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What is everyone wearing in the cold weather?

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Dancergirl Sun 20-Jan-13 22:58:08

Does anyone give a stuff at the moment or is the aim just to keep warm?

I have been wearing:

Jeans/jeggings/thick leggings
Long sleeved jersey tee (usually Boden, one thing they do well)
Long cardie on top

I'm bored though! Maybe I should dress it up with some jewellery!

faustina Mon 21-Jan-13 12:38:27

Doesn't anyone else hate the feeling of everything being too small with layers on underneath? I wore leggings under jeans yesterday and it was just horrible and depressing

Bella88 Mon 21-Jan-13 12:43:49

It isn't that cold, is it? hmm

faustina Mon 21-Jan-13 12:45:23

it is in Suffolk : (

LittleMissSnowShine Mon 21-Jan-13 12:53:01

It's snowy in Belfast and I'm 11 weeks pg with awful hyperemesis. My cold weather style this week (when I can make it out of the house), yoga trousers, a pair of DH's wooly socks, nasty Ugg-type black boots I got in sports direct sale, long sleeve tee, fleecy hoodie and coat. No make up. Scarf wrapped round neck. It's not a good look!

SparkyTGD Mon 21-Jan-13 12:55:34

Skinny jeans, knee length waterproof riding style boots, cosy jumper, big scarf, black beret style hat (important: with NO animal ears/style shapes <as I am not 12 yrs old grin>), waterproof/ski style black coat with fur trimmed hood.

It is important to be warm & practical but I draw the line at stupid looking hats, unless you are 12 obviously.

comelywenchlywoo Mon 21-Jan-13 12:56:16

Gone are my brogues, and out have come my Timberland knee high boots. They could never be considered stylish, but they're sooooo cosy and have excellent grips. I'm sticking with slim fit jeans tucked into then and I'm wearing joules sweatshirts - today I'll be mostly in the car so will just wear my Musto gillet over the top and pop on cashmere handwarmers when out. I'd never make it onto the pages of vogue (I wouldn't in any season), but I'm warm and dry and that's the main thing. It's salopettes and ski clothes in the garden with DS - makes a big difference vs just jeans.

I don't work though so don't have the issue of officewear etc. For me it's just about being warm!

newpup Mon 21-Jan-13 12:57:40

Jeans, thick jumpers or long sleeved tee-shirts and cardigans. Fleecelined Timberland boots and my wonderful North Face Arctic Parka!

Clure Mon 21-Jan-13 13:17:56

This is where my winter cycling gear comes into its own!
thermal vest
long sleeve tee
fleece lined long sleeve cycling top
leggings under fleece lined cycling track leggings
zip up fleece on top
two pairs of thick socks and some very old but very warm and sturdy hiking boots
No fashion conscience at all, just keeping warm

gazzalw Mon 21-Jan-13 14:06:42

I have seen lots of people achieve a stylish look but they tend to have been Italians in ski resorts wearing fur coats and sun glasses....

Actually some people manage to look stylish whatever they are wearing but not sure that we do as a family. As we walk everywhere we always tend to be bundled up to the nines rather than dressed up to them.... grin...

pinkhousesarebest Mon 21-Jan-13 14:07:44

North Face Arctic parka over everything. God I loathe it, but it is warm. I have just bagged some nice NF boots from E Bay US making a change from gruesome Decathlon monstrosities. Can't wait till Spring!

hackneybird Mon 21-Jan-13 14:26:43

I'm just not leaving the house except to rop off DS at childcare and I don;t care what I look like in that 10 min period!

florilegia Mon 21-Jan-13 14:35:49

I've been topping off every outfit with a massive fluffy ushanka, so I look probably look pretty excentric. My head's warm, though!

