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What shoudl i do about my nails?

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mckenzie Sat 12-Jan-13 13:57:04

They are very weak, always have been. I take a supplement for them and during the summer they got strong and decent. I had some Sheilacs done about 3 months ago and foolishly picked a few off so now, that put together with this cold weather, has made tehm look awful.
I put hand cream on at least once a day, I put oil on the nails and cuticles (sometimes proper nail oil and sometimes just almond oil) probably twice a dy and yet they are still pants.

While it's cold, shoudl i perhaps have the sheilacs done again but in just a natural colour that can't really be seen, so i don't get bored of it and it it does chip, i wont be tempted to pick it off as it wont look too awful.

Or is there something else you can suggest i do?


mckenzie Sat 12-Jan-13 21:19:38


moonstorm Sat 12-Jan-13 21:30:04

Someone suggested 'solar oil' (?) on a recent thread of mine. Might be worth a Google?

Lozislovely Sat 12-Jan-13 21:41:35

My nails are exactly the same and I've just started using Nail Envy, so far so good as noticeable growth within a few days and def stronger.

mckenzie Sat 12-Jan-13 22:39:18

thanks guys. I've got some Nail Envy in a cupboard somewhere. Will go and find that first before I buy anything more. smile

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