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Oh no, I have to wear 'special' shoes

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Plumpcious Tue 15-Jan-13 12:37:32

They're not as bad as I imagined and some are quite 'normal' looking. Plus some styles are available in a wide variety of colours, eg

There's a full colour chart here:
although not all styles are available in all colours, and you might not be able to return a custom colour. But if you found a style you like and fits well in a standard colour then perhaps you could get another more colourful pair?

BreadAndJamForFrances Mon 14-Jan-13 23:14:01

Dizzy have you seen Piedro shoes and Boots My three children have to wear special boots all the time (eldest is DD 1, 13), mostly Piedro brand. The ladies ones are imo nicer than the Chaneco ones.

Also, have a look at DeNovo Nimco they are, I think, nicer still!

My daughter has some at the moment (from the teenage range) which are gold leopard print trainer boots, like Converse, and they do some great Doc Marten types too from Nimco. She is a size 6 ladies, so I wonder if you could ask to look at those type instead if you wanted a younger style???

You can request them from your podiatrist, or buy privately,

Valdeeves Mon 14-Jan-13 22:55:30

The sixth formers at my school used to team this style with tights an a-line mini - looked pretty good. They look nice to me - I hope they help you xxxx

jchocchip Mon 14-Jan-13 21:15:11

I like them. I would wear my running shoes all the time if I could, only shoes I have at the mo that are comfortable... I need some office wear for my new job.

frankie4 Mon 14-Jan-13 20:49:05

I like some of the trainers. The Osaka trainers would look great with jeans.

herethereandeverywhere Mon 14-Jan-13 20:45:12

They're really not that bad at all! And anyway, instead of focusing on the shoes, could you treat yourself to some nice trousers that would look good with them? I'm sure some of the usual S&B ladies could find something that fits the bill and budget!

TheProvincialLady Mon 14-Jan-13 20:30:52

It's rubbish that there is not more choice for you, but the ones you have chosen are nice so at least you won't be wearing something totally hideous. Perhaps choice will improve? And "most of the time" does allow for something a bit more frivolous occasionally doesn't it?

When it comes to feet, pain free or greatly reduced pain is a million times more important than wearing dainty heels. A lot of people are going to find that out the hard and painful way in years to come. After wearing heels every day for 40 years my aunt now has shortened achilles tendons and can't physically wear anything like flat shoes. Her feet are very ugly and hurt like hell and her back is bad too.

hermioneweasley Mon 14-Jan-13 20:26:00

Dizzy - nowt wrong with them, you cougar!

Eliza22 Mon 14-Jan-13 20:23:21

I like them. Like the Panache black lace up. I'm getting to the stage where I need a "proper" shoe.

IslaValargeone Mon 14-Jan-13 19:55:13

If it's any consolation, they don't look 'special' at all, I think they are really rather nice and just think of how much pain you'll be free from.

Jemster Mon 14-Jan-13 19:54:34

Dizzy I have this too but more affects my hands. Sometimes I have to wear wrist supports which I hate and try to hide with long sleeves.
In the cold weather my feet have been worse and I would struggle with any sort of heel right now.
They don't look too bad and fine for winter. I know the pain is unbearable so just think at least this will help you feel more comfortable.
I'm due back to work soon and wondering what sort of shoes I should get as my days of sexy heels are over! Also have a friends 40th soon which will be a big glam night out and I'm worried about what shoes to wear as all the others will be in 6 inchers! Did the consultant say what you should wear for occasions like that?
Just think, if it helps with the pain then anything's worth a go but I know exactly how you feel. I'm 37 and sometimes feel about 97!!

DizzySiddal Mon 14-Jan-13 19:49:33

Thank you, Dexter! I am the original techno-moron grin
Dededum, you're absolutely right. I've spent so much on 'comfortable' shoes which turn out to be anything but, and fall apart in no time.
Toucan, I've tried orthotics but they didn't work out (pushed my inflamed joints into the uppers of my shoes).
Gwendoline, quite right - we might have spotted a gap in the market here!

DizzySiddal Mon 14-Jan-13 19:38:14

Thank you Droppings... It's just the idea of orthopaedic shoes, I think. I have to walk with a stick too sometimes and I feel so old. DH is still in his twenties (just) and I feel so rubbish. He's lovely about it all, bless him.

GwendolineMaryLacey Mon 14-Jan-13 19:36:33

They're fine and dandy. True that you didn't have a lot to work with though. Why do they think that foot problem = beige?

toucancancan Mon 14-Jan-13 19:35:30

Is there an option for you to have orthotics made which you can wear in your own shoes?

Dededum Mon 14-Jan-13 19:34:42

Comfortable shoes are a must - I buy my black laces up from ECCO stick a prescription orthotic in them and sorted. Have to otherwise I fall over.

Think of all the money you will save on cheap, shoddy, uncomfortable shoes.

dexter73 Mon 14-Jan-13 19:32:45

Here!! They are ok actually - quite 'normal' looking!

TravelinColour Mon 14-Jan-13 19:32:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LittleChimneyDroppings Mon 14-Jan-13 19:32:05

They don't look that bad. They look quite nice really. And you'll be loads more comfortable in them.

DizzySiddal Mon 14-Jan-13 19:27:13
...oops, messed that up smile

DizzySiddal Mon 14-Jan-13 19:25:02

Btw I chose them in black with laces.

DizzySiddal Mon 14-Jan-13 19:23:36

I have Rheumatoid arthritis which affects my feet in particular. The pain is often unbearable, to the point where walking at all is agony. Last week my consultant dropped the bombshell that I needed to wear NHS orthopaedic shoes 'most of the time' and handed me a catalogue. [[ These]] are the ones I chose (if you think they're bad, look at some of the others).
I suppose they'll be good for me, and I am grateful, but, well, you know... I'm only 40 and not ready for this! Anyone care to commiserate/tell me to stop being such a vain, self-obsessed cow?!

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