Hobbitation Mon 21-Jan-13 14:43:17

The key is a thermal vest Mine is black Pointelle type and a warm, not too heavy coat. My coat in black

Other than that I tend to wear skinny jeans/jeggings and a jumper or jumper dress, green wellies and leather gloves. And a beret a bit like that.

sazpops Mon 21-Jan-13 15:16:09

Having just opened my electricity bill shock I am wearing my fleece (usually confined to the garden) over normal housework outfit of jeans, vest top, long-sleeved t-shirt. Luckily I am going to work tomorrow so will use the company's electricity to stay warm!

Snowkey Mon 21-Jan-13 15:53:04

North face Arctic Parka, uniqlo thermals, sorel snow boots, ski gloves and a wooly hat - toasty!!!

When I am up in the cold (we live in warm but regularly go to the cold) I wear full thermals and a camisole vest. I modified my thermals tops to have scoop necklines and slightly shorter sleeves so I can wear anything I like over them. That way I can wear my regular clothes and be toasty. I have some black zippy ankle boots that are waterproof and have thinsulite in them that I wear most of the time but if there is deep snow (more than 6") or it is bitter (-12 or below usually) I break out my lime green snowboots which are very very warm and snow pants -- neither of which are flattering.

Oh and if it is really cold I have heavier weight thermal bottoms that I wear over my silk weight ones.

GinandJag Mon 21-Jan-13 17:09:57

I recently invested in a fairly stylish coat - Canada Goose, 3/4 length. It is fairly thin despite claiming to go down to minus 20, and has a cinched-in waist, so you don't look like the Michelin man in it. You don't have to wear a lot of layers underneath as it is so warm in itself.

EuroShagmore Mon 21-Jan-13 17:10:01

North Face down gilet between clothes and coat
Snow boots (have these great ones with flip out snow spikes)

lucywiltshire Mon 21-Jan-13 17:19:54

Fitflop calf length boots are fab - more stylish and flattering than Uggs, seriously warm and good grip on the ice. I have been wearing them with denim skirt and opaques and am warmer than I would be in jeans. Mind you I am heavily pregnant so could go out in a swimming cozzie and still overheat!!

ample Mon 21-Jan-13 19:31:19

Skinny jeans, long sleeved top or sweater, with camisole and thermals underneath (top and leggings)
Warm socks and knee-high Dr
Smart duffle coat, hat, mega scarf and gloves
I'm good to go wink

ample Mon 21-Jan-13 19:33:03

Skinny jeans, long sleeved top or sweater, with camisole and thermals underneath (top and leggings)
Warm socks and knee-high Dr M's
Smart duffle coat, hat, mega scarf and gloves
I'm good to go wink

CorduroyAngel Mon 21-Jan-13 21:40:42

I just love my long boots/wellies; tweed fieldcoat; brown leggins; tunic top; and 'scarf lace'. The fieldcoat was bloody expensive but worth every penny - I wear it everywhere (and in every season!) and I always feel good in it grin))

violetwellies Mon 21-Jan-13 22:23:50

Ha you all made me laugh, except the ski wear people - Im going to get some for next year. Starting at the bottom, big knickers, long vest, mens thin cotton socks. Short thick wool socks, cotton mix jods (thicker than leggings), long sleeve cotton top, fleece polo neck, wool jumper. Then if outside - Waterproof breathable lined over trousers, muck boots, fleece jacket , fleece neck thingy, silk mix scarf, toggi body warmer, lined flourescent safety jacket, fleece hat.
Snow too deep for my merrels.

Losh Mon 21-Jan-13 23:17:02

I agree Gin - I don't think it's that cold either! I think all that snow makes people feel colder. When it's really cold but the sun is shining people are lulled into a false sense of security!

I just wear what I would normally wear in winter, which is a dress with tights, leggings and tunic or jeans and top / jumper etc. I always have a good coat and leather gloves in winter and will add a hat if it's snowing!

Specialsubject - Not sure what fashion choices and getting the vote have to do with one another, but for what it's worth, unless its really thick snow or torrential rain, I always wear ballet pumps.

Unless it's wellies or walking boots, most shoes have pretty slippery soles anyway. I agree that heels are going to make your life harder in the snow though!

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