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need a good shampoo for greasy hair please

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ggirl Sat 19-Jan-13 23:49:01

all this talk of argan and moroccan oil that I can't use

there must be others with greasy hair

what do you use?

suze28 Sat 19-Jan-13 23:54:41

I use Paul Mitchell Shampoo 2. It's the clarifying one and smells of lemon and does a really good job.

Honeymoonmummy Sat 19-Jan-13 23:59:06

I use the lilac shampoo bar (can't remember the name sorry) and Veganese (sp) from Lush - I can go almost 2 days between washes now!! grin

What conditioner do you use Suze?

ggirl Sat 19-Jan-13 23:59:11

does it increase the time between having to wash
I am so sick of washing it everyday

Honeymoonmummy Sat 19-Jan-13 23:59:28

Sorry, Veganese is the conditioner.

ggirl Sat 19-Jan-13 23:59:44

xpost ..that was to suze

Floralnomad Sun 20-Jan-13 00:02:47

Washing greasy hair every day apparently makes it worse , I think if its that bad you are better off trying to get away with dry shampoo on the second day. Having said that my daughter has ridiculously greasy hair that has been cured by taking roaccutane for her acne .

ggirl Sun 20-Jan-13 00:04:35

well dry shampoo is ok but by about midday my hair look rank

I thought this was a teen problem..I am 50 ffs!

suze28 Sun 20-Jan-13 00:07:52

I wash my hair every other day but could go to a third day. It was ridiculous before I discovered the PM shampoo. I got sick of swapping shampoos to try and find one that cleaned my hair properly. I use a Tresemee shampoo but only on the ponytail bit, not near my scalp.

awaywego1 Sun 20-Jan-13 00:08:51

Yup me too-but I also have the problem that my hair is obscenely thick, coarse and dry too-am trying to use a clarifying shampoo every few days to see if that helps me out.

ggirl Sun 20-Jan-13 00:09:04

thanks i'll give those two a go

suze28 Sun 20-Jan-13 00:13:29

I use a conditioner for dry hair even though mine isn't dry, it is highlighted but the conditioner is light enough. I thought it best to use that kind of conditioner as I use GHDs on the ends.
The shampoo costs about £12 for 500ml but you don't need much as it is concentrated.

blueraincoat Sun 20-Jan-13 00:32:44

Where do you get it from Suze? I googled and can only find it on Amazon and eBay. Any high street stores stock it?

suze28 Sun 20-Jan-13 00:34:24

Do you have a Supercuts near you? They sell it, and some salons do too.

blueraincoat Sun 20-Jan-13 00:36:21

Google tells me I do. Wonderful, thank you for the tips!

suze28 Sun 20-Jan-13 00:38:33

You're very welcome. You must update when you start using it.

feellikearubbishmummy Sun 20-Jan-13 00:38:46

I have the paul mitchell shampoo 2 bought from hair salon (you can google for stockists near you)

I also use the Lush lilac shampoo bar and veganese conditioner (after recommendation on here)

Th aussie mega shampoo is nice to.

I still wash my hair everyday because I prefer it.

bruffin Sun 20-Jan-13 00:39:47

Herbal essences do a greasy shampoo.

suze28 Sun 20-Jan-13 00:40:55

I can't go anywhere near a Lush; the smell makes me feel sick!

suze28 Sun 20-Jan-13 00:43:18

In the past I tried Herbal Essences for greasy hair, Waitrose own label for greasy and the Paul Mitchell is the only one that keeps my hair grease free till the third day.

ggirl Sun 20-Jan-13 00:46:20

Have ordered the PM from amazon, thanks

Blackduck Sun 20-Jan-13 10:12:38

Faith in Nature - rosemary shampoo - find it in Oxfam

knitknack Sun 20-Jan-13 10:28:15

I'm in this camp (skin too, it's such a pita!). I just suck it up ans wash my hair every evening, using a range of shampoos including the bodyshop's ginger if my scalp is a bit unhappy and a joico one that is for damaged hair - my thinking being that if I'm going to wash everyday (which P Kingsley recommends, btw) then I should use a kind shampoo, rather than trying to strip off all the oils.

I HAVE, just yesterday, bought a spray leave in conditioner to see if that makes any difference... Haven't used it yet though.

ggirl Sun 20-Jan-13 10:42:36

yes I read that that Kinglsey chap says that everyone should wash daily ,but he would it prob takes him about 2 minutes!

just would be nice to have a break from it once in a while

nurseneedshelp Sun 20-Jan-13 10:42:54

Mine looks like its been dipped in the chip pan by the end of the day and it drives me insane! Can't break the cycle of not washing it every day!
I use Aussie because I love the smell but need to start looking at another product

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