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Goodbye ghd's - hello natural frizzy curls!

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clucky80 Sat 19-Jan-13 08:50:10

I have frizzy, wavy/curly hair that is also extremely fine and delicate and I have destroyed it with the intense heat of ghd's on a daily basis! I had it cut just before Christmas into something that I can only describe as a 'full fringed mullet' which also happens to be Tony and Guys latest look (albeit for a beautiful model with lovely hair which is definitely not me!).
I just don't know what to do with it - when I try to blow dry my hair straight it just looks like a slightly straighter frizz and I end up straightening it so it is flat to my head which is not a great look. Also because it is so fine I find that with using straightening product it gets greasy and I have to wash and therefore straighten it every day which also isn't helping.
I really would like to stop using the ghd's at least for a while. My hair has got lots of little broken fly away bits on it and looks in pretty poor condition.
What I would love is to go with the natural wave/curl but I haven't got a clue what to do with it. I don't know what kind of product to use on it or what to do with that product. I am quite wary of using oil on it as it's so fine. It would be great not to have to wash it every day too.
I think I will also book a blow dry lesson at a hairdressers so if I do decide to straighten it a bit I can do so with a hair dryer.
I would like to get a good 'curly cut' so will start a separate thread about finding a good hairdresser for curls!
I have a babyliss big hair but don't really know what to do with that either which is why I have always resorted to the trusty ghd's!
Any advice much appreciated smile

Pancakeflipper Sat 19-Jan-13 08:54:02

I have wavy hair and I use a macadamia nut oil on it after washing ( only deep condition every other week now).

It's about the cut really. My hair is now just above shoulder length and easier to control. I can blow dry with big brushes which is my smart look or put a bit of mousse it and scrunch dry it for a messy look.

Get a good cut and you will save hours !

ohthehumanity Sat 19-Jan-13 09:01:08

Hi clucky I've never been near ghd's 'cos I don't have the time to straighten. Have you tried washing your hair with conditioner i.e just put loads on leave it for as long as you can and then rinse off? My hair gets fluffy after washing buts settles into waves after a day or so. With products sometimes it's a case of try it and see. In the past have used - VO5 oil concentrate thing, TwistedSista range is good, coconut oil works ok, plus Avon olive oil hair mask not all at same time smile

clucky80 Sat 19-Jan-13 09:01:23

Hi pancake, thanks for your reply! That is exactly what I need - mine is currently just below my shoulders and I think I could afford to go a bit shorter but am terrified about letting someone loose on it who will cut it into another straight hair cut! Being able to blow dry it into a smarter do would be great too. I am currently doing my training to be a cmb consultant and feel like my hair just looks a state so I am not a very good advert for myself!
Does the macadamia oil make your hair greasy atall? He do you apply it? Thank you smile

Pancakeflipper Sat 19-Jan-13 09:19:35

I find the Macadamia is fine. Start only using a little - I use a 5p-20p size and thats plenty. I have hair that looks dry but needs washing every other day. In fact I would prefer to wash it every day but my hairdresser has banned me from that.

I also had long hair and although I sometime long for it back - I was having more bad hair days than good. It's easier just that bit shorter.

I have some Argan oil but I find that too heavy for my hair - it dulls it and pulls it down a bit.

So I think it is trial and error on the oils. I might try the coconut oil that Clucky mentions.

It took my hairdresser a year before I let her cut it. But I am a wimp.

SilverAndSparklyKat Sat 19-Jan-13 09:22:56

Bumble and bumble make a great curly range. I love their styling product best of all, it defines curls without making them look 'done'.
Mine is also just above the shoulder, like a short bob. I never, ever bother straightening it al summer long I wash, scrunch and go out and in the winter I just give it a quick blast of heat and do the same.
Curls rule!

cathyandclaire Sat 19-Jan-13 09:36:20

DD has curly hair and after lots of disastrous hairdressers we found one with curly hair and she is fab, knows exactly how much it'll spring up when dry, how to maintain it etc....Stalk the hairdressers around you and try and find a curly hairdresser!!!

Callycat Sat 19-Jan-13 09:47:46

Are you brunette? If you are I'd recommend Luster Pink Design Control gel; it gets the frizz out of my wavy hair. It's also alcohol-free so it doesn't dry your ends out (I've got really split-prone fine hair too). Boots sell it, but not with the other gels, weirdly - it's on the Afro hair products shelf.

