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Winter wedding outfit, breastfeeding access required- help!

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JaffaSnaffle Fri 18-Jan-13 20:41:48

I'm at a complete loss over what to wear to two weddings that are coming up over the next couple of months. I never know what to wear to winter weddings at the best of times, but on top of this, I need to be able to feed my daughter.

I'm 5ft 5, usually a size 10/12, lost most pregnancy weight apart from my boobs. Any recommendations of particular styles, or brands would be very welcome!

AlexisCarringtonColby Fri 18-Jan-13 20:47:09

There was a thread on here the other day about finding a petticoat for a breastfeeding dress, I can't seem to find it again but it was only a few days ago - but the dress the OP had chosen was just lovely and I think it would suit you. It was plain but a nice colour, you could get a fab statement necklace and a bright wrap or cardigan to go with it.

AlexisCarringtonColby Fri 18-Jan-13 20:52:16

Found it! The dress was this:;Zoeand39;_Dress§ion_id=24

JaffaSnaffle Fri 18-Jan-13 21:09:27

That's a lovely dress, thank you!

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