queen Bright Rose Sinner.

notMarlene Mon 21-Jan-13 20:57:19

Any of you lot know what it is?

I'll make you a cake if you really do grin

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