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Trousers for work - what's a good look?

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CointreauVersial Tue 15-Jan-13 22:48:17

I'm after some new tailored trousers for work, and I really don't know what to look for. I am getting by with an assortment of badly-fitting/threadbare/ancient boot-cut trousers which i wear to work with fitted tops/shirts/cardigans and boots, but I'm sure there's something a bit more fashionable out there......I just can't find the right pair. Narrow? Wide-leg? Cropped? No idea.

I'm 45, a size 10, and 5 foot 7 tall. I'm looking for trousers which are:

Less than £50, ideally
Washable (no dry cleaning, thanks)
Any colour
Suitable for smart/casual office

Any tips/links appreciated, thanks.

CointreauVersial Wed 16-Jan-13 13:15:31

Ah c'mon people, help needed here!

EuroShagmore Wed 16-Jan-13 13:44:15

Get to Zara. Try on a few different styles and shapes. Although you might struggle with washable. Most washable tailored stuff is vile. Next always used to do some, and M&S too, but it feels nasty, imo.

MissBeehivingUnderTheMistletoe Wed 16-Jan-13 14:10:03

We had a discussion about this the other day here, might have useful links.

CointreauVersial Wed 16-Jan-13 21:43:46

Thanks, MissBUTM, I didn't look hard enough before starting a thread, did I? Some nice links there, and it's nice to know I'm not the only one struggling to find nice stuff.

BluelightsAndSirens Wed 16-Jan-13 21:48:22

Coast sale £30 for £80 trousers and they are lush, so hard wearing although they are dry clean I do manage with a soft wash inbetween monthly dry cleans and a trouser press at home.

Also check out Ebay, recently paid £8 for bnwt £80 chocolate brown trousers that I wear with a dark purple top and matching shoes.

MissBeehivingUnderTheMistletoe Wed 16-Jan-13 22:05:56

You can never have too many work trouser threads grin

I do like 7/8th cigarette shape and they're fine for late spring/summer/early autumn but not for this kind of weather.

CointreauVersial Thu 17-Jan-13 13:14:49

I definitely will look at 7/8 trousers in the spring, but agree they're a definite no-no when it's minus-3 outside!

Bluelights, I'm an avid eBay purchaser for most things, but not trousers or jeans because I find the fit quite tricky and there's usually no possibility to return. I have been caught out many times. I'll have a look at the Coast ones, though.

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