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Shops you don't go to anymore...

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libertychick Thu 17-Jan-13 22:26:55

Decided today Hobbs is off my list of shops. I went in and tried on several dresses, skirts etc. It all looked exactly like everything I have ever bought before from them. It's a bugger as it suits me, is appropriate for where I work and v gratifying as in several items in there I fit a size 10 (and I am not a size 10) but if I keep shopping there I will look the same way for ever...

Any other shops people have decided to abandon?

survivingwinter Sat 19-Jan-13 14:12:32

Totally agree with others that something new is needed or retailers do need to make some significant changes (or reduce their prices for what is mostly cheap tat)

I'm a basics kind of person and still quite like GAP and FF but only in the sales.

Other than than that I've stopped even bothering to look in most shops I used to buy clothes from and wish there was more choice - loved Old Navy when we were in the States!

lalalonglegs Sat 19-Jan-13 14:58:25

I used to buy tons of stuff from French Connection (they made stuff for tall people) but now never see anything I want to try on much less buy.

I've always had a problem with Jigsaw in that the clothes can look nice on the hanger but never seem to hang quite right on the bod. Zara is made for midgets with no rib cages in my opinion. TopShop started getting seriously expensive about five years ago which meant I didn't see the point any more. Haven't seen anything I like in Gap for about two years. I never liked Next/Monsoon/River Island/M&S.

Thank the Lord for Cos and ebay.

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