(The brunette question was because this gel has a caramel colour which might show on blonde hair.)

clucky80 Sat 19-Jan-13 10:41:54

H everyone, thank you so much for your replies smile

Oh the - my mum uses the curly girl method and washes with shampoo but while she also has fine hair, she has masses of it whereas mine is v thin. I don't normally use conditioner atall only sometimes on the ends of my hair as it looks greasy so quickly. I think perhaps what I need to do is start leaving it as long as I can between washes as I am sure every day washing makes it even more greasy. I will try some of your other recommendations though, thank you.

Pancake thank you - it seems like some kind of oil is the way to go. How do you apply the oil? Do you put it all over your hair or comb it in? Do you then scrunch your hair with your fingers or just leave it? I think part of my problem could be the way I apply product as have heard too much touching hair with your fingers can make it frizz?

Thanks Silver - I have tried B and B curl creme for fine hair but I find that it tends to drag my hair down a bit and takes forever to dry. I may be applying it incorrectly though.

Thanks Cathy - that's great you have found a good one. You aren't in the London area are you?! I have posted on a separate thread to see if anyone can recommend a curly hd but have had no replies yet so I'm not hopeful. All of the hairdressers where I live seem to have masses of extensions in or lovely blow dried hair but more with a curl they have added to straight hair if you know what I mean.

Cally - thank you that sounds good and yes I am brunette!

Right list of products so far:
Coconut/macadamia oil
Pink design gel

Pancakeflipper Sat 19-Jan-13 10:49:32

I have found it best to apply the oil when my hair isn't just out of the shower and dripping wet -but more towel dry stage. Put oil into palm of hand (5p -20p size). Rub in hands then stroke down the hair. I avoid top of my roots as my scalp gets oily.

I would only try a tiny bit on your hair to start as I have thick hair.

Brush, dry and have a smug smile as you look in the mirror because you look so stunning in your smart or messy hairdo. then grab hat cos no way are you going out like that

clucky80 Sat 19-Jan-13 10:52:39

Brilliant thanks Pancake, haha I am a bit like that at the moment as I washed my hair last night and put an Aveda spray hair thickener in it and left it. This morning I look like a Lego man (helmet head haircut) who has stuck their finger in a plug socket!

SueFawley Sat 19-Jan-13 11:08:59

Another to suggest the Curly Girl method, with possible modifications. My hair has never been easier to manage since I started about 5 years ago. I tend to shampoo once a week and do CG the rest of the time. I still have bad hair days, and I've yet to find someone who knows how to cut curly hair, but it doesn't get frizzy as long as I follow CG and it does have nicely formed curls.

itsthesimplethings Sun 20-Jan-13 00:44:22

What is the curly girl method? I have slightly frizzy curly hair, at the moment it's quite long, I'm trying to find the courage to have it cut. I use sls free shampoo and silicon free conditioner.

faustina Sun 20-Jan-13 05:40:13

I have hair similar to yours, and I find it's much better when a: I don't wash it every day, b: I use Philip Kinglsey Elasticizer (leave it on for ages) c: kerastase shampoo/conditioner (ends only), and finally d: moroccanoil.

It's surprising, but really the oil doesn't make it oily at all - one pump is all you need. It really makes a difference not washing it every day too - I do it every other day, or every three days.

I do straighten it with gsds though. Try the Philip Kingsley stuff - it's amazing!

mathanxiety Sun 20-Jan-13 06:08:35

Curly Girl Method. There is a book by Lorraine Massey, called Curly Girl -- she is the originator of the no shampoo method.

agirlcalledsandoz Sun 20-Jan-13 09:15:53

I have curly hair just to my shoulders and have always had it cut in a sort of layered long bob. CG method might not work on your hair as it's fine. Have you tried mousse ? I switched to it after finding curl cream dragged my hair down and it's much better now. It doesn't go crunchy if you use it when hair is wet. Curly hair is the best and easy to do when you have worked out how to handle it grin

clucky80 Sun 20-Jan-13 15:41:02

Brilliant thanks everyone - I think I will try cg but probably will wait until a weekend so it doesn't matter as much if it looks terrible!
Faustina - I will get some of that. Which kerastase do you use? Is it oleo curl? I tired the cream and spray in that range before but not the s and c.

A girl - I do quite like mousse. How do you apply it? Do you comb it in and scrunch it? I've read somewhere before that touching your hair makes it more frizzy so I get confused with how to apply products!

agirlcalledsandoz Sun 20-Jan-13 17:18:17

I just run the mousse through my hair with my fingers then scrunch a bit before drying with a diffuser. I don't touch it with my hands when I'm drying it and it doesn't go frizzy at all. I use serum as well though, before the mousse.

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