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The White Company- a warning

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Tweet2tweet Sun 20-Jan-13 12:47:47

Just thought I'd post my experience so that others can consider if they want to buy from The White Company.

I purchased a merino wool/cashmere mix cardigan for £99 from The White Company. I wore it for 1 day and it was completely bobbled by the end of the day. I mailed customer service and they said that wasn't a fault as cashmere bobbled. I explained that I agreed cashmere does bobble but not after 1 day at that price. They wouldn't offer to consider refund and I had to go back to the store (I'm heavily pregnant so not the easiest).

When I returned to store no problem at all, in fact they said it had been a return in the first place and that the bobbling may have already been on it! No discount was applied so it wasn't a reduced faulty item or anything.

I had to go back to the store yesterday fore something else and guess what- the cardigan is back on the shop floor for sale again! Customer Service refuse to admit that they resell faulty items but I have seen that they do. Just wanted to let other MN's know should you, like me, consider spending a lot on a new cardigan. I would say, take your custom elsewhere.

Missbopeep Mon 21-Jan-13 09:56:14

To give them the benefit of the doubt it is quite possible that a dozy asst put the item back as a " return" unaware that it was faulty.

I know Ihave returned lots of items over the years as faulty and they were simply put behind the till, presumably to be put back on the shelves unless anyone was savvy enough to label it etc as faulty.

I have as it happens seen items in TWC with labels offering a reduction saying the item is faulty.

Not defending them as i think their customer service is rubbish- but they are multi millionaires ( also own Charles Twyford - sp?) who should know better.

EarlyInTheMorning Mon 21-Jan-13 09:58:41

I have bought clothes from them because I honestly just don't know where to buy my clothes anymore, as every other shop has become polyesterland. The White Company sell cottons and linens so I thought I'd give them a try and expected the clothes, for those prices, to at least make it for a couple of seasons. Not so. At all. Far from it in fact. After the first wash everything looked like rags. Their clothes are high maintenance and really not that high quality at all. Even though there's a shop within walking distance to my house, I always shop online because I HATE going into the shops as the staff make me feel like I'm walking around their houses and need to get out asap. The Customer Service however, I can't fault it.

LadyBigtoes Mon 21-Jan-13 10:03:03

I got dp a dressing gown and it literally fell apart in a few months! I didn't try to return it as I'd got it online - probably wouldn't have got anywhere.

I reckon it sounds as if they are trying to cut costs by not refunding anything and using cheaper and cheaper suppliers. maybe they're struggling and about to go to the wall.

LadyBigtoes Mon 21-Jan-13 10:05:24

Early you will get nice cotton and linen at Boden, white stuff, gap and kew/jigsaw. Some shops are terrible like m&s - very little pure fabric any more - but you can still find it.

Tweet2tweet Mon 21-Jan-13 11:47:01

I've emailed them again to explain that the item was put back out. Am waiting for their response. I think that they are training as a 'higher end' high st. brand but are selling a lot of cheaply made items.

I am now stressing that the cashmere robe which I got from them won't last- it cost small fortune and was a treat that I saved up for! sad

winniemum Mon 21-Jan-13 13:06:15

This is so interesting. I've just had a huge battle with The White Company as I returned a faulty dress to them and they emailed me back to say I could have gift vouchers!!!
I phoned to ask for my money back, but the lady on the phone told me the dress wasn't faulty at all and it had been returned to stock as there was nothing wrong with it. It was about 4 inches longer at the front than the back FGS, not a small fault.
Will never shop with them again. The dress was overpriced and made from cheap fabric. I bought it in the sale and I thought it was still far too expensive for what it was.

treaclesoda Mon 21-Jan-13 14:05:41

Slightly off topic, but I have seen the founder of the White Company zillions of time in weekend newspaper articles and the like saying that she founded the company because there was a gap in the market for affordable bedlinen etc and every time I see it I almost choke at the word affordable. I consider myself to be the sort of consumer who prefers to buy a couple of things of good quality rather than dozens of cheap things, but even at that, I have never considered White Company prices to be in the everyday affordable league. I guess my idea of affordable differs quite considerably from their target market's idea of affordable!

Tarquin2206 Thu 14-Jul-16 04:09:56

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